Gypsy dream meanings

In general:

If you are dreaming gypsies, then you maybe feel restricted in your life and have the desire for more freedom. Maybe you want to escape the problems of everyday life, but you should not forgot your duties. Sometimes the dream of gypsies, also symbolizes the simplicity of the dreamer, who already know, how to deal with the small pleasures of life and this dream also means, that the dreamer is a little arrogant.


Gypsies in dream symbolizes intuition, distinct individuality, which submits to difficult social norms, independence and an unsettled life. The interpretation is based on old prejudices as a warning of deceit, deception and business acumen. Predictions of gypsies may arrive at times, but often they also warn against deception, sometimes it is the tendency to mysticism or the need for the Council in an awkward situation to light. To dream gypsic music – refer to the desire for a romantic love affair’s, according to old dream books.


– To see gypsy in dream: you hurt your inconstancy;
– To hear talking gypsies: your hopes are frustrated.

– To see or speak with gipsies: in material terms, caution against a beautiful man, also dream points to thieves and warns against complacency: be careful, therefore, otherwise any negligence will bring you suffering.
– Visiting a gypsy camp in dream: you will receive an important offer and the review of the reputation of the parties will bring a disadvantage;
– Speak with one: the development of a case is correctly predicted;
– To have a gypsy friend: you will find a friend to whom you can rely on in case of need or danger necessarily;
– Trade with gypsy: you will lose money in speculation;
– To see prophesy of gypsy: you will soon be led around by someone on the nose;
– Get prophesied of gypsy: can be considered as true dream, so the content is strictly observed;
– Get involved with gipsies in a business: you will be fooled by someone financially;
– To be loved by gypsy: sincerely announced for the real love of life unwavering loyalty, and the partners will walk with you through thick and thin;
– Have such a love affair with gypsy: brings a sad and momentous experience of love and unhappiness in marriage;
– Listen to Gypsy music in dream: promises a romantic experience;
– Maintains a man with a gypsy: he will probably lose a large fortune.
– If gypsy predicts a the future for woman: this is an omen of a hasty, ill-advised marriage. If she is already married, she will be unduly jealous of their husband.

– To see gipsy: you are mistaken.

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  1. I had a dream that I was camping outdoors and then I had a little argument with my fiance and he walked to cool down and he past a trail where there was a group of girl gypsies prancing around a bom fire and saw him pass by and this gypsy went to get him by the hand and he would reject her hand away from his and then allot of gypsies just grabbed him and did a spell on him to forget the love that he has and be with a new love . when I went looking for him I saw him but he did not remember me at all and he was going to get ready to marry a gypsy and I was trying to make him remember and show him photos of us but it wouldn’t help until I held his hand so he could feel our connection like the movie Cinderella by a touch he would remember but nothing I would cry and cry but still fight for him until he remembered us and the gypsies would pull him away from me so he won’t get his memories back until I grabbed him away from them and kissed him the spelled broke and he remebered and I woke up from that dream .

  2. I had a dream that I was running from something I was frightened. I saw two females they were gipsy’s I asked them to help and they did, I then grabbed one of their hands and kissed it and thanked her for helping me. She said that kissing her would bring me luck. They were both dressed in clothing from many years ago plain and they wore a plain headdress. Please tell me what this means.

  3. I can’t fully remember each detail of my dreams. I had a dream yesterday night where a gypsy gave me a trinket or a pendant and then for some reason I had to swim across a treacherous lake to the finish where another gypsy was waiting for me with a towel. As soon as I finished swimming to the end of the lake a bunch of gypsies cheered. I had a continuation of that dream tonight, but I can’t remember anything from it. Ever since I’ve been having these dreams I feel incredibly drained intellectually, spiritually and physically. For some reason I’m viewing it as a vocation, that I have to complete some task before time runs out.

  4. I dreamed I was in a someone’s house and they introduced me to this Gypsy young woman that was laying on a coach. I was told that she had some problems and wanted to talk to me. I offered some listening skills but she did not speak english very well all I got was that she has a son child whom I seen in the dream beautiful baby boy and she was longing for her husband but he was coming soon to be with her. She then had problems with her health. I touched her and she was ok. She was waring a jewlery beeded bra and a skirt with a jewelery beeded belt. The colours were red, blue and gold. Before I left I smiled at her and she smiled back and gave me an intense gaze really close to my face. I’m a woman and that was weird. But nothing sexual though, almost like she was pleased that I was trying to help her sort of feeling.

  5. I had a dream that my sweet 15 party went all wrong and a nice gypsy lady helped me and told me that I was cursed and to rid of the curse I had to travel in time to fight, And that I didn’t fight I would go to hell. Then My dream changed and I was in my house and some other girls were with me around my age and I think they were also cursed and we were packing to run away, I guess to go back in time to fight and the good gypsy warned me not to fall in love in the past time that it will distract me from my duties. But I took out a sharpie to give a message to my parents that I would leave, I wrote in the refrigerator and put ‘Crazy gypsy is after me’ and that’s when I woke up from my dream, But when I woke up I was writing it on my bed sheet.

  6. I had a dream that my husband had robbed a gypsy and ran, I asked him why did he rob that gypsy,,,,, the name gypsy spoke out loud in the dream, what do this mean