Hiker (Hiking) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Generally Hiking (Wanderer) indicates changes in future, this can bring the change of life but also dangers. The following circumstances may help in the interpretation of this dream:

  • Leisurely hike – promises that progress is slow but sure.
  • Tired, exhausted, or slowly wander (hiking) – announces major efforts.
  • Uphill or downhill hike – signifies about ups and downs in your life.
  • The poor hiker¬†– announces disappointments and failures.
  • Pilgrim – prompts you to show more humility and trust with seniors.

Psychological Meanings:

Clearness of thoughts The movement and hiking in nature has a great recreational value, refreshment and revival of the soul and minds. The dream symbol meaning largely depends on where do you are move, do you walk alone or in a group. Hiking symbol presents achievement and movement toward a destination.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Be more stubborn if see pilgrims – You should not let the existing difficulties to influence your decision to reach what you desire;
  • Changes if be on the move – This dream signifies that you will change the living place;
  • Worries if migrate – This dream will bring you even more worries, because you just migrate and do not solve the problems;
  • Need for relax if hiking through a landscape – This dream indicates that you are too thoughtful and tired to see the happiness in your life;
  • Relaxation if hiking happily – A happy face while hiking in the dream, this will bring you relaxation and enjoyment;
  • Will find the way if poor hiker – The dream promises that you can reach your destination in other ways;
  • Early loss if hiking young woman – A young woman is hiking alone in the beautiful place, this prophesies a comfortable home, but early loss of her husband or lover;
  • Desire for freedom if hike alone – You walk alone, means that you want to free yourself from all social obligations and to experience relaxation;
  • More patience if hike in a group – You walk or hike in a group, means that you have to learn to be more patient with others;
  • Hard work if hiking way is difficult – This dream signifies that you will reach your goals with great difficulties;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Changing living place¬†if see hikers – Soon you will leave the place where you live now;
  • Calm time if you are hiking – You are hiking in the beautiful place, indicates that soon you will have relaxation period;
  • Too serious person if pilgrimage – This dream shows that you think too much when you want to find the ways to reach your goals. Trust your intuition;
  • Reaching goals if hiking up mountains – To dream of hiking up mountains or hills is a good omen if the top is reached. This signifies that you will reach your aims.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Journey if see hikers – Soon you will go on a trip;
  • Success if be a hiker – In the dream you are a hiker, means that your company or work that you do will succeed;
  • Need for relax if walk in the mountains – You walk in the mountains, this points out that after certain amount of physical exertion the relaxation is necessary.

* Please, see meaning of backpack, walk .

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