Joker’s hat dream meanings

General Meanings:

In General the hat of Jester/Joker warns you to be careful, otherwise you will make yourself look like a fool, especially in the relationship you are at the moment.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Will fall in love soon if see the Joker’s hat – to dream that you see the hat of the Joker/Jester signifies the deep feeling you will have to someone very soon;
  • Will stay the leader is see others wearing the hat – such dream shows that you are going to be the winner in all aspects of your life;
  • Will make a fool of yourself if wearing Joker’s hat – to be the one who is wearing the hat of the Joker denotes to uncomfortable situation you will put yourself into.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of joker, jester.

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