Heel (shoes) dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Desire for higher position You go with high heeled-shoes and it is comfortable. Sometimes you stumble but at any price you do not want to change shoes. This is an ambitious dream : You want “to look down” on others, even if it is still so hard to stand. You want to stand out from your surroundings and enjoy this because you appear bigger then you really are – and it is for the cost of security, respectability and reliability. To lose the shoe, you will probably fall in spending which are not necessarily required.  The heels are renewed, you can adapt yourself to a workable compromise.

* Please, see meaning of shoemaker.

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  1. Hi,

    I had a dream in which i am stealing a beautiful black sandal in front of a house. (probably belongs to someone else). I had to from a place before the gates are closed, i think i have no shoes in my foot, so i stole a pair of shoes that was lying outside a house. After picking it i realized i have my own white slippers on my foot. But when i enter my house and keep the shoe in the rack, it was the black sandal i lifted and not the white slippers i had. Please interpret my dream,

    • Hi,

      When you couldnot find an old pair of shoes means: “That you need to forget about the past”. And that you wasnot wanted around your family in the dream means: “That you are Anxious, Nervous or Worried about something”.