Iceberg dream meanings

General Meanings:

Frozen and hidden emotions Iceberg can be understood as the whole personality, which is seen only a small part of the personality. The rest part extends only beyond the threshold of consciousness. Which may be revived from freeze. The frozen feelings and emotions, bad experience or pain.

Psychological Meanings:

Hidden emotions and fear A symbol of the fear of feelings, the need of control and distance, deliberately steered emotional withdraw.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Solve worries if see iceberg – The iceberg symbol in the dream may show that you have unsolved problems in your life that where hidden deeper in your mind;
  • Lost strength if iceberg melts – In the dream you see that the iceberg melts, this is a sign that you are loosing your power;
  • Obstacles if floating iceberg – This dream signifies that you will have lots of barriers in your life and you will overcome them with all your efforts;
  • Warning if stand on an iceberg – You are standing on the iceberg in your dream, this means danger in your life you have to be more attentive;
  • Loss if see a big one – The huge or big iceberg in your dream presents some losses in your life;
  • Anger if see a dirty iceberg – The dirt on the iceberg in your dream shows anxiety, confusion in your mind;
  • Happiness if see transparent iceberg – This symbol is very positive, which will bring you power and good life;
  • Distrust if walking with fear – You are walking on an iceberg and are afraid, this means that you do not trust yourself, you are afraid to make mistakes.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Explore yourself if see an iceberg – This dream that you should explore your subconscious mind,there are lots of answers for you;
  • Hidden feelings if stand and freeze from cold – This dream is a sign that you are very cold with others, you do not trust people and hide your feelings from them.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if see an iceberg – This dream means that you are hiding worries and bad experience, but you have to solve them if you want to move forward;
  • Look deeper if see dirty iceberg – The dirty iceberg shows that you are confused and you have to look deeper in the problem and then you will find the solution;
  • Hidden abilities if small iceberg – In the dream you see a small iceberg, this is a sign that you are hiding you qualities and skills. Do not afraid to show them, they will help you to reach your goals and make better life;

* Please, see meaning of ice.

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