Judgment dream meanings

General Meanings:

A dream of judgment marks your own opinion in an important affair. Your conscious is ready to show your own sense of justice.

Psychological Meanings:

Judgment often indicates that you have to compensate for conflicting parts of your personality in order to relax. Also, it can urge everybody not to condemn, but to seek a reconciliation that is fair for all involved parties. If you yourself take back your decision, then this warns frequently about mistakes which can have difficult consequences.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Traveling if dream of judgment -To have an explanation with yourself or the environment, depending on who is a judge or defendant, this dream announces that you will have a hasty preparations for a journey, causes by the luck of a friend;
  • Wrong attitude if make a decision for judgment – You make a decision in the dream, you are wrong in some situations in your life and the other is right;
  • Impatient days if get a judgment – You are dreaming that you get a judgment tells about restless days because of an uncertainty in your life;
  • Learn to deal with worries if hear a judgment – You hear a judgment in the dream, you have to learn to master some trouble and you have to deal with some inconveniences;
  • Be righteous if hear reading judgment – In the dream you hear the reading judgment, then this dream is a sign that you should not do injustice to anybody;
  • Damaged reputation if hear the judgment to death or life imprisonment – Such a dream signifies that you will be involved in a little bit dubious affairs and this costs your good reputation.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Warning if hear a judgement – When you hear a judgement in your dream, then you have to be attentive to avoid damage;
  • Don’t be rude if make a judgement – In the dream you make a judgement this means that you are quarrelsome person and people make lots of mistakes because of stress;
  • Bad company if reading a judgement – You are dreaming that you are reading a judgement the dream is a warning that you have to watch out of bad company.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Attention if be sentenced – In the dream you are sentenced then in the near future you should be very careful because people are staying close to you, may inflict considerable damage;
  • Bad people around if make a judgement – You made on someone a judgment in the dream you want to get rid of annoying people, you do not feel certain grown of competitors.

* Please, see meaning of court, judge.

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