Orchestra dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of orchestra can foretell good feeling, love and fellowship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: 
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  • Music - ...In General the music represents news that has a special meaning. Painful experience if the music is sad – to hear the music, which causes melancholic feelings, denotes to unpleasant news which will cause negative feelings; Happiness if the music is happy – to hear the music which gives the positive feelings, shows the luck in love, happiness and pleasure; Will fall in love if you are writing the music- to be the creator of the music, symbolizes the process of falling for someone and having special feelings to this person. * Please, see meaning of concert, grief, orchestra.... (read more)
  • Conductor - ...direct our soul, our emotional world, also seeks to harmonize in a way. Because we are really sensitive about disharmony in our inner life. When you are a conductor in the dream, then this dream has a meaning of responsibility in your real life. Psychological Meanings: Making harmony The conductor is an authority with the possibility to lead a group “in harmony”. When you stand as a conductor on the stage then this indicates that you have a strong desire for harmony and you will actively ensure this in your environment. * Please, see meaning of concert, music, orchestra.... (read more)
  • Choirmaster - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy if see choirmaster – In a dream  you see a choirmaster then this means happiness and satisfaction of your life; Wrong life if bad choirmaster – The choir sing badly because of choirmaster then this dream is a sign that you are wasting your life on not so important things and you life without any consequences. Hindu (Hinduism) Need of help if choir without choirmaster – In your dream you see a choir without choirmaster, then this dream marks that you need support and help from someone. Arabian (Islamic) Good life if see choirmaster -... (read more)