Concert dream meanings

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  • Conductor - our soul, our emotional world, also seeks to harmonize in a way. Because we are really sensitive about disharmony in our inner life. When you are a conductor in the dream, then this dream has a meaning of responsibility in your real life. Psychological Meanings: Making harmony The conductor is an authority with the possibility to lead a group “in harmony”. When you stand as a conductor on the stage then this indicates that you have a strong desire for harmony and you will actively ensure this in your environment. * Please, see meaning of concert, music, orchestra.... (read more)
  • Music - ...In General the music represents news that has a special meaning. Painful experience if the music is sad – to hear the music, which causes melancholic feelings, denotes to unpleasant news which will cause negative feelings; Happiness if the music is happy – to hear the music which gives the positive feelings, shows the luck in love, happiness and pleasure; Will fall in love if you are writing the music– to be the creator of the music, symbolizes the process of falling for someone and having special feelings to this person. * Please, see meaning of concert, grief, orchestra.... (read more)