Inn dream meanings


The inn is found in many fairy tales, but there is always a very adventurous, shady place, even the host is usually a very dubious figure. Dreaming of inn or pub announces surprises. It is a dream symbol for change. Inn is the male place of relaxation. At the level of dream symbolism, the inn is the male place to relax and a coffee bar is place of relaxation for the female.


– Dreaming of inn: announce grief and loss.

– To visit inn: trust in every person;
– To left inn: you will well-being.

– To visit inn in dream: you are wasting your time.

* Please, see also meaning of alcohol, friends, guest house, bar, music, restaurant, host and tavern…

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  1. I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately, but no matter what it is, there’s this old, nice Inn that is there somewhere. It’s constantly remodeled and different, but I always recognize it as the same Inn.It always has the same old, yet strong bartender who always has a smile and a god word for me and then there’s always my private table or seat. For some odd ball reason, it seems I always come in after being on the road for a while. Nothing very interesting happens, I just sit there, talk with the Inn keeper and have a drink or two. I really have no idea why this keeps occurring in my dreams.

  2. Lately I have been having a reocurring dream about an old inn. In the dream my husband and I and the children have bought an old inn and plan to become inn keepers. It is a real fixer-upper and parts of it are uninhabitable without work but much of it is good enough for us to live in relative comfort while we are working on it. One room is haunted on a deserted wing and I just stay away from it at night but am not fearful of it in broad daylight and have been inside the room during the day and it is fine. The inn was once a grand resort and we hope to restore it and are looking forward to holding on to some of its historical charm and updating what needs to be changed. I am quite hopeful that we can achieve it and we are all beginning this new adventure together as a family…I actually really like the dream and keep wondering what it means and why I keep having it.