Jungle (Old-growth forest) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Expression of feelings In the dream the jungle is a picture which comes with mysticism from the fairy tales. Frequently, the jungle in the dream symbolizes the chaos. This may be perceived as positive or negative, everything depends on the circumstances in the dream. It presents the outbursts of basic needs and feelings that come from the unconscious.

New life or new experiences In mythology the jungle embodies a barrier through which you must go, in order to attain a new existence and to gain a new life. A magic forest is also has similar meaning. According to ancient Indian dream interpretation, the dream symbol of jungle announces that worries and disappointments are coming to you.

Psychological Meanings:

The jungle is a very ambiguous dream symbol. On the one hand it embodies the animal instincts, unreliability, the spontaneity and the egoism of the dreamer, on the other side is it also a mark for adaptability and vitality. In the dream, the jungle ground is very swampy and full of worms, snakes and insects, the dream meaning becomes a little bit more negative.

  • If the dreamer has an ability to make a way wider to go through the jungle or it becomes brighter, then this indicates the effort to become more disciplined and responsible.
  • If the dreamer is trapped in the jungle, this means that negative and frightening emotions come from the unconscious and he has to pure them in order to find out what cause them.
  • If the dreamer understood that he has come through the jungle, this refers to the fact, that he has overcome barriers and worries in his life, which he has not noticed earlier because of fear.

Spiritual Meanings:

A jungle can symbolize spiritual chaos because of his unpredictability.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fight if be in the jungle – You are in the jungle in your dream, then this dream denotes that the life resembles a chaos and, therefore, you must fight difficult battles in order to make your life better;
  • Fear to fail if enter into jungles – In the dream you enter into the jungle, then this dream signifies that started something new for you and you are afraid that you may not solve all the challenges.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Some worries if live in the jungle – You are dreaming that you have to stay and live in the jungle, this marks that you will have bitter days and some worries in near future.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness if find the way out of jungle – in the dream you have found the way out of the jungle, then this is a very positive meaning. This indicates that you have overcome all the barriers in your life and now you can enjoy your life without worries.

* Please, see meaning of tree, predator, forest.

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