Hairdresser (Hair stylist) dream meanings

Dreaming about yourself being a person who cuts and shapes hair is a sign of your attitudes and opinions about others. Maybe you are imposing your beliefs and ideas on persons that are around you. Do you want to change the way of someone’s thinking? Alternatively, being a hairstylist may indicate your need to improve your self-image. Additionally, it is also a symbol of unmasked sexuality. Dreaming that you’re occupied with cutting of your own hair, shows unjust treatment or control of your thinking about yourself. If you are coloring your own hair, that represents your feelings about your own sexuality. Maybe you have started to realize the power of your capacity for sexual passion. Dreaming and seeing yourself in a beauty salon, means that you are trying to change your settled way of thinking about your feelings or physical aspects and sensuality . If in the dream you see someone else at a hair stylist, then it shows the changes in your attitude toward this person. After all, this dream announces that you are ready to move forward with a different knowledge or perception of a situation or a fact.


The work on the self-image, the realization and the self-esteem.


How I can improve the look of myself? Can I be better than I am already?

General Meanings:

In reality the hairdresser is someone you can talk to, especially for women. In the barbershop or beauty salon we spend quite a lot of the time, therefore the hairdressers or the barbers are like a friends and/or psychologists. When we care about our images, then we trust the professionals such as hairdressers, who can create completely different look of us than we had one before. If you wish to open up or improve your sexuality, the hair is one of the best tools to reach it.
The dream may show your desire to look better or completely change of who you are in both aspects: as the person and as the way you present your self-image to others.
In old dream books the hairdressing is seen as the symbol of profit and marriage. Sometimes the dream was explained as the announcement of the wedding and/or the financial success the dreamer will have.

Psychological Meanings:

The hairdresser may represent the process of healing. The hair as a symbol is known for it’s ability to grow as much as you take care of them, therefore the dream also show how much you look after yourself internally and externally.
The way hair are styled has a lot of the explanation too. Usually the loose hair represents purity, wilderness and frivolity. Alternatively, tidy and trim cut shows strict and strong aspects of the personality. Consider to represent yourself they way you would like to be understood and seen, only then you will be able to move forward in appropriate way.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritually the connection between the image of the human-being and beauty is inherent. There is a saying that a man can not improve spiritually if he does not like himself, especially the way he/she looks.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

In dreams the hairdresser is associated with influence from your surroundings and other people, difficulties with business and cardinal changes.

  • The desire to look good if visiting the hair stylist – such dream shows the desire to be successful and happy, especially on the sexual basis;
  • You are changing your attitude towards of who you are and what other thinks of you if you visited the hairdresser – such dream shows that you are not afraid of the changes and you are ready to move forward;
  • Young people will get married if visiting the hair stylist (the hairdresser) – for a young couple dream of being treated by hair stylist, promises marriage or engagement. For older ones it is also a good omen, which symbolizes profit and wealth.
  • Engagement or a wedding if the hair been styled youthfully – if the hairdresser styled your hair in the way, which made you look much younger, than you actually are, then suck dream promises wedding or engagement for you or your relatives;
  • Will be slandered by someone if the hairdresser changed the color of your hair – for a dreamer to see the hairdresser that is dyeing her hair, signifies the calumny you will suffer;
  • You started showing up your creativity if you are a hairdresser – such dream shows that you improve your ideas and creativity and imposing them to others. Alternatively, the dream may indicate you desire to be helpful for the others;
  • As negative omen: Dishonor if you are a stylist of hair – if the dreamer sees himself being a hair stylist, then such dream means that you will fall into disfavor due to looking after others. Alternatively, becoming a hairdresser could have another negative meaning, which symbolizes the need to work on your self-image;
  • Keeping all of the feelings to yourself if the hair has been cut shortly – such dream shows that you do not like to share your feelings with others.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • According to Hindu dream interpretation the hairdresser could mean both – pleasure and displeasure. The meaning of the dream is explained at how you felt at that moment, if you felt well accompanied by the hairdresser, then such dream has a good omen.
  • The hair stylist symbolizes enjoyment and or invitation.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Financial losses if visiting the hairdresser and/or salon – for a dreamer to visit the hairdresser indicates the losses of income, which will be influenced by your intention to take risks and being fearless. Make sure you are aware of the deals that links to money;
  • Beware or flatterers if talking to hairdresser – to talk or to communicate in any other way with the hairdresser warns of his falseness.
  • Marriage if see the hair stylist – the dreamer will get married soon if dreaming of meeting or seeing a hair stylist.

* Please, see meaning of a barber.

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