Insanity dream meanings


Working on compulsively fears.


What inner strength am I ready to recognize?

General Meanings:

Insanity often announces that expectations and hopes will not fulfill because they are unreal. To dream of being insane marks that you have lost your head, mostly because of love, and you act unreasonably and strange.

Psychological Meanings:

The insanity in the dream indicates that you are in a situation with the wrong sense. You have lost touch with the true meaning and live in delusion. The dream of insanity may be a sign of a new sense of life or a different view of the situation. This dream usually indicates that you are not mad, but you have to correct your vision of things and situations.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Love if be insane – The insane in the dream is a good omen for matters of your heart;
  • New start if be mad –  You are worried because it is disastrous for you to begin a new work or a new phase of life;
  • News if see a madman – To dream of a madman announces that you will have surprising news that lead to a new environment;
  • Warning if see lunatics – The lunatic in the dream goes as a warning that there are planned bad intentions;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Pain if see insane person – the insane person in the dream announces you that you will have sorrow because of love;
  • Love if be insane – You are insane in the dream then you may expect luck in love matters.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Misunderstood  with friends if look thoughtful – You look very thoughtful in the dream then this means that you will not know how you should communicate with your friends;
  • Stupidity if be mad – You are mad then this dream signifies that you will make some stupid things or actions.

* Please, see meaning of confusion .

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