Invitation dream meanings

General Meanings:

Need of contact Invitation appears in the dream mostly because of loneliness, from which you can not excuse with your own efforts, and you hope that someone else will make the first step. Also this dream symbol warns against isolation and urges you to try to escape from the prison of loneliness, instead of waiting for others.

Psychological Meanings:

Loneliness Anyone who has dream about invitation wishes to have more social contact. Also the dream of invitation may show that the dreamer feels more alone than he admits.

Spiritual Meanings:

Dream of invitation stands for the hope that the dreamer will become more open and will make contact.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good affairs if get an invitation to a party or public event – Such a dream when you get an invitation to a party marks a favorable development in important affairs;
  • Unpleasant news if visit a place with invitation – You are visiting a special place with invitation in your dream, then this is not so positive because you will get some bad news;
  • Pleasant worries if you invite someone – When you invite someone somewhere in your dream, then in your quiet life you will have unpleasant event, this will give you pleasant worries and excitement at the same time;
  • New contacts if send or write invitation (s) – To dream of writing an invitation, then this means that you want to expand your circle of acquaintances;
  • New partner if a woman receives an invitation to a party – Then this dream will bring her pleasant things and new interesting and intriguing contact.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • New friends if get written invitation – In the dream you get a written invitation, then you may expect that you will make new acquaintances;
  • Warning if get oral invitation – Someone invited you orally in your dream, then this dream indicates that you have to be more attentive with your current friends;
  • Interesting event if make an invitation – You are making an invitation in your dream, you will attend in a wonderful celebration, where you will meet good people.

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  1. good morning, I graduated I’m the University 2years ago. Last night I dream of invited to a graduation party, and the party was a great celebration. in the polytechnic where I was invited cultist are fighting each other. I could not been able to get to that great graduation ceremony. so I sit with my other friend who is also graduating. I am worried. I don’t understand this dream