Insult dream meanings

General Meanings:

When the dreamer feels insulted in his dream then this means that he is too sensitive person and this is not appropriate for him in his real life.

Psychological Meanings:

Negative emotions and morality To insult someone in the dream marks that the dreamer consciously or unconsciously offends his own moral code. He thinks that he stands outside the social norm. Insults and contempt in dreams are usually indications of feelings of inferiority, inhibitions, hypersensitivity, or vanity of the dreamer.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the dream denotes to pay attention and to assess the severity of the insult and to behave accordingly.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Enemies if be insulted – In a dream to be insulted warns of enemies and lack of self confidence;
  • Competition if insult – The insult in the dream for business people announces great competition in order to achieve better results;
  • Be ready if be offended and get angry about it – This dream indicates that you have to be aware and be ready for upcoming troubles and worries;
  • Divorce if be offended by an adult – You are insulted by an adult then this dream may can bring a separation;
  • Luck if be offended by a child – When you are insulted by a child then this dream stands as a good sign that you have an ability to win in the lottery;
  • Misapprehension if be insulted by a foreign person – In your dream you are insulted by a foreign person, then you may expect that you will have a misunderstanding in the profession.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Attention if be offended – You are offended in the dream then this denotes that you will meet enemies in near future and they want to make damage to you.

* Please, see meaning of dispute.

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