Incubus/Nightmare dream meanings

General Meanings:

Warning to be more attentive In the nightmare you meet an incubus, this dream is a warning to you. This means that the person you trust will try to deceive you. Also this may be a sign that you have to take care of your health, your unhealthy life can bring you serious illness.

Psychological Meanings:

Need to take care of health The nightmares are mysterious dreams, and we still do not know much about them. The nightmare denotes fear, horror that assail us. Very often such a dream has a crushing meaning. Although they are very unpleasant, but it doesn’t mean that they will cause any psychological or physical harm. If you have nightmares continuously then this is a warning and a recommendation for you to have a general medical examination.

Inhibited negative emotions and remorse Dreams from which you awaken abruptly with feelings of fear or discomfort, this signifies that we all have our own personal nightmares. The bad psychological condition or special feelings of anxiety may appear in such a dreams. There is a possibility that you will have a nightmare or incubus if you have a hidden frustration, repression or anger. It believed that nightmares were always an expression of violent conflicts and subconscious sexual desires and intense fear. Although there are other explanations that are almost simple – the nightmares are a punishment of the dreamer’s sins against his own conscience.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if have or experience nightmare – This dream will bring you quarrels and failures at work or in your family;
  • Warning if have nightmares very often – You have nightmare very often, then it is a warning to take care of your health;
  • Deception if have a nightmare or incubus – For a young woman this dream promises disappointment with the loved person. You will be deceived.

* Please, see meaning of nightmares, paralysis, monster.

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  1. I have been experiencing incubus paralysis dreams. I always wake up scared to death and afraid to fall back asleep. I have found that when I put my earphones in and listen to the audio Bible then I feel confident enough to fall back asleep

  2. it was way back 2010 when i first had an incubus in my dreams. at first i did not bother about it and thinking that my thoughts are just affected with the horror movies that im watching before going to sleep. i was on a night shift that time during my hospital exposure (nursing practice) 3pm – 11pm. and so i came home late evry night. the first time it happend, i opend my eyes a bit and saw a silhouette of a man on top of me. the scene was i was sleeping, same position, room and i even see my mother beside me (i was sleeping beside her)and thinking that its only a dream, though i feel the pleasure, i just disregard it. i thought it was ok, but it happens like two to three times evry week and lasted for a month or two. then it started that i wake up evry 3am, sometimes 3:12am, always drops at three. so i started to think that its normal. at first i thought its a body clock effect, but its not since iam going home late at night. then i started to pray before going to sleep… it laylow abit.. then i start dreaming of my ideal guy but wearing old fashioned clothes. when i moved from the province where happend, three yrs ago… i did not even experinced it again. however i can still dream of other ghost in my sleep and i can remember evry detail of most of my dreams which they said an amazing talentt.
    ps. help me interpret my dream lastnight. i dreamd of a tree infront of our old house.theres also a grass beside the tree with naked men cutting it with grass cutters/scissors. those men are really naked,means private parts exposed. and i went out of the house to let those naked men know to go away. the tree infront of the house is like a madagascar tree but on top of one tree is another bark and then the leaves.

  3. I had a dream last night about an bing in an old office building where I was alone when suddenly there was this unsatisfying feeling of sum1 bing present almost a malicious feeling. Suddenly there was a whisper in my ear saying “your body is mine, either u give it 2 me or I take it by force.” I shook with fear at what it meant. Suddenly a showdown blitzed across the wall and came in front of me. It pinned me down ready to remove watever article of clothing I had. I shut my eyes ready 4 wat it was going to do wen suddenly I heard my mom walk in and I ran out as fast as I could. We drove out and went back home. I was in my room going to sleep. Suddenly I saw this man with white hair and blood red eyes starring at me seductively. He said “you got away the 1st time but this time I will make u submit.” I couldn’t move I felt restrained by the bed. He crawled on top of me and ripped off me shirt and pants I cried and screamed but no matte wat he wouldn’t stop. Suddenly he turned in 2 a snake and snaked around my body. I got up and ran towards my parents room crying and they took me in their bed and let me sleep in the middle so I could feel safe. Wen I “woke up” in my dream he was their again and I screamed and woke up. And I woke up at 5:00 in the morning. Can any1 interpret this?

  4. Had a dream a friend of mine was whispering to me the scuzzy is coming and kept repeating it. There was some apprehension with slight fear with the friend telling me this. I knew the scuzzy as she put it was the succubus/incubus was coming for my mother inlaw. I then member waking up and when looked at clock , it appeared only slept for 20 mins or so…. I had been listening to meditative music before drifting of sleep.

    P.s. called my friend to inform hr my dream,and she had similar experience, in that, there where a lot of people in her dream she knew and they were talking and she commented to them, she needed to come get me! She hoping next dream time, she 14 hours ahead of me, will get the remainder of her message for here to connect the dots in her messages, which apparently to degree involve me.

    Any help would be appreciated…