Aborigines (indigenous peoples, native inhabitants) dream meanings


  • Intuitive;
  • Magic identity;
  • Ancient wisdom.


– Where in my life am I trying to come with the forces of nature in harmony?

General Meanings:

Primitive instincts Every dream in which indigenous people occur is an indication of simple and communal way of life. This dream may express natural feelings such as uncivilized and wild.

Find a harmony with yourself The dream of aborigines signifies the softest and the kindest side of your personality. This means that you are innocent and decent person. This dream is a sign that you have to find the connection with your natural self and insight you have inside. Because imbalance inside you may make you psychologically unsteady.

Psychological Meanings:

Everyone has personality parts that stay simple and primitive, no matter how civilized you may be. This dream doesn’t pay attention to material things but to the most important – to the spiritual side.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level natives in the dream represent the symbol of getting closer to the earth and to the nature.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • You are dreaming that you see indigenous peoples, this is not a good goal, you are on the wrong gates. You focus on the wrong things, you have to come back to your inner world and to develop and to create spiritual things.

* Please, see meaning of fatherland, parental home.

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  1. So I dreamt last night of an Aboriginal man seeking support in putting down his beloved dog. And then I read about this same story in the local paper (this was also in the dream) and the paper said ‘he would meet him in his dreams before making a decision’. I think the him was in reference to the helper, or the person who would assist him. Not sure though. Any comments welcome please?