Jesus Christ dream meanings


Higher consciousness; redemption.


Which part of me is closer to God?

General Meanings:

Trust in God and do not lose the faith Christ can symbolize the relation with the belief for religious people, this can show clearly both strength and doubt of belief, that depends on the circumstances. Mostly he embodies own personality with all his possibilities, the ideal of himself to fulfill the spiritually and emotionally people who strive for more and more perfection. In this case the symbol often contains invitation to endeavor better self-knowledge, to mature and unfold individually and personally. In this way Christ can also become the teacher and the counselor. Sometimes he is known as an invitation not to lose the belief in yourself and to trust in God or a favorable fate.

Psychological Meanings:

Loss of inner balance Dreams with religious significance occur relatively frequently in our time, where faith occurs more and more in the background – most often for people who are in the second half of life. The dream wants to indicate that the dreamer should deal with the question about the meaning of life. Such dreams can often be interpreted as a loss of inner balance.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Prosperity and growth if an apostle, prophet or saint speaks – In the dream an apostle, prophet or saint talks to you, you will grow in your faith and thrive in your profession;
  • Fulfillment of wishes if worship an image of our crucified Lord Jesus Christ, kiss it – You will find joy and fulfillment of your request.
  • Comfort if see images of the cross – This dream promises you consolation for grief or anxiety and you will get help from good friends;
  • Happiness and faith if pray to him – In the dream you pray to the Christ this announces that you will experience a feeling of great pleasure and happiness and strength in faith;
  • Pleasure if hear or see speaking about him – When you hear or see people talking about Christ, this marks that you will have happy satisfaction and enjoyment;
  • Need for changes if be intended to martyrdom – This dream shows that your soul is plagued by grief and distress, but you feel great desire for change. Also this marks that you are ready to start this
  • Luck if praising to God – In the dream you are praising this signifies that you will have happiness and blessings at all times;
  • Luck if see a child who worship – In the dream you see a child who worship the Christ and he learn it from the parents, means a long peaceful period full of prosperity, wisdom, much joy and satisfaction;
  • Reward if expelling from temple – Expelling the merchants from the temple in your dream, this shows that bad enemies will be defeated and your honest efforts will be rewarded;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Generally the Christ – The feeling of satisfaction comes over you, but you must not lose your faith.

  • Good Sign If look at him – If somebody looks at our Lord and God Jesus Christ in the dream and recognizes that he is really the Christ, he will gain the salvation of his soul, earthly wealth and a huge victory;
  • Bless and help from others if speak – If he speaks with the Lord, he retains all the words that he had heard from him, without any doubt in his heart. He is blessed who looks at such a face, also this says that you will meet with your patrons which will help you;
  • Wealth for your heirs if see in an unknown house – In the dream you see the Christ in an unknown house, this announces that your successors will attain dignities and offices and wealth in abundance.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Joy if see – In the dream you see The Jesus Christ will bring you feelings of great pleasure and happiness;
  • Happiness if hear – You are dreaming that you hear him speaking, this announces happiness, positive or pleasant emotions;
  • Disaster if on the cross – When you see him on the cross in your dream, this is a warning about upcoming mischief, damage.

* Please, see meaning of religious paintings, old people.

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  1. I dreamed about Jesus, In the board there are 4 pictures of him and 2 of ’em is where I can’t forget, it’s Jesus crucified on the cross and there are small round yellow lights flowing into his hands and the other picture, he’s praying in Gethsemane and the other 2 pictures I forgot. It’s an animation although I already graduated, in my dream I still study in college and we are told to make an animation of it.
    It’s just yesterday after the Feast of Divine Mercy which I wasn’t able to attend intentionally due to flu.

  2. i was dreaming of Jesus.. he was with me in a church.. and then he told me ”you have your own decision” and i touched his hand. i spoke into his heart ..i said ..yes Lord God……

  3. What does it mean when you dream that you are walking with Jesus Christ, it was in beautiful color I could see his white rob and red shaw, we were walking in the air looking down at the city below, it was such a beautiful calm feeling… I realized I was walking in the air with him up high but I wasn’t scared i falt wonderful and peaceful. Than I wake up. What does it mean?

  4. I had a dream. Jesus was coming from sky, very huge and was flying on the cross and looked at me and pointed at me with his finger. He was not stuck on the cross, was using the cross as mean to fly. what is this mean?

    Best regards

  5. I just wanted to share about my dream of Jesus. I wanted to know what it means since this is the first time I’ve seen Him in my dream. In my dream, I first seen Him as a child, laughing to someone. And after His Adult image talking to somebody. I did not had the hear what He was saying because I focused my self just staring on His face. In my dream, I was amazed how He look like. I wanted to know if that dream means something

  6. Last night I saw Jesus speaking to me. The dream was so real. The clouds first opened up and reflecting different colors, the suddenly there was a bright flash of light appearing to me it was coming closer and closer. On the sides was a sound of a choir singing hallelujah. He spoke and put out his hands and said come to me my child, I have been waiting for you. I then said I’m coming. He proceeded to put steps of clouds for me and everytime I stepped felt like I was floating. It was the most amazing feeling, I woke up happy with a smile of disbelieve. The lord is here call on his name ask him to come to you and he will. All we need to do is just have faith and believe all things are possible.

  7. I was born in a Muslim family and grow up in Athiest country Albania. I was only 24 years old when I escaped from communist regime to the neighbor country, it was my very fist time I saw a church and religious pictures, I got drown in to them, did not know anything about religious because growing up it was forbiten to talk about it or worship, if you got caught you would been prosecuted. Any way on March 21, 1991 I come to USA, on December 8, 1991 my husband and I we decided to get married in church, because we felt we grow empty of faith. So out of the curiasety we decided to get married in a local Albanian/American church. On December 9th I saw God and Jesus in my dream, I can’t find word to explain my feelings. Since than I can say that I have seen in my dream containing seeing Jesus, John the Baptist, Angels, flod and my self rising, flying, I have many time taking to God, I’m not a Christian freak and I’m not religious, but I have close relationship with God! I do believe in evolution and we are living in revelation. I can say and that there is a creator, Mighty God, and Jesus is son of God, he is coming soon. I don’t have home church, but don’t mean my faith is weak, if I read or heard all this 25 years ago, I would say yah right! Because as I said I was nonbeliever ans skeptical seeing is believing so I have to believe, God showed him self , his son, apostasy angels for a reason to me . I really like to know what excacly all the dreams I have seen ans still see mean? I like to talk to some one who have more knowledge about my experience!

  8. I dreamt of Christ Jesus last March.
    .y husband and I were in the church..
    There was a female pastor speaking in the midst of stage..
    She told us, “Read this words and God will come “, we read it.. After that, she begun to,cry… My husband asked her, “is he here?”
    She joyfully said, “Yes”, with tears of joy..
    THEN, I begun to look everywhere and asked myself, “Where is he?”. Suddenly, a man was standing on my right side wearing white and his sandals.. I looked at him and he in return was gazing at me with open eyes.. I said, Jesus!
    I then lost consciousness in the dream, my husband says,”Oh, she can see Jesus!”… and I woke up….:)

  9. Hello! last I dreamed that I was praying to Sacred Heart of Jesus in my bedroom Jesus he smiled to me, surrounded with peace and calmness. and , I, did not smiled back , instead I was worry that baby Jesus was not around. I kind have an idea of what the massage is. I did some research.
    faith peace and harmony to all.

  10. I dreamt of Jesus and I was surprised because when I woke up, it’s father’s day! And I just cried and finally I was able to experience Father’s day with a father

  11. I dreamed christ coming towards me but like him floating with his arms extended out towards me. Like to come to him, I wasn’t scared just felt at ease. I figure it’s because I haven’t gone to church for quit some time now and feel lonely like missing something in my life spiritually.

  12. On easter evening. .I went to bed early…It was moon eclipse (blood moon) that night and I had just seen the beautiful moon in the sky . I went to sleep pretty fast and then I suddenly woke up with what I saw in my dream. .I saw the face of jesus christ in the full moon and he was looking at me with a little smile on his face ..He looked so peaceful and calm wearing a light blue robe …I woke up feeling amazed and a bit scared. .I really didn’t under stand the meaning of this dream. ..I am a Hindu and I did my schooling in a Catholic school ..hence I always had faith in Lord jesus since childhood. ..can someone tell me the relevance of the blood moon…easter and me seeing jusus in the moon smiling at me.

  13. I had dream for the third time I saw and talk to Jesus Christ.but this time last night I saw him nail on the cross and he has put in the tomb.This is exactly the same face of Jesus Christ on the holy shroud in Turin. I don’t know what I s this happening to me.

  14. 2 yrs ago my dad was diagnosed with a bad liver. 1 and a half year ago I saw a dream wherein my dad’s health was very deteriorated and I knelt and prayed 2 Jesus Christ to heal my dad. I saw Jesus Christ crucified on the cross and He was asking Abba Father to heal my dad. I believe it as a sign that a miracle will become in my dad’s life..

  15. I had a dream of Jesus with God, there was a group of Korean people then I joined them, and there was a child I made her sit on my lap, and the Old Lady speaks Trust in Jesus Christ, he is real, He helped me. And a super bright from the sky comes up, then I saw God and Jesus Christ, wearing all white, they were so bright like they were in the center of the Sun, I can only see their image but the face wasn’t clear, and then I prayed “please give me strength to become an instrument in this World, and told him not to get me this time”. And there was a door closes and the light vanished.

  16. I had a dream where I saw a little boy sitting in my chair and I got up out of my bed and looked at him and the little boy told me that Jesus was right behind me, and I turned around and looked at Jesus and dropped to my knee’s and said “Please forgive me for every thing and that I love him” and I heard a very beautiful voice from Jesus but I don’t remember what he said.

    • I had this Dream about a year ago and I wanted to share my dream with you guys, and today while I was praying to Jesus and God, and out of no where I started to cry. Praise the Lord! Amen 🙂

  17. I had a dream that I was traveling somewhere with my sister and a friend and all of a sudden jesus christ and a saint dressed in yellow appeared very tall and bright and I was so surprised and asked my sister if she also seen them she said yes and I felt relief and happiness then he reappeared at a distance smiling at me and his smile was so beautiful and he was very very tall.
    Lately I have been really depressed and confused about my relationship and yesterday I was telling God why can’t I find happiness and catch a break that all my life I’ve always gone through things and I’m tired of feeling this way so does anyone know what my dream might mean??

  18. I’ve had 2 dreams about Jesus in a week! He was extremley tall, over 8 feet. was wearing bright white, and was walking with me in Heaven. First dream, I asked him if I was going to win the lotto. he said no. so before he sent me back, i touched his back, and he smiled at me.

    Last night, I was walking with Jesus. He asked me if I think I was going to Heaven? I said I don’t know? But I do follow the 10 commandments! He smiled at me and I woke up.

    • The only way to get into Heaven is to Accept Jesus Christ into your heart. Good works and following the Commandments alone cannot get you into heaven. Search on Google the sinners prayer and it’ll show you exactly what to say to accept Him into your heart.

  19. i had a dream i could not really remember at first i was half asleep n remeberd seein jesus then b4 i woke up im not sure were i was . i was around sum place it was night time n i saw jesus’s face just lookin at me i saw just his face bigish in the sky with a circle aroud his head it was moving and had symbolys in it not sure what they were im sure they were zodiac signs i carnt remeber proply now the coulor of the circle it was iver yellow orange or red or cream coulour i rememberd it all when i woke up but its slowly fadein away .i can remeber his face n he looks qwite like the pic i saw on google but abit diff he didnt speak or even blink . a wile ago i had a dream that the world ends and i saw the devil flyin in front of the moon he was black dragon type human flyin monster and i had 1 were the world ends n the sky was all fire n the hole earth was fire n saw world war planes crashin and stuff. what does this stuff mean

  20. LASTNIGHT I HAD THE MOST BEUTIFUL \ SCARY DREAM, I was in a house, very unknown to me but it felt like it was mine, all these bad things starting happening in the house and I remember my family being their and next minute my baby was at the window and Ivcouldn’t get into help her or get her outta the house, I’m not sure if I prayed or not but I remember looking down a cliff and seeing a blue stream of light coming up towards me and then a big Glen seeing jJesus with his hands up in the air, glare of light beamed into the house, cannot rememberiIG he said anything to me, just felt relief and so safe again, and then being able to go back in this house without every corner being dark amd scary, instead felt happy and a light relief in this house, but had a thought stuck in my head, not sure weather or not it did come from him, but it was ” if ever in four or scared just pray to lord Jesus Christ”.. I don’t know what this means but it felt so real I work up and thanked him for visiting me and saving me and my family and went back to sleep..was the most amazing feeling in the world.. Could someone please explain this to me.. I have no four in my faith now yo believe in him with everything I got heart and soul..

  21. Last week i dreamt that i woke up to someone who is knocking at my bedroom door then i removed the sheets and was stepping on the floor to go open the door it suddenly opened and i saw jesus smiling at me and he was wearing white and it was sooo bright

  22. I had a dream of Jesus, a few months ago. I was sitting by a huge tree surrounded by water. I remember looking at an old boat, the boat was big made of wood. In my dream I saw Jesus come from the sky onto the boat. I was scared but could not take my eyes off of him. As I peaked from behind the tree, Jesus spoke to me and had a beautiful smile. I recieved a sence of calmness as he spoke to me, not to be afraid, Jesus asked me to come closer. I took a knee when I came to his feet, i still find myself thinking about the words he spoke to me, “You are an apostle.” With that he ascended back into the blue sky.

  23. I saw The Lord Jesus Christ in a dream. Before I had a dream I asked him while I prayed if the r.f.i.d chip was real n that he will show me himself. I had a dream that started with Obama was say to me that I would die if i didn’t take it that he would kill me. While he was saying it he was not speaking to me threw his mouth he was speaking threw his mind I was really scared. Also he was in a purple cape. Than my dream skipped to a other. It was Jesus but he was pale white with black hair. Black clothes, and standing stiff as a stick. He didn’t say anything. Than to my right their stood Jesus Christ himself and he was color ful and beautiful n loving. He said don’t be sacred I’ll feel no pain than I woke up. The time when I woke up was 3:33am. Please send me a email letting me know how you feel bout my dream. Thank you Jesus Christ my only father.

  24. My boyfriend had a dream of Jesus is telling him to walk out my life and stop disturbing me. Our Lady or Shrine also and said the same thing. They told him that our marriage is impossible. I really love him and want him in my life. what shall i do and does all this meaning. And in the dream our lord told him to fast for 148 days.

    i really need some advise i really praying that god will bless both us with happy.