Humpback dream meanings

General Meanings:

  • Humpback as a dream symbol announces a period of life with many tests and changes, which is followed by a happy love affair.
  • Hump (the back) can display sexual needs or promise of success.
  • To see yourself with a hump in the dream may indicate good health.
  • To be hunchback in the dream, you may expect that this dream will bring a backpack full of happiness.
  • To see a hunchback, you have to endeavor to help and not to criticize the mistakes of others.

Psychological Meanings:

Get rid of bad things The humpback is a symbol of “the burden of life” that is really hard to carry it on the back. The main meaning of the humpback dream marks that you have to take off unnecessary “hump” and to relieve more confidence of yourself and be strong at last for what you really want. You have to adapt to the situation and to “suffer gladly!”

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sexual desires if woman sees a humpback – The woman dreams of a humpback then this dream has a meaning of sexuality or love affairs;
  • Difficulties if see a hunchback – In the dream to see hunchback then this dream predicts you unexpected setbacks;
  • Be more simple if see others with hump – This dream is a sign that you have to be aware with satisfaction and your advantage because this may be only temporary;
  • Fortune if talk or speak with humpback – The dream announces you happiness in a speculation or in lottery;
  • Joy and success if be humpback – To dream of being a humpback, then this dream promises you happiness and superiority in your life. Also you will have good health.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if be humpback – To be a humpback in the dream will not give you any reason y to complain, because the meaning of this dream is that you will be successful.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Fortune if see yourself with a hump – To be with a hump in the dream announces big win or success in lottery;
  • Wealth if see hunchback – In the dream you see a hunchback, then you may expect to gain benefits or property because you have work for this all your life.

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