Harness dream meanings

General Meanings:

Under control The dream symbol of harness denotes control or self-control. You may restrained yourself too hard or the environment put you to some kind of limitations.

Psychological Meanings:

Ability to make better decision The harness is used to control something. This dream signifies that we all need some kind of restrain, because this helps to think and to make better choice.

Spiritual Meanings:

This dream indicates that you have to harness your energy. To find the way to use your energy to current and more important things.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Do not waste your energy if see harness of cattle –  When you see a harness of cattle, this indicates that you wasting your time and energy, you will not reach what you desire;
  • Learn to use energy if harness of horse – This dream denotes that you can use your emotions constructively and to reach your aims;
  • Control if wear harness –  In the dream to wear harness, this means that you are restrained by limitations;
  • Travel if see new and beautiful harness – This dream is very positive, this will bring you exciting journey with lots of adventure.

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