Home dream meanings


– The center of being – spiritual self.


– Where is my mind?

In General:

A dream of home often relates to our sense of emotional and financial security. Perhaps you are still waiting for past returns, and you learn from such dreams, the past and the present – get in touch – or the future. Older people often dream of her parents’ house, especially if they had a happy childhood.


Everyone has basic needs for shelter, warmth and nourishment. The home, especially the parents’ home, can symbolize all this, basic needs. When we have this type of dream – to be at home – so this represents a returning to the basic values that we have learned in our childhood.


This dream is about a holy place, a place where the dreamer without fear of retribution, he can be himself. People who believe in the spiritual talk, like “going home” when they mean death, because the physical condition considered only as a temporary condition.

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