Ground (floor) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Ground as a dream symbol stands for basics of existence, so it can express safety and a sense of reality.
Sitting or lying on the ground or on the floor – you will have to choose to finish your plan with all its defects or to start to create it from the beginning.
– Sometimes the ground in the dream marks your exaggerated respect or humility for others.
To hold down clumps of ground in your hands, this indicates that you have fear to be overwhelmed with responsibilities and worries.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if see beautifully laid out floor – In the dream you notice beautiful floor, then this dream goes as a warning of danger. You have to be very attentive;
  • Hard period if see dirty floor -To dream of dirty floor, then this dream indicates anger, worries and vexations in near future, you will have to put lots of efforts “to clean” everything;
  • Wavy happiness if run on the ground – You are running on the ground and then fall down in your dream then this may announce you joy and sorrow at the same time;
  • Watch yourself if lie on the ground – This dream stands as a reminder that you have to pay attention to your health;
  • Modest life if clean but poor floor – In your dream the floor is clean but poor in your house, then this signifies that you will have modest conditions for some time;
  • Unpleasant time if sit on the ground – You are sitting on the ground in your dream, then you might expect increasing uncertainty of the situation in which you are at the moment;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Journey if sit on the ground – This dream announces that soon you’ll take a little trip and you will be pleased about it;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wealth if mossy or green ground – The ground that you see in your dream is mossy and green, then this dream is a very good sign that you will earn money or rich marriage;
  • Good job if house is floored – The house in the dream is floored, then you will find good work where you can show all your talents and skills;
  • Sorrow if lie, sit or kneel down on the ground – The dream indicates that you have to face dire events, but you will recover after this;
  • Be attentive if looking for something on the ground – In the dream you are looking for something on the ground then you should be aware, to notice all the details because your enemies can take advantage and to use this.

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