Music dream meanings


Expression of the feelings, harmony.


How my feelings are flowing without the environment?

General Meanings:

In General music and the rhythm of it represents the view and lifestyle of the dreamer. Usually when the dreamer listens to the music, it shows the connection he has with the world. Consider that the type of the music says much more about your dream, depending on how loud it was and the instruments that were dominating in that particular music. It is known that for example the saxophone represents harmony and sexuality and drums denotes to anger and/or unexpressed feelings.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level the music represents an emotional state of the dreamer.

The positive and negative meanings of the dream
To understand better your dream, you have got to realise what the mood you were in while hearing that music. Positive feelings causes positive emotions and negative feelings causes negative emotions.

The external stimulus and the music
Sometimes the dreamer is affected by the external stimulus which causes dreams about music. For example someone in the surroundings where the dreamer sleeps, plays the music, therefore the music is dreamed of.

The internal stimulus and the music
If the music has a big part in dreamer’s life he will have dreams that are related to music too. Consider, what part of your life the music takes in it? Maybe you were partying a lot in the last days of your life or your profession is related to music too.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level, the music and the rhythm of it shows the connection a dreamer has with divinity and God.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Will get happy news if hear nice music – to dream that you were listening to music, which was pleasurable experience, shows the joy you will have;
  • Luck in love if single person listens to music – the dream in which you were listening to music promises that you will find the one you will love as your partner;
  • Bad news if the music distraughts you – the dream in which the experience was not pleasurable to listen and was making to confuse you, denotes to bad news. The dream also shows the problems with children and/or your friends;
  • Domestic happiness if you were creating beautiful music – the dreamer, which was making nice music will find the joy in his home at things he is doing;
  • Domestic frustration if you were making ugly music – the dreamer, which was creating the music that was unpleasant to listen symbolizes disappointments the dreamer will suffer.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Will find the piece if listening to music – the one who was listening the music will find the peace from the grief he was suffering.

Arabian (Islamic)

In General the music represents news that has a special meaning.

  • Painful experience if the music is sad – to hear the music, which causes melancholic feelings, denotes to unpleasant news which will cause negative feelings;
  • Happiness if the music is happy – to hear the music which gives the positive feelings, shows the luck in love, happiness and pleasure;
  • Will fall in love if you are writing the music– to be the creator of the music, symbolizes the process of falling for someone and having special feelings to this person.

* Please, see meaning of concert, grief, orchestra.

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  1. I heard, “I Got The Power”, one morning circa 2001. As I awakened it got louder and louder, but not uncomfortable so. That morning I clipped my wing mirror on my Fiat Seicento – I was already a little late for work, by abt 5 minutes, that didn’t help. I was still very happy though, I felt acknowledged and empowered by something unknown, maybe a fractal of myself.