Intestine dream meanings


Strength, endurance.


The source from which I draw my strength?

General Meanings:

Recycling process Intestine may be a dream for the processing and recycling of experiences. The dream mostly indicates that we have to pay more attention to our own experiences and try to use it. In addition the intestine also has the task to excrete the indigestible, so this may show that we have to get rid of stressful experiences and negative emotions.

Psychological Meanings:

Get rid of all negative things Defecation marks exemption from liability, uneasy feelings, repression, bad memories, perhaps a love sorrow. The unconscious wants to liberate our inner world from unnecessary thoughts. In many cases, these human actions are interpreted as generosity, which you may expect from a dreamer.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Illness if see intestine– In a dream the intestine announces a disease because you didn’t take care pf your health;
  • Success if good intestine – In the dream your intestine works properly hen this dream will bring you successful ventures;
  • Loss if your own intestine – When you dream of your own intestine then this dream marks that a disease will affect your daily deals with others, also shows loss with much annoyance.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Bad time if see or dream about intestine – Your dream is about intestine, then this dream will proclaim nothing good for your future;
  • Disease if foul intestine – This dream has a negative meaning when your intestine is foul and this will bring sickness and death.

* Please, see meaning of feces, toilet, body.

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  1. I had a dream the other night cant remember all of it…but all i know was that i was in hospital and looked down my belly button was open and out poured blood and i was holding onto my intestine i didnt feel any pain but was in shock…if someone could explain that would be great…very worried