Hanging dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

The dream about hanging stands for harm or betray. If you hang yourself in the dream, then you will achieve your goals only with painstaking work. If see that someone else is hanging in your dream, then you should pay attention to malicious and false people. To see hanging laundry outside of your neighbors then this signals a conflict which will bring you worries.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unpleasant events if see something hanged – In the dream you see that something is handed, then this announces that you will meet fear, illness, misfortune in the near future. But you are very strong and you will overcome everything without any painful consequences;
  • Happiness if you hang something – In the dream you hang something, this dream is a good sign that you will experience great joy. Also the situation will change into better and will bring you satisfaction;
  • Warning if be hanged – When you are hanged in your dream, then this dream is a warning, because other people are using you and your ideas as theirs;
  • Joy if will be suspended – In the dream you hang something from somewhere, then this dream indicates you happiness and honor;
  • Be careful if hang yourself – This dream wants to pay your attention that you should beware against hasty actions and decisions, because this may bring you lots of worries;
  • More work if hang laundry out to dry – The dream shows that the dreamer longs for a better environment and better conditions in his life and this is partially achieved, but he/she has to put lots of efforts;
  • Hard work if hang a picture – In the dream you hang a picture, then this shows that you put lots of efforts to reach better result and better life or even better way in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Honor if see something hanged – This dream is very positive because you will earn horror from people because you are very hardworking, trustful person;
  • Failure if hang something by yourself – When in the dream you hang something by yourself, then this marks some misfortune in your life;
  • Example if hang laundry – In the dream you hang laundry, then this denotes that you are not afraid to show you life and to encourage other people to reach better life;

* Please, see meaning of gallows.

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