Jealousy dream meanings


Work on the fear of intimacy.


Where in my life I am ready to show my vulnerability?

General Meanings:

Unpleasant feelings against others Jealousy sometimes really wants to point out that the dreamer has a reason to do so or to cause it. But generally jealousy often symbolizes imminent strife and contention with other people, which you can hardly avoid in your life. Jealousy can be interpreted as a reflection of secret fear to lose what he/she loves.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Negative emotions if dream of jealousy -The jealousy in a dream more or less indicates a bitter life, also means misfortune in love, quarrel in family;
  • No worries if feel jealousy from other person – This dream is a sign that you will overcome your difficulties and will turn everything in your favor;
  • Bad people if dream man with jealous wife – This dream announces that enemies and narrow-minded people want to influence you but only with negative and bad influence;
  • Competition if be jealous of beloved one – You are jealous of your lover in the dream then this means that you seek to eliminate a rival or unpleasant persons;
  • Fake happiness if a woman is jealous of her husband – Such a dream marks that you will experience many uncertainties and your happiness will turn out to be only a mirage;
  • Unpleasant time if men and women jealous of each other – The dream announces that they will experience unpleasant situations and events everyday matters.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Fool if show jealousy – You show jealousy in your dream then this dream marks that you are foolish and too proud person.

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