Injury / hurt dream meanings


Work on old pain or wounds.


Which wounds would I like to allow to heal? Which damage am I ready to close well?

General Meanings:

Painful experiences Injury appears because of disappointment, slights, injustice or separation from a love, if these experiences are unprocessed or displaced.

Hurt in real life In the dream to be injured, shows that in real life you are tired emotionally, weakened by worries. Also you feel threatened or attacked by someone in your real life. Maybe you are injured emotionally by the one you love.

Emotional instability Someone else is injured (the person you know) shows that in your real life that person is in a vulnerable state physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Psychological Meanings:

Disruption The injury in the dream, in which you do not feel the pain points that you may be “hurt” in the awake life. This may be a mental pain which is inflicted to us by other, or which we cause by ourselves. If you are injured, the upheaval is approaching to you.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Emotional hurt if be injured – In the dream you are injured or hurt, this shows that you are tired emotionally or hurt by the person you love;
  • Unpleasant events if suffer from physical hurt – in the dream you suffer from physical hurt, signifies that an unhappy event will soon sadden and annoy you;
  • Warning if somebody is injured – You dream that you see somebody injured, this is a warning, you should be extremely careful in dealing with people.Be careful with devices or equipment;
  • Revenge if you hurt someone by insulting – In the dream you insult somebody and this hurts him deeply, this shows that you do menial work, and now you will take a revenge and hurt others;
  • Harm if be insulted – In the dream you are insulted and it really hurts you, announces that you have enemies who will make damage to you.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Illness if be insulted and hurt – In the dream you are insulted and feel hurt, this dream marks approaching disease. You have to take care of yourself;
  • Revenge if you hurt a person – in your dreams you hurt a person, you will do awful work, revenging and injuring.
  • Damage if you are hurt – This shows that you have enemies who will overcome you and make damage to you;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Don’t trust too much if hurt yourself –  You are dreaming that you get hurt with a subject by yourself. This is a sign that you should consider exactly your friends before you trust him your secrets;
  • Warning if be injured – You are injured by somebody in your dream, this is a caution that you shouldn’t start and begin business or any actions without thinking;
  • Bad behave if hurt or injury somebody – You hurt or injury someone else in a dream, you do not behave honestly towards a certain friend.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of blood, scar, operation, wound, wounded and the other hurt/injury limbs.

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  1. i had a dream where i ws in my corridor. there i saw three unknown persons sitting on the floor.they were nt talkng to each othr .all the three had their eyes closed. they were murmuring something . one of thm was hitting himself so hard.he ws bleeding but stll he ws hitting himslf n whispering dt i got dream under my dt i ws thiking fr thm .in dat i can see my parents with me. it mde me so scared . i got severe headache in my dream itslef. then suddenly i woked up. i cant forget this .it ws very ws quite long but i wrote it in short

  2. I had a dream i was in my primary school, and i was running away from one of my teachers down the roaf. I jumoed on a bus with my fianceé, and when we got off i walked home. She came home and was beaten up by this group of girls, so I went and found them, I beat them all until they collapsed and stopped breathing and then I needed to get out of this place. When I got outside she wasn’t there, I waited for ages outside this house, then the group of girls I beat up came out and told me she as still inside, and eventually she walked out. We then had to go through this tunnel full of water, there were snakes and one of them bit through my thumb, and then a dog came and bit me multiple times whilst I tried to jump over this fence. Then I woke up. Please help me explain this.

  3. I drempt of a maze with t.vs in and if u played the game you got sucked in to a small box for the night. Knowing what would happen I didn’t tell the fTher of my child what would hAppen and when a security man was asking if Nyone had played the game I said no. Knowing the anger I felt for him dismissing his daughter in real life in my dream I Reyes my best to keep him sucked in to punish him for denying her.

  4. I had a dream that my brother was driving and we didn’t know where we were going and we were having trouble going up a hill and then I got home and I got into another dream were I left home because I was in trouble. So I left to swim with the fishes but at first I was swimming with Sharks. As the dream progressed I was swimming with fishes and then we had to run away from I were bigger fishes I can’t really understand what we were running from or why we why we were running Like we couldn’t breath In the water(even though we they’re fishes) like we were trying to escape something and as I opened my eyes in the dream I was human again and the fishes had turned to jellyfish and I got and was injured from the sole of my foot I went home and my mother helped me like she did before.

  5. i had this dream, where im much older than i am now. I go to my garage to leave my house and i see this guy who i was in love with years ago, on my garage floor with a knife in hus neck. i dropped to my knees and and start crying asking random questions like; “how’d you get here?!, who did this to you?!” and he opened his mouth and blood just went everywhere. I dragged him to my back seat and raced to the nearest hospital by my house. I ran inside and got a nurse who brough more people ans a stretcher out. Im holding his hand while they rush him to the surgery room and asking me questions that i dont have the answers to. As i sit in the waiting room covered in his blood, praying that he makes it. The doctor finally comes out and asks me my relation with him. I broke down and told him i haven’t seen him in years since we broke it off due to his ex. I asked if he was alive and he said he made it and the person who stuck the knife in his neck knew what they were doing. They did not want him to die they wanted him to feel pain. I was able to get into his room and talk to him, but when i asked him what happened and who did this..he looked terrified to tell me. I woke up in tears and sweat. I love this man i dont want anything to happen to him

  6. I had a dream that we was in a car and it was me my boyfriend and his bestfriend. I am also really good mates with his bestfriend. 3 people came up the car opens my boyfriends door and whispered I’m his ear and kinda dragged him out In a forceful way. They then went to kians door ( the bestfriend) and pulled him out and started attacking him and kicking him on the floor and seriously beating him up. This dream has actually made me feel scarred of walking alone in the streets now that I know this has happened in my dream. If you could explain the meaning his would be great many thanks x

  7. I had a dream that a little girl on tv was (warning this is disgusting and I wish I have never seen it) put her hands in a meat grinder and cut her fingers off then her all the way up past her wrist. It was so that she could go to sea world and they would feel bad for her and she could go for free? Most confusing dream ever. I even had to wake up for a minute and pray for it to go away. I cannot stop thinking about it. What does that mean?!

  8. In my dream I was taking a shower and my close friend barges in and tries to cut/kill me with a razor or knife (forgot which) and I successfully fight her off and pin her down and she’s like shaking and trying to bite me. I don’t remember if she actually hurt me or not but she was acting crazy and screaming out to my mom(?) that she was going to end me and that she would become her new daughter. Idk but it was pretty creepy

  9. I had a dream the other night that I was with my former boyfriend and there was a group of people around us that he knew. We had to climb up a ladder to get out of a tiny space that had concrete as the floor and felt like the room itself was very cilinder like. Anyway, I climbed halfway up the iron ladder and I was attempting to coax my boyfriend up it aswell. He lost his grip and where the group of people were, the spread out and watched him fall! He fell head first onto the concrete. I jumped off the ladder and quickly came to his aid. His eyes were rolling to the back of his head and appeared to be losing consciousness. I got him home and he had fallen asleep. He woke up later and seemed to be behaving differently. I dont remember much after that since I had woken up in real life after he did in the dream.

  10. I had a dream last night that some man was almost stabbing into my leg and I was in agony and woke up clutching my leg… I could feel the pain so vividly and real… Was still in pain for about 30 second when I woke up before I went away… What could that mean?

    • If you felt physical pain when you woke up that could have been a muscle cramp, they don’t always last very long but they are very painful. If that was a muscle cramp it could mean that you are either lacking magnesium or you are dehydrated. Hope this helped 🙂

  11. Had a dream that scared me I woke up with an.panic attack. I was at some mall when an big explosion happend I grabbed a kid next to me. I went out and exit it led me to another store a restaurant. A not her explosion happen. And I made the exit I was covered in blood and in pain. The first ambulance arived. A girl I know we’ll was on the unit he came to me to help she had my blood on her when he knew it was my I saw fear in her eyes. As the loaded me in the helicopter I told her sorry an out the blood. That’s when I woke up in a panic any idea about why I had something like that

  12. i had a dream last night that my sister was hurting me! she was litterally hitting me and attacking me and in my dream i am pregnant???? im not pregnant in real life.. anyways this crazy bitch was beating me and i couldnt do anything omg i was fucking livid when i woke up. and the weird thing is i felt her hitting me and how i woke up was when she pinched me soooooo hard on my waist and i felt it and flinched and omg i was in tears. like holy shit i just got beat up in a damn dream while i was pregnant??! I literally wanted to go to my sisters bedroom and slap her lol but five minutes later i realized it was just a dream. ahha.

  13. Hi I had a strange dream that involved me staying at my friends mums house which was 3 doors away from my parents old house last year ! I cant remember why I was staying Thers but know I was crying a lot with grief there was a man that stayed across the road from this house who told me and my friend if I watched TV he would break my legs, my friend and I ran Into her house and straight into the living room and she grab the house phone and started to call bt to change the number who cudnt help at this point I can rember the telle playing and my friends mum coming through to see what was wrong and I was screaming with tears running down my face she then took the phone and said to the girl I know what to do I will phone my boss ! The door had a loud chap and we knew it was him my friends mum was panicking and said no you all remember he came to our door I ran into the kitchen and was just going to shut the door when I seen her answer the door and the man hit her over the head 3 times with a large metal object and she fell to the floor sideways then he ran at me and my dream ended ! Please help me understand what this means ?

  14. I had a horrible dream that I was walking with my son down this dirt road and he starts running ahead of me and i ts like my mind wanted to run and grab him but my body wouldn’t go faaf enough so I was yelling “hunter come here!!! Get out of the road!!” And suddenly this burgandy van speeds up to us and just hits my son head on going about 65mph !! I was freaking out. The van stopped down the road and I run towards my son and I grab him and pick him up and it was so strange..he was still conscious and staring at me with a blank dead look in his face he looked like he was in pain…but he was all bloody and his face was near demolished and his body was lifeless…I woke up in sweat and tears right than….I didn’t even get to find out if he was okay or not….this dream freaks me out…can anybody please explain to me what this might mean? He is two years old by the way. Thanks!! -Ily

    • Maybe you just feel worried about his future and what might happen if you are not there to protect him which is hurting you emotionally projected through him because it would hurt you more if he got injured or killed
      than yourself

  15. I had two dreams the first was a jackhammer falling on my husband and nearly killing him. the second was I went inside my house and I had to very friendly white and orange cats but the white one wasn’t really mine but she looked worn down nappy hair dirty but the orange one full of health any explanations please help too many other dreams but no explanation.

  16. I had this dream about two times. I’m in my room and there was this guy that called me asking to meet him somewhere. I denied it. Then he called to ask for a pic. I denied it again. Next thing I know, he’s in my room with about 3 other people. They look a little older than me. It becomes this whole segment where they have knives and they cut me, but get ahold of sharp objects and cut them too. It goes on like this for a while. They try to defend themselves in the room next to mine. As this happens, I’m getting cuts on my arm, back, wrists. After I thought it was over, I’m in the next room trying to cover myself when I see the guy sitting down on my chair. The other 3 people are standing up. He says that it was done and over. Believe it or not, one of the people stab me in my chest with a nail. I remember laying down in my living room. Since I knew I wasn’t fully dead, I picked myself back up and was glad the person missed. I run upstairs and look through the kitchen cabinets for knives and found a sharp scissors and a small razor knife. I hear my aunt asking me what happened and what I’m doing. I told her I was stabbed and that if they were still there, I would finish them off. My aunt tells me that she called my parents saying I was stabbed in the shoulder and chest. Immediately, I run downstairs and see my mom going through my phone but I tell her there’s no evidence there and only on my ps3 . We go to check the system and was glad it was still there and that’s where I actually woke up.

  17. I had a dream where my right shoulder had about 5 holes, I could see through them and instead of seeing blood I would see lots of nasty string. What could this mean?

  18. I had a dream last night about me going through a column of rooms in an apartment or hotel. Each room was very beautiful in its own unique ways, but each room had little to almost no light even from the sun. The house felt familiar but I felt unsafe about being there and felt like I was being watched and chased. My little sister is a very playful,energetic girl I am the opposite of this composed,calm,quiet and I dreamed she was trying to playfight with me. I ended up getting angry because of something she did or said and I choked her which I felt extremely horrible and guilty about after I had done it. I did it to the point where she was unconscious. I decided to run away ashamed and as if nothing had happened she hugged me and said its okay I forgive you. Then my dream ended please help solve this very uneasy dream for me. Thank You. Shane

    • Maybe you don’t like/get anoyed with your sister consciously but deep down no matter how much you may
      hurt each other you will always love her if only subconsciously

  19. I had a dream I was cutting someone’s hair on a computer but was holding a axe with no handle. Every time I cut the hair people in the room said it looked fantastic , but each time I cut I struggled to hold the chopper and it cut my face legs chest, some wounds healed some were fresh, I wasn’t panicked, then a paramedic appeared, I woke up, please solve this weird dream for me, many thanks Maria xxx

    • Maybe you feel preussured to do something that other people see as good that is hurting you mentally or emotionally
      and sense some wounds are still fresh it was effecting you the day of the dream