Index finger dream meanings

General Meanings:

Blame and distrust Index finger (forefinger) as a dream symbol stands as a warning notice or prosecution. In addition, the extended interpretation of index finger marks that you blame yourself because of a terrible mistake or an offense. However, the forefinger appears in the dream when the dreamer has the feeling of inferiority or the guilt.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fault if see forefinger – To dream of forefinger may mean that someone has to make the accusations because of damage.

* Please, see also dreams about hand, phallus.

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2 responses

  1. My dream was that I had sometype of rubberband or string stuck on my index finger. It was extremely uncomfortable, and would tighten each time Itried cutting it off. My circulation was completely cut off but, Eventually, i got help removing it.

  2. I had a strange dream last night of three red serpents in a white porcelain cup ( I think) under a table with a platter of healthy food on top. (cup was used like a table leg) I noticed them a lot, when the table would wobble back and forth. {more depth into the serpents there colours were black and red, had metallic like fangs but short, snake had average slender body but a little shorter, was more like a centipede type snake, had little feet it could latch on with.} The meal continued and it was of great conversation, but to all I would say it was taken as great animosity by others around the table. Near the end I began to make leave, by openly leaving, what I thought of the company was hideous scrupulous individuals. In my attempt to leave, the fat man to the right of me pushed the table forth, toppling it over.(two others also) The serpents spilled from the cup and went among them. In great panic the snakes were tossed at me as I was half way down a hall walking away. One had latched onto my shoulder. I had fear but not fear, more of impending will, “like really this is just dumb.” I thought to myself as usual knowing I’m in a dream, well what next. The snake bit into my right finger, when I tried to remove him from my right shoulder. I ripped it from my shoulder at that point and tossed it off where it slithered away. I looked to my finger seeing its fangs embedded into my finger still pumping its venom away from its bio tendrils sticking out of the metallic fangs. I took no heed to this as I thought it was harmless when in a dream. Trying to pull out the fangs with my fingers seemed impossible they were more like barbs of some sort on these fangs. Cause of some pain, but not really. Then I got just got bored and told myself it’s time to wake up to reset my dream. Then I awoke. I wonder what was of the white (kind of glowing door) in front of I, during the snake tossing at the end of the hall.

    Even though I walked through it at the start, usually to every view another slide of things appears in dreams. Dream consistency is 50/50 sometimes random and sometimes constantly changing.