Hunting dream meanings


Persecution, tracking, research.


What is is that I am willing to catch? Do I receive everything in life because of my ability to get it all by myself? What is is that I am looking for?

General Meanings:

Generally hunting shows unexpressed feelings such as hopes, wishes and pursuits that are related to the dreamer’s life.

Repressed sexual desires.
The hunting as a symbol is known for unexpressed sexual desires and wishes. Usually the one who is hunting feels the lack of intimacy and/or sexual act. Maybe the dreamer is not satisfied by the amount of sex he is getting from his partner, or maybe he feels misunderstood for the things he wants to do while is intimated to someone. Consider, that those who rarely have sex or don’t have it at all, dreams more of hunting than those who having it more often. Try to be more open with the one you are in relationship, be more open about what you wish for and express yourself in all means.

Unexpressed emotions.
The hunting can be interpreted as the symbol of unexpressed emotions and thoughts. If the dreamer is hunting, it shows that he is looking for the answers, feeling alone and misunderstood. The thoughts that human beings have has to be ‘’caught’’ by the other ones if they want to be understood in the right way. It also could show the dreamer’s intention to control somebody, therefore he keeps hunting, running and chasing the animal.

The other meanings of hunting have different meanings, depending on the circumstances of the dream:

  • New plans if go hunting – according to ancient books, hunting is interpreted as new plans for the future such as sexual adventures or new period of life;
  • Disappointments and losses if failed at hunting – such dream indicates that you will lose at whatever you are doing in your life. However, stay calm, because the asperities you will have will be just for particular period of time;
  • Persecution if you are the one that is hunted – if the dreamer sees himself being chased by someone, such dream shows you feel the lack of time for things you want to do, or you feel controlled by someone too much;
  • Profit or gambling if you are invited to go hunting – if someone has invited you to hunting, according to ancient books, such dream symbolizes the gamble you will take with might lead you to profit.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically hunting is the process of search or persecution.
Usually when the dreamer is the one that is hunting, it foretells about his desire to fulfill his wishes. There are many different ways to complete them:

  • find the solution to the questions you have;
  • fulfill sexual desires;
  • take the control over someone or something.

Sometimes the one that is hunted is the dreamer itself. Then the dream shows the fears and doubts he has. There are things in life that looks scary, therefore the dreamer feels that he is chased and hunted. Hunting is the desire to win and be the leader of the situation.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the dream might indicate the spiritual confusion you have. Maybe you are in search of your spirituality which has been lost.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Luck in a lottery if you are invited to go hunting – such dream promises luckiness;
Will get married if go hunting – there is a possibility that you will get married to your chosen one;
Happy future if somebody is hunting and you join them – you will be successful at anything you do, especially at things that are related to your profession;
Will take risks if go for fox hunting – it is known that the fox is tricky and smart animal, therefore in a dream it stands as risky symbol;
Will be disappointed if hunting rabbits – because the rabbits are small animals, the dream foretells that the things that are easily gotten always bring very small amount of pleasure, because it only brings displeasure;
Prosperity if hunting big animals – if you were hunting huge animals such as bear, deer, then the dream promises wealthy and rich life to you;
Will be left behind by someone if see hunting dogs – keep the distance from those you are surrounded by, because there is a possibility that they will use you and then leave you behind;
Consider to pull yourself together if lost on a hunting – if you were hunting, then appeared to be lost, then such dream shows that you need to be more confident about yourself;
Failure if missed the target while hunting – the dream denotes to disappointments you will suffer through your life;
Disappointments if came home without prey – consider to prepare yourself for frustration;
Joy if came home with a prey – the dreamer will be fortunate person at anything he does;
Will overcome barriers if you organized the game of hunting – the dream shows how smart and clever you are when dealing with difficulties;
Arrogance if using knife while hunting – the dream shows the desire to show up how brave and stout the hunter is;
Pleasure if hear the sound of hunting horn – if you were listening to the sound of the hunting horn, then such dream indicates joy and pleasure;
Hold on to things that makes you happy if see hunting bag – do not waste your energy towards unpleasant things and concentrate on those that make you feel happy.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Will win a lottery if you are invited to go hunting – such dream promises pleasurable winning;
Will take risks if you are hunting – the dream indicates the gamble you will take.

Arabian (Islamic)

Happy future if taking part in hunting – if you were hunting, then such dream shows that through your hard work you will obtain the pleasure and happiness in your life;
Luck in a lottery if someone invited to go hunting – such dream promises richness through accident – lottery;
Success in business if taking part of the game in hunting – any deals you will make that are related to business will be successful;
You will fail if failed at hunting – be aware and do not take any risks, because you will not succeed.

Artemidorus Meanings:

According to Artemidorus everything that is related to hunting is associated with the bad meanings of such dream. The hunting is very normal and natural for human beings, however in dreams it doesn’t have such positive meaning, it is interpreted as bad omen. Hunting causes many emotions and the circumstances such as danger, complications and fear leads to unhappiness and losses. However, it is always better to be the one who is hunting, instead of being the one that is hunted by someone. The two differences make the dream more clear to be explained.

* Please, see meaning of animals.

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