Griffon dream meanings

Dreaming of a griffon is a symbol of fortune in the life of talented person. All of the positive qualities of the dreamer and all fortunate aspects of changes in the life of the dreamer are represented by griffon in the dream. The griffin or griffon is a mythological creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle – these qualities symbolizes that the dreamer has same abilities as the lion and the eagle. Dreaming about a griffon is the representation of the characteristic properties in the dreamer: the physical strength for the fight, the stability in the opinion, the vision for the insight in the decision making, the spirit for the intuition and the alertness for the goals’ accomplishment. These are just a part of the wholeness in the skillful and talented personality, which is symbolizes by a griffon. The dreamer also has and not limited to knowledge, wisdom, intellect, physical and emotional power. Alternatively, the dream about griffon is affiliated with the sun. The Star from which all the life is coming. In same time, the power of the Sun can be disastrous. In relation to this attribute, the recommendation for the dreamer is very simple, but important. Use your powers in such way that none of your adversaries could notice how strong you are. Also, use it wisely and make no damage for the third parties.

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