Hurricane dream meanings


– Destructive emotions.


– What are the overwhelming emotions I’m willing to go through?

In general:

The occurrence of a hurricane in a dream symbolizes a tremendous energy. Often these are strong feelings and impulses, against which the dreamer feels powerless. The hurricane symbolizes the energy that is directed against oneself and therefore destructive acts.


Although the hurricane in a dream at first glance seems especially to be destructive, but he may also have a very cleansing effect and also have equivalent importance for the dreamer. Hurricane cleared everything out of the way that gets in the way, and therefore provides a clear new beginning.


The previous violations of the dreamer in the spirituality make him seem a powerless. Nevertheless, there is in the center of the storm calm and peace.


– To see hurricane: an unfavorable sign for both business and domestic life;
– Also dreaming of hurricane: one must be very careful in his actions;
– Also see hurricane in dream: beware of dangerous messages;
– To bein one: dreamer is confronted with a change to a disaster threatening to overwhelm and grief;
– If a young woman trapped in a whirlwind and has trouble preventing that her skirt is wrapped around her waist, she carry on a secret flirtation and horrified about the fact that her name is embroiled in a scandal. She risking shame and condemnation.

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5 responses

  1. I dreamed I was a child again and it was me birthday. My family had plans to celebrate my birthday. First we went to a park. I received a plastic cup-like award because it was my birthday. Suddenly a hurricane came from nowhere. All the people in the park were alarmed and started running for cover, gathering children and belonging, etc. I was not alarmed, I was just mad. I was thinking now my birthday is ruined. After everything died down, my parents said we have to go back home. I asked what about my birthday. They said I would have to be satisfied with the plastic cup. This made me very angry. I dropped the cup and kicked it as hard as I could, breaking it into many pieces. At the end of my dream, I picked up a pick of the cup and just looked at it with contempt. Any idea what this crazy dream means?

  2. For 3 days in a row, I’ve dreamt about the same hurricane or huge heavy storm.

    Night 1: Warning from person in dream that storm was coming; could feel the wind.
    Night 2. Driving thru storm; saw airplane swallowed by funnel.
    Night 3. Seeing storm in distance and watching it loom.

    I’m concerned because it has been three straight nights this has occurred and that the dreams have been continuous; almost like a story.

  3. I dreamnt that I was upstairs in my home and I saw an impending hurricane on its way. It broke all my double glazed windows and made the floor slide to which both myself and my children were sliding down. I shouted and told them to hold onto the table legs but this too was sliding. The hurricane subsided and we were able to stand again but I was really worried it would come back and so I taught my children to tie long pieces of material around their waists to tie to something to stop them from sliding any further. Straight after this dream I dreamnt that I had lost my purse at work and then found it on the staircase minus a lot of my valuable cards???

  4. ive dreamt of hurricane.i was in a house when i saw the hurricane coming, i went out running and puts some protective measures to the window then i went inside again. i just find it weird because i live in philippines so there are no hurricanes here.. so what do u think my dream interprets?

    im hust worried because i believed that every dreams has to say something in my waking life..its like a warning or something.. thank you!

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