Kiss / Kissing dream meanings


Welcoming, intimacy, privacy, affection, love, relationships.


With who I want to get closer?

General Meanings:

In General the kissing is presented as the action of tenderness, sign of love and affection. Those who have dreams about kisses usually are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it:

Kissing a certain person
The dream in which you kiss a particular person shows your relationships and feelings to that person. Sometimes when we longing for some person or feel deeply and emotionally attached to him we dream of kissing that person. The dream could also show the sexual affection towards the person you’ve kissed

Kissing the hands
Since the ancient times the hands were the symbol of the tool which helps to provide the food and take care of those you love. Not only in dreams, but in reality also the kissing of the hands show the respect for the person that the hands been kissed you have. Sometimes the other people kiss your hands which shows the appreciation they have to you. Consider who was kissing your hands and you will be able to thank that person in reality.

Others kissing
To witness other people kissing shows the longing for love the dreamer suffers. Such dream is quite depressing, because of the inability to be the one that is kissed. Consider of what is missing in your life, try to fill that gap not necessarily with love, but with something you really like to do.

Kissing old people
To kiss people that are old in reality shows the respect, however in dreams it has a negative meaning. According to the explanation of such dream it shows the disappointments the dreamer will suffer. There is a possibility of the loss for those you’ve known for a long time, because when the dreamer kiss the old people it shows the farewell with something that no longer will exist. Do not worry, as sometimes the end of something is the beginning of something new, maybe even better.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level the kiss is the part of communication with other people. For example in France it is very common to kiss people who are not necessary your lovers, but friends too. The kiss that is used on your partner and friends are completely different.
The kiss on the lips usually shows the affection to that particular person you’ve been kissing.Very often the kiss is interpreted as the part of spiritual communication. The agreement that was made can also be secured with a kiss.
The kiss that was made with the tongue is more related to sexual needs and desires. These kind of dreams shows the erotic aspects of your personality. The tongue-kiss or French kiss is usually the part of the beginning of sexual intercourse, when the partners start by kissing each other, then kissing and in the end of it making love. Alternatively, the dream in which the dreamer was tongue kissing the other one may indicate his desire to reach out the ideas or the attention of that certain person. Sometimes in reality we feel like we’re not listened or understood properly, therefore by kissing the other one we feel the attention and the connection we were aiming for.
Consider, what is missing in your life. Maybe you are looking for romance or just simply longing to share your life with somebody else.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the kiss is the symbol of love, friendship, relationship, duality, tenderness and respect. The kiss also have the religious meaning depending on the religion, which usually symbolizes spiritual blessing.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Falseness if kissed without permission – to dream that you were kissed by someone, but without asking for it, shows the untrue and false friends you have;
  • Decadence if had prohibited kiss – if the dreamer kissed someone or been kissed by someone that is forbidden to kiss, then such dream signifies inappropriate actions you will do or denotes to personal downfall;
  • Respect if received the kiss – to dream that you received the kiss by someone and it felt pleasurable, shows the devotion and respect that person has to you;
  • Respect if kissing the hand – if someone kissed your hand or you kissed someone;s hand, such dream shows admiration and respects towards the person whose hand been kissed;
  • Humiliation if kissing the foot – if you kissed someone’s foot or somebody kissed yours, such dream refers to indignity towards the one that was kissing the foot;
  • Friendship if kissing the cheek – the kiss on the cheek symbolizes the honest relationships between those who were having a kiss;
  • Jealousy if kiss friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend – the dream of kissing someone that does not belong to you, but is in relationship to another person and is forbidden to kiss, shows the longing for love or envy towards relationships between other people;
  • Memories if kissing your ex boyfriend/girlfriend – in the dream which you were kissing your ex girlfriend or boyfriend shows the memories you are having. Those memories could be either good, either bad ones, depending on your past relationships. The dream suggest you to look into your past and learn from it, instead of receiving negative aspects of it;
  • Respect if kissed the friend – to dream of kissing the friend, denotes to adoration and love you have towards that particular person you were kissing in your dream. The dream could also show your hidden romantic feelings to this friend;
  • Acceptance of suppressed aspects of your personality if kissed the stranger – such dream denotes to the final realization of who you are. Consider, that if you were kissed by the stranger, then such dream shows the new aspects in your personality you found you have;
  • The desire to be the best if kissing the popular person/celebrity – if you were kissing the person that is known by mostly people and he/she is actor, singer, comedian or any other celebrity, then it means that you are willing to be successful in your life. You’ve got the drive to go forward in life and take as much as it possible out of it;
  • Danger if kissing in the dark – the dream in which you were kissing someone in the darkness, suggest to be careful, because the dangerous situations will be lurking for you;
  • Sadness if others are kissing – to see other people kissing brings the longing and sadness in your life. The dream shows you’re in depressed mood while looking at other being happy;
  • Longing for tenderness if kiss the mother – the kiss that was received or given by the mother, shows the tenderness you are missing;
  • Joy if kissing brother or sister – in the dream in which you kiss your relatives such as brothers or sisters, shows happiness in your life;
  • Fear of losing the respect if boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife kissing the other person – the dream in which your partner kiss another person, shows your fear or losing that person or the respect he/ she has for you;
  • Disappointments if kiss the old person – to dream that you were kissing the old person or received the kiss from him, shows the frustration you will suffer. Alternatively, the dream might show the respect towards the old person;
  • Happiness if kissing the face – the dream in which the whole face was kissed, brings happiness in all aspects of your life;
  • Melancholy if do not like the kiss – to dream that you do not want to kiss the person you love, shows the anger towards that person or sadness you are suffering;
  • Many descendants if kissing the dead person – the dream in which you’ve kissed the person that is already dead, denotes to children you might have;
  • Evil if kissing the married person – if you kissed someone that is married, then such dream shows the negativity and badness that lies in you. Make sure you get rid of the negative aspects that you have in your personality;
  • Happy marriage if kissing the bride – to dream that you’ve kissed the bride, symbolizes your own happy marriage no matter if you are already married or will be in the future;
  • Humiliation if kiss the ground/earth – the dream in which you kissed the ground suggest you to look after by whom you are surrounded by, because there is a possibility you will get humiliated by those people;
  • Piety if kissing the cross – to dream that you were kissing the cross, shows your devotion and love towards God. You are the person who believes that goodness brings the happiness in life;
  • Happiness in family life if kissing the children – to dream that you were kissing kids, shows the happy and joyful family life;
  • Unhappiness if young woman kiss the forehead of her lover – the person that has been kissed by the young women on his forehead is unhappy with this woman. There is no passion between these two.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Falseness if kissing your own hands – to dream that you were kissing the hands of your own, shows the untrue friends you are surrounded by;
  • Surveillance if kissing the neck – to kiss the neck in the dream, shows the care you have to somebody or receiving it out from someone;
  • Love if kissing someone passionately – if you’ve kissed someone with love and passion, then such dream shows that you have very strong feelings to that certain person. Maybe you feel irresistible desire to make love to that person or simply love him deeply;
  • Great perspectives if kissing someone’s hands – to dream that you were kissing the hands of someone, means the opportunities you will have, which will bring great profits;
  • Goodness if kissing the dead person you know – to dream of kissing the person that is dead and you know him as the one who already passed away, symbolizes the good you will receive from this person’s soul;
  • Humiliation if kiss the ground/earth – the dream in which you kissed the ground suggest you to look after by whom you are surrounded by, because there is a possibility you will get humiliated by those people;
  • Piety if kissing the cross – to dream that you were kissing the cross, shows your devotion and love towards God. You are the person who believes that goodness brings the happiness in life;
  • Happiness in family life if kissing the children – to dream that you were kissing kids, shows the happy and joyful family life;
  • Will celebrate the wedding if kissing girls – to dream that you were kissing many pretty girls, symbolizes the marriage of someone you will celebrate. There is going to be a big party;
  • Melancholy if does not like the kissing – to dream that you do not want to kiss the person you love, shows the anger towards that person or sadness you are suffering;
  • Evil if kissing the married person – if you kissed someone that is married, then such dream shows the negativity and badness that lies in you. Make sure you get rid of the negative aspects that you have in your personality.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Will gain the profit if kissing your wife – to dream that you kissed your wife, denotes to the richness you will obtain;
  • Will obtain the benefits from someone if been kissed by the dead person – to see yourself kissing the dead person, suggests that you will receive richness from unknown source;
  • Will get married if kissed the unknown female – to dream that you kissed the woman you do not know, symbolizes the marriage you will have soon;
  • Death if sick person kisses the dead person – to be kissed by the person who is dead for the man who is ill, announces the death of his own;
  • Will go to Mecca if kissed the hand of God – the dreamer that has kissed the hand of the God soon will start his journey into Mecca;
  • Marriage if the man kissed the other man’s eyes – the one who has such dream will get married with the blessing of his family;
  • Will receive some money if kissed the beloved one on the cheek – to kiss the one you love on the cheek, brings the luck with the money.

Artemidorus Meanings:

According to Artemidorus kissing is the pleasant gesture which sometimes is followed by nice words and actions. The positive omens come only when the dreamer is kissing those he likes and loves, otherwise the dream can have a negative meaning. If the enemy has kissed you, prepare yourself for the lost of the battle. Alternatively, there is a possibility to become even and reach the peace with the ones the dreamer was fighting with.

* Please, see meaning of cannibalism, lips, mouth, sexuality, tongue.

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  1. My heart is in another country for someone else but I met another person who makes me feel all light up. I had sex with them twice.
    We don’t kiss often. But in this dream it was a deep tongue kiss…I am not sure what to do in terms of who will marry?

  2. I dream that I’m in my room with my friend in my couch then we talked about her ex like that then I said “Let him die! He’s not the one for you” then she smiled ang laugh at me then she hold my face and kiss my chin, my cheek, my forehead and my lips! I didn’t reacted! I just sit still then she said “I dare you that do what I did” then I did it?! I don’t know why? Then I kiss her in the chin then in the cheek then in the forehead then in her lips! But I’m enjoying it?! What the heck happened to me?! After I done kissing her she kissed me back! I really half enjoying it and half uncomfortable disgust in my dream then I woke up and last thing I’M A GIRL!!! AND I’M KISSING A GIRL!!! MY FRIEND WHO IS A GIRL?!! (Caps lock to be intense) I don’t have feelings for her or anything she is just my friend and its so weird.

  3. I had a dream that I was on my local bus with 2 of my best friends, but I was sitting at the very back and they were sitting at the very front. Then we stopped at a stop that I drive past everyday on that bus and his boy came on. Now, I didn’t know him in person but I knew he went to a school near to mine, also I follow him on instagram (in real life) and I’ve never spoke to him before. So he came and sat next to me and greeted me with a friendly hello. So we were talking a bit and stuff and then we got to my stop. I told him that I had to get off and he kissed me rough. So I got off the bus and went home. (Btw the home in my dream was nothing like my house in reality, neither was the area I stayed). So then the next morning I was having a shower and I got out and got ready and went to my living room, then I heard a knock at the door so I opened it, it was the same same guy on the bus, and he had flowers and chocolates. I can’t remember what happened after that but I am so confused!

  4. I dreamt that I was walking with somebody and they stopped me and kissed me and somebody took a video and put it on snapchat and I went to tell my best friend about it before she sees it on snapchat but I woke up before I finished the dream

    • Your dream is similar to mine! I dreamt that I was having my Chemistry class and my crush was asking me something and suddenly he kissed me, and someone had my phone and took video of it on my Snapchat account and uploaded it, I was going to delete it but it was too late many people saw it

  5. I had a weird dream , it’s weird because I’m not attracted to this person at all .
    She is one of my friends ( we aren’t that close) , the dream was that we wore in a little town down the road from her house and we wore walking around , we then went to the park next to it , she started to hold my hand and I taught it was weird but she said her hands wore just cold so I let her , then we got to a waterfall and she stoped and looked at me , I looked at her and she kissed me .( it was just a peck on he lips)
    It was so weird I didn’t enjoy it , we walked to like this shelter thing and she kept kissing me .( still just pecks on the lips )
    I woke up then , could someone please help me understand my dream ( I think I might be bi also as I have mixed feelings , I haven’t told anyone )

  6. I don’t remember much of my dream but it started out at a house. There was a boy, that i remember seeing before, there, I was doing hw and we kept glancing at each other and smiling. So later on, we were talking to each other, having a good time and smiling a lot at each oeach. I don’t remember what else happen after that but one of us had to leave, and he kissed me on the lips. Then it was the next day, I was with my friends and I saw him, but he was with another girl and they were being really flirty with each other. He notice me but act like nothing happened between us, so I try acting cool but it really hurt me. So I walked away with one of my friends and he started to go after me, but I woke up right before he can talk yo me. Does this mean anything?

  7. I had a dream that i went on a trip with my husband, my female crush and her co worker. They had a room together and obviously my husband and i shared one. She would come into our room, with her co worker and i was only in a swearshirt and panties in my bed. I was trying to convince her to cuddle with me and when she would, i told her but im just wearing panties and she would change her mind. I finally got her to cuddle with me without letting her know that i was only in my panties. She cuddled and kissed me all over my face except my lips, while i was touching her hair. The dream ends there. During the entire dream, my husband and her co worker were not even phased by what was going on, just there. I just wanna know what this means.

  8. Help please? I was just wondering. I dreamt of kissing someone. Well, we are kissing each other. The thing is I know him, but we’re not close. He also live in our village. What does that mean? Is it bad?

  9. Well I had a pretty vivid dream a couple of weeks ago. So it all started out with me being in some type of cafeteria. I noticed a curly haired guy staring at me and listening to every word I said deeply. Like he was deeply fascinated in what I said. He was in the front row, then he came to sit closer to me. But there was one person in between us. His body was facing my way. And he wore glasses, tanned skin, and he had curly hair. So fast forward into the dream, I’m in this brightly oranged color bed room, it was beach themed. Like a surfer’ s room. The same guy was holding me on his lap while kissing me passionately. He didn’t have glasses anymore but I knew it was still him. It was the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. And the best dream I’ve had yet. After I woke up it was extremely bright. I mean to the point I couldn’t hardly see anything but a white light. I really do want to know who he is and how I’m able to dream of him again. I really do hope I meet him in the future as well. Please tell me what this means!

  10. I had a dream and I was standing in front of a boy, then we both leaned in and kissed eachother. It wasn’t aggressive or anywhere at was just really soft, sweet, and passionate. The problem was the room I was in was pitch black, I couldn’t even see the boys face. Please tell me what this means!

  11. In Proverbs 24,26 the Bible says : ” a right answer is like a kiss”.
    I experienced often that i dreamed of people kissing me or i kissed them and it was always a good counsel in a difficult situation i received or i could give to others .

  12. I had a dream last night were I was back stage.. I was with this boy who I have only known for 6 months.. We were talking then he held my hand and kissed me on the lips.. It felt amazing.. Then I said I had to go so he said no don’t go, come back to mine.. So I did and we slept together.. I was in love!!.. Then I woke up.. Please tell me what this means !!

  13. Please interpret my dream by replying or email it to me. I really need it. Here it goess…

    I dreamt that I was in a classroom together with my close friend whom I can not remember. There is the guy I trust and is a friend too, he was sitting atop the teacher’s table. Suddenly, his bestfriend walks in the room greeted him hello. (In reality I really like his bestfriend, he knows me but we’re not close)
    My guy friend called his bestfriend and told him to kiss me. At first the bestfriend was silent then smiled and called for me. I walked up to him and then we were about 3 ft away from each other when he smirked and told me we’d kiss. We both initiated a kiss but our lips parted as soon as I’ve uttered that I do not know how to kiss. He just giggled at me and I told him that we would do it again. So, we kissed and the feeling was so overwhelmingly amazing. Our lips parted but then he smiled and hold my face then told me that we would definitely do it again because it felt so satisfying. We passionately kissed each other. We were french kissing we both knew that but I did not see any tongue though I can feel it. We parted our lips then he told me that the kiss was special and great. The whole time we were kissing his bestfriend whom I told you earlier as my guy friend was watching.
    I do not know what these all means. It would really help me if you would interpret my dream. Please. Thank you

  14. I had a dream last night, and it’s sort of a continuation of some other dreams I’ve had. In the previous dreams I was in the park with my friend who I’m not particularly close to but we can have fun together all the same. I can’t remember how it happened but we ended up talking to two guys and we wandered around with them. I remember ecstatic because they were both gorgeous AND they were taller than me (I’m a 5ft11 girl). That’s all I can remember from previous dreams.
    So, here’s my dream from last night:
    I was with a group of friends in the park and we were going to head down to the lake but my friend from my previous dream pulled me towards the small hill where we met the boys at saying “Come on, let’s see if they’re there”. I felt doubtful that they would be there on today of all days – although the weather was lovely – but let her take me anyway. We got to the top and looked around (the hill was really big and flat on top, it’s about the size of four football pitches and the playground part of the park is located there) and I was ready to give up and return to rest of the group when suddenly my friend pulled me excitedly saying she’d spotted them. and there they were, playing golf somehow close to the trees.
    They greeted us when we came over then my friend whispered “I’m taking this one, you have some alone time” and pushed me softly towards one of the boys. We leaned against the trees in an almost awkward silence for a few seconds before I spoke up. I can’t recall our conversation, but the tension eased up and we laughed a lot.
    Jayce raised his hands to show something and I noticed his hands were covered with some food he’d been eating before we came over. I asked him jokingly how hold he was, getting food all over himself, and he responded with “Not old, young” with a cheeky smile.
    I said, “okay, so how young are you?”
    “Young enough to do this” he said as he wiped his hands all over my face. He laughed and I shrieked and hit him softly on the shoulder, telling him to clean me up “right now this second”.
    After a while he relented and still laughing he went to scoop the food of my cheeks, but I pushed him away, laughed and said “not with your hands! you’ll get even more on my face”
    He looked confused for a second before smiling and saying “okay, I’ll do this”
    He then proceeded to slowly inch towards my face before licking the food off. I yelped and was met with a mischievous smirk and “what? you told me not to use my hands and we don’t want this delicious food to go to waste, do we?”. He carried on; licking my face then leaving little kisses everywhere he licked. At one point he kissed the corner of my mouth. Jayce pulled back, looked at me, then kissed me softly. Then again. And again, a little longer this time. I responded and I’d never felt so happy. His lips were so soft and the moment was perfect. There wasn’t any tongue, it was so innocent and sweet and pure. I could feel my heart pounding dangerously fast.
    He pulled back and tilted his head to the side a little; his hand covering his face. I could see he was blushing a little bit and I couldn’t help thinking how cute he looked. I was so happy my first kiss went to him.
    He looked back at me and smiled giving me another kiss on my cheek before taking my hand.
    I don’t know what happened between then and what happened next, but it was a couple months later and I somehow ended up in my football kit, and we were winning the match. I was playing with my friends from the beginning of my dream – we do pretty much everything together including sports. I’m not sure how it happened but I got injured and Jayce came dashing onto the pitch, picked me up bridal style and carried me to the infirmary. I fell asleep in his arms and when I woke up the nurse there had bandaged me up and she told me I had a slight concussion. She left and Jayce sat beside me holding my hand and stroking it with his thumb. He told me not to worry him like that before making a joke. I can’t remember anything after that, and I woke up soon after. I didn’t realise it was a dream until about 20 minutes later. I was, as could be expected, heartbroken.
    Sorry for the unbelievably long comment. I just needed to write it down before I forgot it, the amount of dreams I’ve had that were so good but I can’t remember is unreal. I hope I have another continuation of this dream, I’ve never woken up so happy before. 🙂

  15. Hello

    I dreamt that I was in room with this (unfamiliar/ unknown) guy, but my feelings that I’m getting in myself (on my dream) is that I know that person and I think maybe he is my boyfriend or husband or we’re in a stable relationship on that dream (but it seems kinda weird because in reality, I’m single) and then he came and hug me, I remember that we’re talking and he is staring with me with full of love, that look in his eyes are full of love (I remember the feeling that I’m so happy and that I love also love him and I’m staring right into his eye, but I can’t remember his eye when I woke up though) and then he gets up and I was so disappointed and scared (like something’s gonna happen to him if he leaves the room) and I think I remember something like asking him if he really needs to go? And then he tells and assures that he will go back, and that’s the time that I woke up. Arghhhh that the first and last time after how many years that I again remembered my dream so clearly even the feelings that I have on that dream except that I can’t even remember the guys face 🙁
    Can someone help me interpret this for me please 🙁

  16. Last night I dreamed about four guys I know kissed me for some reasons (but I forgot their faces) but I remembered one of them was forcefully kissing me because he wanted to leave his girlfriend it was something like that and I have no choice but to help because I was beside him, what I found weird is that I know those guys but they are not really that close to me
    The night before, I dreamt about myself confessing to my old school friend and kissed after that. Then it seems like we’re in a relationship being together doing couple stuff until I got up and saw my mom and brother, what’s weird is that my brother which usually jokes around with what I do commented something bad about my friend

  17. I had a dream where I accidentally kissed my best guy friend, so we had an attraction and we started kissing pretty strongly and I feel as if I hadn’t woken up it would’ve continued to more. I don’t want a relationship I’ve felt like I’ve want more with him. What does this mean ?

    • I had two dreams once, one was in third person perspective, and the other was first. So the first one i had of my mom alowing my 15 yr old ex (i was 11 at the time) to come and stay with us while his mom and step dad were at something. which doesnt make sense cause hes usually always by himself at home. and when he did we argued about the way he broke up with me (he ignored me for half the summer and then moved and had a going away party for himself and invited a girl that he still likes that is one of my best friends now) and he said something like… “you cant ignore me for the rest of the night, it was your fault, not mine.” i said “its your fault for asking me out without my parents knowing!!” and then i just stomped away leaving him in my living room, then i walked into my room later and he was in my room like, shoveling snow out of my room that was only in one courner. and then he vanished. the second dream was baisically the same except, when i walked in my room to confront my ex, i just got changed for bed and got into my bed with him staring at me, then he climbed into bed with me and started to make out with me…. I have had 3 boyfriends since him.. y am i still having dreams about him?

  18. So I recently dreamed of kissing a guy I have liked since forever who also happens to be my best friend. in the dream he had just made me something to make me forgive him for a stupid argument we had. And when I saw it we kissed. What does this mean?

  19. I had a dream like i was talking a walk with my mom and then suddenly ,we met a woman carring a baby. as my mom and she were talking i kissed the baby’s hand ,but the baby was so quiet and peacefull. What does that mean ? Can somebody give me an explanation!

  20. I’m very confused about my dream.
    I’ve had multiple dreams about my best friend(a girl), and we are always walking, or skateboarding or running beside each other. And we’re never really going anywhere, we’re just going. And when we stop, I go to kiss her, and the first dream I had when I did this she didn’t look like she was ready to kiss me, so instead I kissed her on the cheek.
    I’ve had more than one dream where I kiss her on the cheek – but, I’ve also had dreams of kissing her on the lips, and when I kiss her on the lips she always kisses me back, and sometimes she even initiates the kiss.
    I don’t know what this means though.
    I know that I have feelings for her but I’m in the friendzone and I can’t tell her how I feel. I’ve told her I like her but I haven’t exactly told her about all my feelings.

    I’d just like to know what information I should take away from these dreams.

  21. I had a dream that I kissed this guy and he had his arms wrapped around me but the funny thing is I do not understand this dream at all because he is a jerk and he is kind of an on and off crush but he personality is a huge turn off. I was surprised when I woke up from a dream that had him in it. Please explain.

  22. I dreamed last night I was with a girl I like or maybe still like and want….. we spent the night together before and we had kissed almost had sex but I was so nervous to be with another girl… well, I ended up leaving her because of how scared I was to love another women and get bad attention from my family about it.. I ran back to my ex boyfriend who I am still with now…. I think about her alot, even miss her. But in my dream when i finally found her alls i did was cry with happiness I sat in her lap and kissed her and felt sexual tension and love and happiness in my dream. I’m so confused though because after what I did (leaving her) and not telling her the truth why i had to leave (because I was scared) I don’t think she wants me the way she did.

  23. I’ve dreamed of my guy friend David kissing me several times and yes he kissed me in person. I just wonder what that means because he told me he just saw me as a friend. So what does that mean?

  24. Just so you know, my dreams can be like a story and sometimes pretty long, but also have random bits added to it. I dreamt that I was at a private school, kinda like Hogwarts from Harry Potter with an extra place like Hogsmeade, but not necessarily alike, just same circumstance. Besides the one part where I was looking for a missing girl, who was probably my lab partner, I only remember one scene. I was working a charity food thing, and I was given a chance for a break. I don’t remember the food I got, but I remember that this one popular guy from school in my waking life, who says hi to me every time I pass by him in the hall, asked me if I’d like to try a piece of cake before it was gone. I accepted it, and it was lemon, a favorite of mine. I sat at one of the tables and saw this one guy a bit further down. (I’m already in a relationship, and have been for almost three years. I like this guy, though maybe not quite as much as my boyfriend. But, he just so happens to be his best friend. And this is not exactly a “by looks” attraction, he looks like the male opposite of me, but I like him because of his personality, which is also exactly like mine. We are also both artists and musicians. So, yea, I know him in my waking life. But, back to the dream.) I finish eating, and sit there talking to a close friend of mine, that is, until the other guy got up to leave. I called his name, thoroughly intending to invite him to this play that one of his friends and I were a part of in my waking life. He turned around, eyes wide, but then he relaxed and his expression softened when he saw me. He had the soft voice he had only ever used when talking to me when he asked, “Yes?” I asked him to the play, but my dream muted his answer. I nodded, then asked him to sit with us for a few minutes, and we talked. Right before he had to go, he whispered something in my ear that the dream had also muted. Then, he rested his forehead on my temple for a few seconds before softly kissing it for the same amount of time. Afterwards, he smiled and left. My friend looked at me and asked what that was about, and that was where I woke up. I would surely like to know what this means and another that I had a few months ago where I was at some kind of party and he greeted me by kissing my hand. Some kind of interpretation would help immensely. Thank you.

  25. I had a dream that I was visiting with an old friend that I haven’t seen in years, when we were alone he grabbed my face and kissed my hard. It wasn’t unpleasant, in fact I rather enjoyed it. I’m in a very dedicated relationship with someone else and I truly love him, but since the dream the other boy is all I can think about and I’ve started to pull away from my current boyfriend. Please help if you wouldn’t mind?

  26. I saw i ask my crush to give me a kiss she gave but on cheeks then i ask for lips nd we start nd we do a long smooch i saw this dream in morning at 9am please tells its meaning

  27. I just had a dream that I was walking in the subway, not sure where, but I was wearing a hoodie and going about my business. And I kept seeing this woman I’ve been in love with for year since high school and I always wanted to be with her and she knew that. So I’m walking on the platform in the subway and I pass her, but I can feel she was staring at me. So I keep walking and I turn around to act like I’m looking else where but I really was trying to look at her and I saw she smiled. She then starts to follow me and all of a sudden she’s walking in front of me. She turns around and looks at me, while we’re walking and smiles again. I just look at her like “what?”. So I walk past her again, and I turn to a railing on some stairs to lean on and she stops near me and I say, “what Bianca?”, she smiles at me and all a sudden there are two girls with her that I’m sure in real life she has no clue who they are but I do. I forgot what she said when I asked her what but I know I asked, “what happened to josque” (her current boyfriend for almost 2 years). She says, he just never got me the way you did. (Her jokes and personality). Then she shows me this ring on her left ring finger and says, “I got a new ring”. Now this was no ordinary ring, I removed this ring was a black peace sign ☮ ring. And I say to her, “so? what does that mean?”. She says to me as she gets closer, “it means I want to marry you.” And she starts leaning on me as if she was trying to kiss me. And I look at her and say “are you serious? I hope you’re not joking with me.” And she says “no, I’m serious.” So we then kiss on the lips very passionately and we both start crying at we’re kissing and holding tightly. And I can see the two girls that were with her smiling and happy. I have no clue what this dream means but I didn’t want to wake up from it. Please help

  28. I had a dream that I was walking at night and I seen this girl kind of in a hole, so I went to help Her. When I got down to try and help her out, she grabbed my face but I tried to pull away from her but then she pulled me closer to her and started kissing me. I didn’t know what to think of it at first, but after a bit, I really enjoyed it. I felt so warm and comfortable with her and started kissing her back and held her close to me. I didn’t want it to end. Later on in my dream we were going to different places and I was protecting her from things that were trying to attack her. They were like monsters of some sort. As time passed by, I noticed that I had to kiss her after a certain amount of time or her hair and eyes would start changing color. Her hair color was silver and her eyes were red. I don’t know why, but I wanted her to remain like that. So I would kiss her to prevent her hair from going back to a pinkish color with green eyes. Throughout my dream, I protected her and she was always with me. My parents and family were there, and they were helping me protect her as well in the end. I don’t know what this dream means or how I should go about it, so it would really mean a lot to me if someone could explain this to me.

  29. I had a dream i was at a eatery with 7 other people and a boy walked up to me but another girl stole him before he could get to me and so i went around the corner and sat down at a table but then a boy i dont know came and sat down with me , then my health teacher was saying hi to me and went into the kitchen of the eatery as soon as the door closed the stranger kissed me ( i didnt know him but i enjoyed the kiss) after he looked at me for a minute and then left. After my health teacher sat down and we talked for a minute and then my teacher kissed me (it was wierd but i liked it ) but i reminded him of his wife and kids abd he said youre right then he said sorry and bye and left then i woke up and i was wierded out but also happy

  30. PLEASE!! I’M BEGGING CAN U HELP QITH THIS? i have a dream. That one of my friend which i really like him secretly since then and he has no idea of it. And in my dream, we are happy together, having fun, talking as friend. And i suddenly act to him KISSING HIM but i didn’t kiss him it was just an act like it’s a joke and i have no intention to kiss him. BUT he suddenly look into my eyes and i didn’t expect he kissed me passionately on my lips. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  31. i had a dream at morning time that me and my boyfriend was inside the room together without any other persons then suddenly people came in and watched us suddenly my boyfriend kissed me in front of them in my lips then i said to them he is my boyfriend.after i told that one man from them took a photo of me.what is the meaning of it

  32. I had this dream last night and the details are fuzzy but in it someone expressed to me that he’d like to kiss or something to that effect. I surprised myself by leaning in and kissing the person on the lips briefly, then went back for more I guess and he returned the gesture, but as soon as I got the idea that his tongue was either going to enter my mouth or it touched my lips, I recoiled in disgust. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but I’ve never kissed anyone on the lips and I’m just curious as to the meaning of this dream.

  33. I had a dream that includes me and my ex we were long distance. But I had a dream that I went to his house went through the back door to his room, found him said hey and kissed him regularly then we sat down and started to make out and I told him I had to leave in a couple of minutes and when it was time for me to go I got up and said I had to go I looked at him and sat back down and kissed for a couple more minutes then I really got up and left and I had to go what does that mean and the ex I miss him really bad and I want him back

  34. I had dream today. In the dream I believe we were at church. My Pastor called me over and we were talking. Then out of no where he kissed me on the mouth. I jumped in the dream and phyically. I jumped right out of the dream and this was soooo crazy to me.

  35. I had a dream last night. There was a guy i havent met before who kisses me. I accepted the kiss even though im in a relationship. My boyfriend and i have been in getting in arguments since he isnt listening or understanding me at all also he hasnt been as close as he once had been and lately ive felt like hes cheating. However in my dream im the one who cheated i remember the kiss being passionate and amazing with this stranger. I remember feeling that the guy was very attractive however now i do not remember how he looks. Also I remember feeling protected and safe. It felt so real that i didnt ever want to wake up but now i feel guilty that ive dreamt of cheating on my boyfriend and enjoyed it in the dream. What does this mean?

  36. Hello there!

    I had a dream last night and in the morning as well. In that dream i was with my Friend and he is my crush as well. And we were playing with fire crackers at the eve it wasnt dark at all that time. We were at his home and were having the best time. Then slowly slowly we came closer and closer so we could touch each other and feel the heat against our body. I was so happy and suddenly he holds me , and i put my arms on his chest. And then i kissed him on the ear but it was so hot that he literally laughed and said that we should wash out our face and hands. I did as i was told. Then i remember his driver came to wash up the car but we didnt care and he grabbed me with my waist i was so nervous and excited. And finally we kissed , we were so deep , sooo deep. And in the meanwhile i woke up for two times but my dream was the same as it was going. I couldnt believe that i would ever have a dream with him. We actually kissed, it feels wonderful. But can you tell me what does this dream even mean ? i want to know if it means, he also likes me as i do or may be we will be having a relationship or something ?

  37. I’ve been having multiple guy friends kissing me, mostly cheek and head; but I am in a serious relationship, I have been worried that this means something . Help!

  38. Ok well I had a dream about my friend which is a guy but we where having a great time outside and he told me to close my eyes and I did and he then kissed me I responded back by kissing him back
    This happened on the same day he said he wanted to be more than friends what does it mean ?

  39. My ex and I broke up almost 7 months ago but we still keep in touch. I had a dream this morning. My ex & i were having lunch at the coffeshop we usually go to.. and when it was about time to leave, he suggested we spend a little alone time together.. so he asked me to meet him somewhere. And all of a sudden I’m in a basement/warehouse of a mall or smtg… and i was waiting for him but he was a bit late, cuz he had to carry some boxes. I saw my driver downstairs and quickly told him we cant go down. So we went into the lift. and we French kissed, with my arms around his neck and his around my waist. but when i pulled him a little closer i could feel his resistance. and then it was time to leave.. and i found my little brother and paid for some snacks my brother wanted… It was just so weird…

  40. I had a dream last night. Someone I find attractive kisses me without my permission at the school canteen. In real life, I’m illl temper towards him but as the times goes by… My treatment to him gets a little comfortable. But I just want to know, because it’s my first time to dream about someone is kissing me in my lips, –_– thug life.

    • My reaction was like O_O I’m very shocked at that moment and that scenery of my dream, is the one I only remember. I can’t recall what’s my dreams this ff. Day. After he kissed me, I woke up and The feeling i have felt on my dream is what i felt the moment that i woke up.

  41. I had a dream about my elementary classmate, but in my dream she was already an adult and I wonder how she got into my dream when we were never close but she knew me and I haven’t seen her after elementary. Hope to get insight.

  42. I have a dream .. I was celebrating with someone who have told me that he love me but I only see him as my friend . We celebrate for the success of both of our companies and after we do the cheers .. He kissed my passionately … He is my friend only in Facebook but we’ve know each other for more than 1 year . Can you tell me what’s the meaning of that dream ?? I really want to know . Thank you .

  43. I had a dream that I was working with someone and I teasingly kissed him and kept smiling when he kept saying you are a big tease. What does my dream mean?

  44. I have dreamt of kissing my boyfriend which is far away from me and I wasn’t able to contact for almost a month for he was to fast for Ramadan. I miss him so much, like very much. But I have to understand and respect his religion. I am a Christian, native of Philippines. In that dream, he visited me here in my country for just a DAY . Yeah, and he did kissed me that night when he bidded goodnight, it was unexpected, long and passionate. It felt so real. Thought we never meet in person yet, It really felt all real . And the pictures were vivid . How I wish that would happen for real. I miss you Babe 🙂 That dream have put a big hope and smile to me face, really.

  45. I just had a dream that i accidentally kissed someone I really like, then she said it was okay and kissed me at both my cheeks and lips. And then I woke up thinking what it all meant.

  46. I just woke up from a dream, it was an awesome dream…I didn’t want it to end. In my dream me and my guy friend were hanging out and all of a sudden I kissed him…just a peck at first and then we started making out, but the thing is I only like him as a friend but I do want to feel that way with someone else. I know that my guy friend that I kissed in my dream likes me and is willing to kiss me though so maybe That’s why I had that dream with him?

  47. I had a dream that my boyfriend cheated on me and his best friend was inlove with me and I kiss his best friend. I’m extremely confused on why I had this dream and now every time I see his best friend I think of this dream. Please help.

  48. I just woke up from a dream in which I was having a very personal talk with one of my good friends. In the dream, once the talk was over she moved closer toward me for a kiss, we kissed and it felt so real. After the kiss she looked at me and I looked at her, then the dream stopped. Recently in real life, she has started smoking and I always worry about her because of that. I always want a good situation to tell her to stop smoking and that I care about her. Does my dream represent just that? That I care about her?

  49. I was taking a nap and I dreamed that I went with my family to a small reunion of some friends I had just met. It was noon. Then this man approached to me; in my dream I knew who he was and we had previously talked to each other, it seemed like we had met before and were getting into a serious relationship. So he talked to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek (in my country is how we often say “hello” and/or “goodbye”). Before I stepped back from him I whispered on his ear “here’s my dad”, but I couldn’t finish the sentence because he started kissing my cheek again, with multiple tiny and quick kisses, then he held my shoulders so I couldn’t move. I placed my hand on his torso thinking “wth did I just said?! Here’s my dad!” and then he started kissing the corner of my lips, tiny kisses, multiple times. I don’t remember if I asked him to stop, but I definitely thought of it. Then he started kissing my chin and then my neck. Then we separated (well, I did) and he said he would be back later. All that time my cheeks were burning, I swear my whole face was red. Even though I wanted him to stop, it was mainly because I knew my whole family was wathching, not because it didn’t feel good.
    Of course when I woke up I tried to figure out who this guy was but I ended up giving up. Now I just want to think he’s just a stranger my mind made up. I’ve never had a boyfriend before, and I’ve never kissed anyone.

    tl,dr.: a complete stranger kissed on my cheeks, the corner of my lips, my chin and my neck.

  50. I had a dream of almost kissing a person I barley talk to . I only say hi to him once in a while . I kissed his check because he did something for my birthday (my biryhday is june 3)then I look in his eyes he was leaning in and then I woke up before we could kiss . I don’t like him … what does this mean

  51. I dreamt such a weird dream and I dont remember much but I remember having a boyfriend and kissing him on the lips and then I lost him in the dream and I didn’t see him again and then this woman called dovato came and I had to kiss her to and during all of this I was with my friends. People say whoever is in your dream u have seen in real life but I had never seen my “boyfriend” in real life and I don’t HAVE a boyfriend in real life. Can someone explain please? I am soooo confused!

    • how does your(possible future ) boyfriend look like because sometimes our brains just magically make faces because what you have watched or something like that. Or it could even be something involing the situation you just had. Just my opinion….

      oh and btw how did you know he was you boyfriend

  52. Dreamt that I was kissing, hugging and made up with a former boss who was very mean and manipulative. She asked me to resume work again. I was very upset when I woke up. I never want to have anything to do with her or around her. What does this mean?

  53. When i was dreaming, I saw my friends kissing each other, i was sad wanting someone to do the same to me. Then i got mad and i marched towards the group of boys near us. I got on a boy i know and told him, “prepare for impact” and i kissed him. He got up and pulled me away. He said “you are a good damm kisser.” He stood up so did i and he pulled me close grabbed my butt and kissed hard. While that my crush, was just staring at us like some animals. He marched towards me and the boy and and hit the boy across his face. What does this mean?

  54. I dreamt of the one I love who is married kissing me on the ship in front of many people. Just to make it clear, we’re not really in a relationship because of him being married. So in the dream, he was kissing as if he really wanna do it and he really wanna show everyone hes kissing me and i like it but the first part of the dream where he was kissing me, i tried to make the kisses land on the cheeks instead on the lips because im asking him if he knows what he is doing (but again in the dream, im happy hes doing it)..then the second part i let the kisses fall on my lips and we even french kiss but towards the end of the dream i felt his tears on my moth but our lips were still locked together and our eyes are closed..and while he were issing were really hugging each other tight..please tell me what it means

  55. I had a dream, that I came home. My best friend and another friend were both waiting for me. They had surprised me with a birthday gift. They put some decorations in my room, and each had a present. So we were sitting on my bed and I told them that it wasn’t my birthday, I was honestly confused. Then I realized I was sitting next to my guy friend he looked at me and kissed me on the lips. I was a bit startled but I smiled at him. Then a second later he kissed me again. Then, he went in for a third kiss and shoved his tounge in my mouth, then we started making out. We then stopped and my best friend had sad that kissing always looked gross, and she mentioned something about his lips. Then he and I started kissing again, it was hot and steamy, and quite enjoyable. He then started to kiss my neck. Then we heard a noise and I looked at my best friend and we both had a shocking look. Then I woke up.
    What does all of this mean?

  56. I had a dream that i was hanging out with my brother and this guy I Know but dont personally know and then my dream went to another scene i was at a ceremony and the same guy had interrupted the ceremony and the people who ran the ceremony locked him in a room and beat him. I was able to get him out of there and I tried to send him off but before I did I had asked for a Kiss and he didn’t want to but he did anyway cause I set him free we shared at Wet Kiss and he wanted to continue kissing me after he had Kissed me he told me not to stop and kept bringing me in for more kisses.

  57. I dreamt that the girl I like sped up to find me in passing period and she just lightly kissed me on the lips, smiled and walked away. In real life ive talked to her a lot on anonymously and once in person. so I dont know what to think.

  58. I had this dream where I was in school sitting next to the guy that I like. I was wearing this weird helmet thing on my head. He tried to kiss me, but the helmet got in the way. The helmet then disappeared and we looked at each other and we leaned in to kiss each other. Our faces were almost touching, but then these two hands came out of nowhere and stopped us, then they disappeared. What does this mean??? Please help

  59. So I dreamed that I was at a pool park and I was wearing a bikini sitting in between two guys I knew from middle school and felt really awkward so I got up and left then suddenly I was eating a cucumber in the middle of a Mexican store going to buy cheese which i was confused and one of the guys from the previous dream was there and I suddenly just got close to him and kissed him I don’t know why I never even talked to the guy what does it mean I’m so confused.

  60. I just had a dream that I kissed a stranger (while having a bf) and I woke up feeling so in love with this guy who I don’t even remember his face or name I just remember his scent and his kiss. It makes me feel like I haven’t felt in love this whole time. I’ve been with my bf for 3 years and I love him to death I have no eyes for no one else. However, after waking up from. This dream the feeling I have right now are so much stronger than anything I’ve ever felt and it makes me feel sad that it was a dream. Is this normal?

    • Yeah I dreamt that I kissed someone I don’t know and I can’t remember his face or name but I can remember the taste of his lips and I don’t have a bf but I was ssooooooo sad when the dream ended because I felt I was on love and I wanted the guy.

  61. I recently had a dream where one of my friends kissed me…then it was regular dream again until a different friend of mine kissed me as well…i know i have developed feelings for each of them but which direction am i supposed to be going?

  62. I had a dream where my family won the lottery and I was moving. I was saying goodbye to my crush, and we hugged (I hugged everyone). But then he kissed me. On the lips. After a little we french kissed, then he started kissing me on the neck and almost groped my butt. That’s when I woke up. I loved that dream…

  63. I dreamt that i had my first kiss, with a guy i barely know. I met this guy once last summer. I remember that i thought it felt good, and that it was kissing with tongue. But then i pulled away because i remembered that he has a girlfriend, so we stopped kissing.. What does this mean? It felt more real than any other dream i have ever had.

  64. I had a dream that a friend of mine had a severe neck injury and we were trying to save him and to comfort him I kissed him on the forehead then he told me that he always liked me since middle school and he kissed me on the lips with a bit of tongue.

  65. I had a dream I was laying on a couch with a female I don’t know, and we were talking and she gives me a normal kiss (corner of mouth) she smiles, and I continue… Does that mean anything?

  66. I had a dream that I kissed a stranger indent of my boyfriend and he didn’t say anything but he was mad. I tried to apologize but everytime I tried to get to him I couldn’t find him, and this girl that we both know was really mad that I did that but It seemed more personal to her like she was genuinely hurt.. What does this mean?

  67. I had a dream last night and it matches the descriptions on here but I was just wondering what does kissing the same sex mean? Because I dreamt that I was my best friend and I kept staring at each other in a creepy way and then she tried to kiss me but I moved away and hugged her and then later on in the dream we kissed and announced to all of our friends that we were dating but I’m not bisexual. I do love her a lot but I thought only as a friend so if you could please help me that’d be great 🙂

  68. I had a dream that, I went to the kitchen of my house and my crush was on the floor looking like he were high, and he was wispering me something and I couldnt really hear right; but he just grabbed me and leaned me closer to him and he kissed me. I was confused and I just started thinking and I woke up. I dont get it

  69. I had a dream that one boy gave me a flower and we kiss which was my first kiss. He is a foreigner, after kissing we ran away and entered a mosque for prayer. Then I was searching for the flower and he replied that he will give me a new one.

  70. So, I had a dream that I kissed one of my friends. She feel down and I walked over to help her up and then I looked her in the eyes and kissed her. Help me…

  71. so, i had a dream where i kissed my best friend..(we’re both girls) and i liked it but i didn’t kiss her back..(in all my dreams where i kiss people, i don’t kiss them back for some reason..) and we kissed a few more times and then we agreed to keep it a secret..what does that mean..???

  72. I had a dream last night, my girlfriend and brother were kissing on the lawn after a party were we had bin drinking. I had only one drink in the dream to were they were both kinda drunk. Then i had left ran in to an ex she had said she dosent know what she loves i told her me either. Plus some one tried stealing my peddel bike twice same person and both times i had punched him and took my bike back i invited a bunch of people to my house to party and drink i had vidka sprite and orange juice in the bag but no one showed up. And i woke up. Is their any type of meaning in this dream?

  73. I had a dream about kissing boys but there not the boy who I truly love but not sure if he loves me we’ve been friends for more than 8 months but we act as if we were dating. We had talked for a little while but then he had to move a couple hours away and I got mad an he ignored me and I moved on or what I had thought I moved on I dated a boy for a month and then realized after he had came into town to see me that I didn’t have feelings for the boy I was dating then I broke up with him. The thing is the boy I’m inlove with was leaving for the army. And told me he didn’t want me to wait on him or make me put my life on hold for him. That he liked me and thought I was beautiful and all that but he wanted me to mature while he was gone. See were “just friends” but he drives here to see me and his family. Texts me all the time. Calls me every single night. Kisses me. Takes me out to eat. I’ve met his mom several times and his family. And the night before he left for boot camp he brought me his necklace, sweat shirt, and a book with a letter in the back. And told me not to forget about him. That he was going to miss me and then he called me before the plane took off. And on the bus to boot camp and I’ve already received a letter from him. I’ve been having dreams of him but then I’ve been having dreams of other boys that I find attractive and I’ve been kissing them. But I haven’t had one dream kissing him.

  74. i dreamt of kissing this really hot doctor. (he doesn’t exist in real life, btw)
    he saved me from humiliated, so to show him my gratitude, i was gonna hug him and kiss his cheek, but accidentally kissed his lips. he then gave me a hickey.
    then i found out he was married so i slapped him and ran out.
    does this show acceptance and evilness or does it just mean i watch many movies?

  75. i had a dream last nyt,i was Sittng wth a boy in the car.Then i put lipstick on hm(few only)`.. Then i put mine,,then, i kissed him lightly,,but then he liked it then he kissed me long..

  76. I dreamed that I told my crush was leaving he ignored me because he was with some girls.Then I got mad with my crush and he ran after me gave me a kiss on my neck.Then a creepy guy was watching him and my crushes mother was afraid and gave him a baby.After that she told me that their somethings we most not remember. Can someone please tell me what this means?

  77. Hello, I currently had a dream where this famous actor was teaching a small class of teenagers, I didn’t feel as though I was me in this dream though I rushed to say goodbye to him and instead both of us leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was passionate with no tongue. It was almost like the kiss was there instead of words telling me that’s he understands and that it’s all going to be okay. The kids in the class started oooooooing and ahhhing but I didn’t care because all that mattered was him. Then I remember putting my arm around him and the dream ending…… I would love to know why this dream had a deep meaning for me so please answer if you can, thank you

  78. Hi thought you may be able to help me out, I had a dream and it only happened lastnight that I kissed this boy, (well technically he kissed me), And i didnt even expect it!!! But then when I woke up I felt really upset haha, the boy that kissed me was from school and everytime we go past eachother we smile and say something which makes us both laugh, and i dont really know what this means… Help?!

  79. Hi,In my dream,I have seen a woman and I know this woman in Waking Life she is working with me in my office in real life… but in my dream I have seen this woman and first i kissed her on her cheek then i kissed her on her lips ….really i am confused what this dream means?please if possible give me answer…thanks in advance

  80. I dreamed that I was really close to my crush and I was wispering something I thought I was going to hear him wispering something to me and he kissed me what dose this mean

  81. Will you please explain my dream.,I had dream last night that I kissed my crush during my high school days. I was the first kissed her and she replied for it until were kissing passionately.What does it mean? Because the girl whom I kissed, I was trying to forget her since I thought she doesnt care for me nor feel what also I felt to her.Im waiting for a response thank you.

  82. Hi,i have crushed on a girl but she has boy friend and also she knows that i like her,when i proposed her ,she told me that she has boy friend,,……in my dream, i have seen that girl was sit in front of me and i kissed her on her cheek and then kissed her on lips…..then woke up…

    please what this means.,thanks

  83. I had a dream wherein a guy friend who I’ve not known closely kisses me. I enjoy it but then I push him away as I’m scared because of a failed disastrous relationship in the past. This guy friend of mine is not very close to me in real life. We spent a few weeks together prepping up for a pageant 3 years back. We met again a few days back for another pageant and started chatting up. I find him to be attractive but we aren’t really close. What does him kissing me and then me being scared but enjoying the kiss mean?

  84. So I had a dream where a old friend of my kissed me but i know he never kiss me in really life. The kiss was so passionate and it lasted for awhile. Plus, the weird part is i have not seen or talked to him for 2 years now. I really need to know what that means.

  85. I was lying down and it was dark and the song part of me by Katy Pery was playing and I jumped cuz someone was behind me and then in my dream I knew who it was and he was drawing on my back or kissing it I’m not sure but it felt really good and I turned around and I said his name and his name had an s in it and I said I love you and then I felt something on my face and then I woke up

  86. I had a dream of going to a store with my mom and i instantly fell in love with someone who worked there. I dont know how but next thing i know i was all over him. I sat on a counter and he was between my legs. I kissed (my first kiss and i knew how to work it) him, normally and then i started working my way up his neck by biting it a bit and then i kissed him again, that time more intensely. My mom wanted to leave and i told her no. Something happened and the next thing i know my mom is driving away from the parking and leaving me alone with him. Of course i was so happy and i started kissing him again, even though i was shook with the fact that my mom abandoned me. But i felt safe with him. And then the dream just ended there. What does that mean? I need an answer.

  87. I had this really bizarre dream that involved my mom and one of my guy friend that i had a crush on for a while. They were going through a door and coming out through the other door, and most of the time if people go through it they come out looking old, but my guy friend (which he was my boyfriend in the dream) didn’t come out old. While he was entering the door i was scared and hopping he wouldn’t come out old and when he came out fine i went and put my arm around him and kissed his lip, not like a long kiss, but a quick one. I think he kissed me back too, but i think he made a face looking like he didn’t really enjoy it. I’m not sure what it means exactly, but if you can help at all it would be amazing, i just keep thinking about what it could possibly mean. And i think my mom came out old, but I’m not sure, i mostly focused on him. And by the way, i am a 15 year old girl soon to be 16 in a couple months and he’s about my age! We are friends, not like best friends but we have some things in common which brought us to be friends, although i liked him before we became friends. And also, when i like a guy my crushes don’t really last that long for most of the time, but for some reason i still like him. So it might mean he isn’t going to get old in my heart, but what does the kiss mean? Do you think it kind of predicts our future and we might get together??

  88. HELP!

    I have now had this dream 2/3 times. My ex girlfriend is in my bedroom, we are sitting on my bed and she is kissing me on the cheeks and neck, her arms are around me and she is trying to pull me close to her. I turn my head to keep my lips away from hers because I have a new girfriend. However, I don’t push her away, I’m enjoying her kisses and I want to kiss her back but know that it’s wrong so I don’t reciprocate but I suppose I believe to be doing nothing wrong by being held by her and kissed repeatedly on the cheek so I stay close to her. The dream ended this time with my lips very close to hers, almost brushing hers, we’re breathing heavily and I almost gave into kissing her. In previous versions of the dream we do kiss, we kiss passionately in the end and have made love which I felt was amazing and felt wrong but right at the same time.

    I was in a relationship for 4 years with my ex girlfriend, she was my first kiss, first love, first everything. I have been in my new relationship for 4 months… My second ever girlfriend so having an ex is new for me. Towards the end of the relationship with my ex I kissed some random girls in a few clubs, for which I feel extreme guilt, my ex still doesn’t know of this to this day. I want to be honest and tell her but at the same time we have just started to become friends after almost a year of being apart and not talking. My current girlfriend was extremely annoyed when I told her I’d spoken to her again as I am her first love. The conversation was of course innocent and just friendly. However, I still think very fondly about my ex, I spent several months after our break up trying to win her back to the point where it almost became a bit obsessive.

    I interpret the dream in seceral ways;

    – I think this highlights my fear of cheating on my current girlfriend as the action in my first relationship caused me the most amount of unbearable guilt that I have ever experienced. I think I am almost testing myself, if the situation were to arise where I could cheat, would I be faithful. In my dream I try to be faithful but give in.

    – it could mean that my brain is clearing out old emotions by dreaming about it, It is therapy.

    – it could mean there are unresolved feelings and I want to tell her that I still adore her (to what extent I am unsure).

    – it could mean I want to tell her something else, I perhaps want to tell her that I was unfaithful and tell her the truth.

    – it may be that sexually my current girlfriend is not as ‘good’ as my ex girlfriend and I want her to be like my ex. Like everyone would, I want her to be better! However, she doesn’t particularly lack in the bedroom and is better in some way so this may not be the case.

    – perhaps I am denying to myself that I have feelings for her and want to give in.

    In a recent version there was a man in my room before she kissed me. The man is someone I know. Someone who my dad hates as he tried to kiss my mum once. I am sure this therefore has relevance. The man was putting up a certain rail in my room but he put it up in the wrong place so no curtains were hung from it… Could this mean exposure of the truth? I have however recently decorated my room.

    Any clarification on this dream would be greatly appreciated as it is recurring. I want to be faithful to my current girlfriend no matter what. I am without a doubt still fond of my ex girlfriend but think restarting a relationship would be destructive and wouldn’t work, I do still adore her though. If this is an insecurity about myself then please help me highlight what it is so that I can resolve it. As it is recurring it’s not a dream I want to just ignore.

    Thank you.

  89. I had a dream last night that I was in my has with some random guy, he started to hold my hand and lay his head on me. I looked up at him and he looked at me. I stated the kiss. I never ever kissed before but this kiss felt so real. I dont know who this was but it was some guy with black hair and was white. I don’t know anyone like that. What does this mean?

  90. I had a dream my best friend had told her current husband that she had to be with me. She recently has expressed that “every time I see you I want to kiss you.” She told me that she felt better after telling me that is how she felt. But in my dream she came to my house with a big grin on her face and said it’s finally over. I was puzzled then she said I have wanted to do this for a long time and she passionately kissed me for a long while. I’m confused what does this mean?

  91. I have a question, i dreamed of suddenly kissing a good looking stranger passionately in the verge of having an intercourse-didnt happen. I was enjoying the whole moment that i felt it. That guy kissed me that he pushed me passionately onto the floor that he hold both my hands… I need answers TQ

  92. So i woke up crying. I had a dream where was in my livingroom with my boyfriend, my son, my brother-in-law and for some reason my boyfriends ex mistress. (It was already weird for me for her to be there. I havent talked to her. I havent seen her. I havent thought about her in such a long time which is why i dont understand). I didnt like it that she was there but i kept my mouth shut. All of the sudden i look towards them and i see them kissing. I feel like someone just ripped out my heart right out of my chest. They smile and leave the house. I followed them to the car because i wanted an explanation for what i just witnessed. She ignored me and i got very angry. I walked to her side of the car pulled her out and started hitting her. I could see it while i was doing it from another angle. I stopped because i couldnt anymore and they just sped off. I went back inside and everything became dark. I was surrounded by darkness. Then my boyfriend walks in the house kisses my son on the head says hi to his brother and. Then proceeded to kiss me. I wouldnt let him. He tried to grab me by force and i kept scrraming and yelling at him but he wouldnt listen. Thats when my boyfriend woke me up. He said i was squirming and muttering and crying. I dont know what this means and to be honest it did scare me. But mostly i scared myself when i saw what i was doing to her. What doen this mean?

  93. I had a dream where the love of my life (who left me for another girl) came up to me and we kissed, then the girl came up to him and they kissed while I was holding him from behind, then his hand reached back to me…and I left…what does this mean?

  94. Hi so in had a dream about a celebrity and Youbmightt know him his name is Jack Griffo. Well it was a forbidden for us to date but we still loved each other and kissed when people weren’t around and actually made out and yet I think jack is cute and hot in all but I have no idea why I dreamed this last night

  95. I dreamed about this guy that I like for a long time now. We were in a grass field and under the tree, we lay down there. My head was in his chest, he was hugging me and I was hugging him back. We were really happy… and then his friends(they’re a little bit far away) teases us about how comfortable I was because I don’t have to lay my head down on a grass, but on his chest. Then that guy and I just laugh. And I don’t remember clearly but, i looked at his face then say his full name slowly, and kissed him. What does it mean?

  96. I like a guy for a little while but realized nothing was good between us when we got to know each other we stayed friends but I also got to know his best friend who I get along with very well and I dream that we had dormitories where all of the high school students had to live and we’ll I’m in the entrance of the with his best friend and I give him a hug and a day goes by and I give him a hug the next morning for about a week and then we kiss and aperantly by then we’re a couple

    I’m just really confused

  97. i had a dream where i was going to a wedding, all dressed up with the rest of my family. we arrived by car and the venue was a castle. everyone was busy helping the bride as the ceremony had not yet started, but i wanted to explore, so i went upstairs. there i saw a boy who didnt really tell me his name, but we talked for some time, i felt i had a spiritual bond with him, and just leaned forward and kissed him. it was a passionate kiss, and once we broke out of one, we went back in again. he said he loved me, but then i was called downstairs, after the ceremony, i came upstairs and saw two people kissing. i have had this dream 4 nights in a row, NO IDEA what this dream means and its driving me nuts. please help, this boy keeps haunting me.

  98. I have always dream of a ex he is married. In this dream he always want me to kiss him and we kissed. We used to be lovers before he was married. And this dream its keeping repeat its self.

  99. So, as of October 22, 2014, I had a dream last night about my 20 (soon to be 21) year old sister lip-locking with me. She had kissed me, and I think I denied for a bit but then I gave in? It lead to a really passionate kiss and then I woke up feeling very awkward. I’m a girl and five years younger than her, and we are both really close but it’s not like I actually want to make out with her. I’ve had dreams where I’ve kissed a family member before but it would usually be a guy. I’ve never had this kind of dream before and I’m weirded out? She recently moved out of my house too. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  100. I had a dream that I was about to have my first kiss with Gillian Jacobs from the TV show community but just as I was about to kiss her I got pulled away and woke up. I really want to know what this means.

  101. I just had a dream a couple nights ago where my best friend kissed me, it was a nice kiss but when we were younger I really liked him but then 3 or 4 years back I stopped liking him and then he started liking me, and he asked me out last year but we had already tried dating and it wasn’t that special so he broke up with me and we went back to friends but now I think we are just friends now and this dream is really confusing me on what it means

  102. I met a guy in my English class, just last week. He seems to be very nice & kind to me, but i know he’s a trouble maker! anyways, he asked me out & we hardly even talk or know each other. I didn’t respond to his question, so he said he’d ask me again soon. I dreamed we were together as a couple, and that he healed me gently on front of all his friends & that he’d kiss me on my lips & everyone seemed to have respect over us. what does this mean? i feel so, i don’t know, dumb lol. confused.. i need help? thanks.

  103. I dreamt of a guy i never met before and kissing me passionately while saying uttering sweet words like “i love you”.iwant to protest but i cant move.i am single in my dreams but im already married in person.what does it mean

  104. In reality I like these two guys and niether one knows about that and I can.t decide which one I like more .
    So I dreamt that I kissed one of them (on the lips) and the other one saw me,, so I got really upset after a while and left the one I kissed and looked for the other one to talk.
    And then in the dream my dad came and asked (he didn.t know about the kiss) was the one telling you he likes you X (the one who so me) but I told him that it wasn.t, it was the other one and then he asked if i liked him back and I replied that I don.t know but in my secret I wished that the other one was who did kiss me and tell me he likes me !
    I know it.s complecated but please I need an answer maybe this will help me figure my things out 🙂
    Thanks in advance …

  105. i had a dream last night. i was chased by girls and some reporters so i had to dress up like a geisha to get out of a hotel room. i was running then stopped when i saw a group of girls about my age preparing for lunch. two of them were preparing the barbecue then some were setting the table. they asked me to join. i don’t really know them personally but in my dream i think i know them like they’re my acquaintances. then when we were about to eat they had to wash their hands inside, only me and a girl was left doing the barbecue. i was trying to start a conversation then our eyes met then we kissed. the kiss felt so familiar, her lips so soft and it was so pleasurable. i really liked it but the bizarre thing is that i’m also a girl. whew!

  106. I have had a little crush on my husband’s friend who has also been a friend to me and has recently moved out of state. I have not seen him in a while. Last night I had a dream that we were all together again. We had to drive somewhere and I ended up just riding with the friend while my husband drove in another car. The friend pulled over and kissed me. I felt like I wanted to kiss him back, but knew it was wrong and pulled away. I explained to him that if I were not married, I would have gone through with it. But I love my husband and would not do that to him.

  107. I had a dream of kissing my best friend
    I just remember me running my hands through her neck
    and kissing her, it was a passionate kiss
    But in a way she was denying it but still took it and was
    Passionate as well
    She has a girlfriend she’s in a long distance relationship
    I’m just here messing around lol
    We’ve had are little moments
    I had genuinely liked her our freshmen year we’re now
    1 year after we graduated
    and now I have those exact feelings from freshmen year

  108. So I had a dream about meeting people from school. Than as I went to the back I saw Big Sean. I love this artist and everything but it seem difficult to talk to him. Soon I saw my ex- bestfriend making out with him! I was so mad. But Big Sean was like eww and didn’t continue. Than I left and saw my anut so I was bye and woke up.

  109. I had a dream that the guy I fell hard for whom I haven’t seen in almost 2 months, came up behind me, put his arms around me, kissed my shoulder and then we liplocked it. In the dream it was so sweet but intense.

  110. Can anyone plz explain me what my dream means plzzzzzz =)
    ‘I dreamed that I’m in my old school just walking until I saw my father outside a classroom and their was a blood bottle and I asked him whose this bottle is? He just pointed his finger to the class room I tip toed and got inside the class room to found a teacher drinking that blood and told me to get out of his class and I rushed out of his class but I don’t know how but I also became a teacher (i’m not a teacher nor interested) and I start teaching elder group of boys (they were 20 or 21 years old and I’m like 17) but there was one boy that was really rude but their something about him that was different (a good different though) I was a p.e (gym/ yoga) teacher and I told everyone to get their exercise clothes while they were gone he start kissing me and I didn’t stop him it was like I was not myself like something was stopping me..
    I don’t know what was that dream all about but i can’t stop thinking about that dream….
    Sorry for any English/grammar mistakes 🙂

  111. I dreamt that I cheated on my boyfriend by kissing a stranger I had met at a collage party … I really enjoyed the kiss and it was hot and steamy I then broke up with my boyfriend to be with the stranger … What does this mean ?

  112. I dreamt that I kissed a gorgeous amazing guy that I met at this collage party… The kiss was steamy and I loved it …. I cheated on my boyfriend in my dream though and later in my dream I broke up with home to be with the stranger … What does this mean ?

  113. I have had similar dreams a couple nights in a row. I dream that one of guy friends is leaving the room and he comes in for a hug and the. Kisses me on the cheek a couple times trailing up to my mouth, every time this happens it’s a lovely kiss and he leaves and I act like nothing happened. But I remember thinking in my dream if I should act shocked or worried but I didn’t do anything. I have had this dream about an old friend that I have kissed once before. Please explain!

  114. I dream i was kissing and hugging my boss PA , and she already married n i also already married to my lovely wife. What that mean?? I dream of this twice..

  115. My bf told me he dreamt that he is kissing someone. But he said he’s still thinking of me while he is kissing the girl. I wasnt sure if he just said thay he’s still thinking of me despite him kissing another woman to make me feel at ease. I am scared that he like other woman and he doesnt love me anymore. Please help me to understand the real meaning of his dream.

  116. Hi! I was just wondering what my dream meant and if it had anything to do with what occurred a few days later.

    All I can remember of my dream is that one of my good close friends (a guy who I think I had a minor crush on)was passionately kissing my neck and it felt heavy and hot/steamy and I saw him as irresistible and sexy.

    A few days later (in real life), I was over his brother’s house and we were pretty intimate (without actually having sex) but we didn’t kiss at all (he has problems with showing emotion so I didn’t push it). Are the dream and what happened linked in any way?

  117. I just woke up from probably one of the best dreams I’ve ever had. So me and my very close guy friend were at our old elementary school. We were still students, and school had just ended. We were walking around, holding hands with each other. I enjoyed that very much, in the dream and when I woke up. We got very close to kissing a few times, but he always backed away. Then, we ended up walking to his grandparents house, which in the dream was a few houses away from the school but in reality it’s a few streets down. So when we got to his grandparents house, he looked at the school and saw this guy he didn’t like. His name was Zach. I don’t know anyone named Zach, but apparently my friend did. So my friend was telling me that Zach didn’t like him because he was a better “baller” than him. I encouraged my friend to go up to where everyone was and act normal. So he did. When Zach saw him, he said “who’s this pretty lady you brought here,” and my friend said “this pretty lady, is mine,” so Zach said “oh yeah, prove it.” Me and my friend both looked a each other. I jumped on my friend, who held me up and kissed him. Zach watched and got angry, so he left. We continued to kiss, and we when broke apart he smiled. He asked me why I did that, and I told because I’ve been wanting to do that for the longest time. I asked him why he didn’t make the first move, and he said “because I thought you didn’t want to.” Then we just stayed at the school acting like a couple – holding hands, hugging each other, giving each other pecks on the cheeks and lips, etc. Please tell me what this means.

  118. Early this morning I had a dream I was working in a office of strangers and was in the middle of a meeting. I’m currently unemployed by the way; so I’ve never seen these people in my waking life. Shortly after the meeting my daughter came to the office and left and as I walked to my desk a man (don’t know him) came over to me to ask if I know who picked up my daughter. And he called her name as if he knew her. I began to ask him who and he proceeded to tell me but he kept dropping hints as to what he was trying to convey to me. I didn’t feel he was a threat or anything but he seemed to be genuinely concerned. I have a temper in my waking life and I displayed my annoyance with him not spitting out what he wanted to say; this I made clear to him because I was busy. Then he did something unexpected.. He kissed me on the neck. It was as if he knew that would calm me down. I immediately felt love, passion and as I looked at him for the very first time, really really good I felt I knew him. He smiled at me and I woke up. I’d love to know what this means. I’ve recently been dreaming of being amongst strangers but this was the first time I’ve had a one on one and saw clearly their face.

    • I saw a dream last night where one of my freinds ask me if he can kiss me and I let him, it was a very passionate kiss and felt so real
      I have no any sort of feelings towards him and never thought about him as he is not very close friend

      what does this drean means?

    • sounds like a new love about to enter into your life who will be equally caring for your daughter get out and try to meet new people you may land an office job and meet them there broaden your horizons

  119. So I have his friend and we were really close but we had a massive fight and me and him aren’t friends anymore but I keep having dreams of him I even had ones of me and him kissing and dating what does this mean I’m so confused and hoping it’s not what I think it means

    • it simply means that you long for that friendship and closeness that you once had and deep inside you want things back to how they were try making amends you never know what fate has in store for you

  120. I’ve dreamt of my sister in a relationship with my Gym teacher. We were visiting, and as I was leaving I hugged my sister then my gym teacher hugged me but as he hugged me he kissed my neck, and whispered he missed me, and in my dream at first I was liek WTF!?!?!? Then in the dream it was like I liked him….. :/

  121. Hi, so i just woke up from a dream that i enjoyed but i dont know he meaning. In my dream, i was wakeboarding with people i dont know. i saw this boy and i fell off my wakeboard. He swam out to me and i automatically laid on him, his back on the water and he was floating, and i started laughing and said -its like youre my boat. And he never talked in my dream but i knew what he was saying or something. Anyways, i started kicking and we were going really fast, like the speed of a boat. ( remember he is on his back looking up at me, floating, and i am laying on his stomach facing him, but i am looking out at the sea.) I could feel him looking at me so as soon as i turned my head down at him, he kissed me. I didnt want the kiss to stop, it was just a normal kiss, not a french kiss. Then i started noticing where my hands were, my right on his right shoulder and my left on his stomach near his belly button. i felt his abs and started to feel his chest and muscles. But then, i woke up. I didnt want to end the dream yet, so i fell back asleep. I was then laying on his back ( his stomach on the water and my stomach on his back) and i wanted to feel his abs again, so i slid my hand down his belly and i felt his private part. i immediatly said sorry and he didnt say anything but he turned back at me and smiled. that was his way of saying its okay, i think. And then i woke up. I dont remember what his face looked like, and i know that i dont know him or ever met him in real life or in my dream. All i keep thinking about now is the kiss and how much i liked touching him. I dont know what this dream means. i kissed a boy that i dont know, and i dont even wakeboard, ive only done it twice. And i was surrounded by people i didnt know, in the middle of the ocean.
    Please tell me, or try to explain to me what this means. Thanks 🙂

    • I had such a dream today and it happened twice after i wokeup and slept again but i didn’t know this person but it was like a person i long to meet, a partner i yearn for, so i believe ur dream is same with mine and this means u will have your life companion soon but be careful so that you will never be trick by an evil spirit because yours is about water too and not funny though but in the Bible water signifies people or many people, and u r recieving ur life compion soon. Glory to Jesus.

  122. I had a dream with my friend, I met her my freshmen year in high school and I thought she was beautiful. Yeahh back then I liked her more than a friend but I stopped looking at her that way because I know forsure she wouldn’t feel the same. Anyways we stayed friends after high school, but we don’t talk like we used too. She has her boyfriend and I also have a girlfriend of 2 years. Almost halfway to 3.

    So back to my dream. I was in her car, and I believe it was either my place or her place. But when we got inside the apartment, I asked her “we should kiss” and she laughed it off. So I grabed her from her waiste and pulled her close to me, she said “what are you doing” and I kissed her. It was short but not quick.

    I looked at her as I pulled away and I asked “was it okay”?? I believe I said that or… I think I said. Is it okay or are you okay.

    But she said yeahh I’m fine….or yeahh were okay.

    I don’t know much..starting to really think of it it’s started to fade.
    But that’s all I remeber

  123. i had a dream of my late dad and my ex boyfriend .. in my dream my ex was leaving and came towards me to kiss me , i responded..his words to me were don’t use me .. my dad asked me what he had said and i told him.. so my dad said he must not talk nonsense.. and he left as well.. please explain the meaning of this

    • First of all, the dream about your ex boyfriend and your dad, that already passed away, represents the past. The subliminal mind of yours reminds you of something that no longer exists in your life (your dad and ex boyfriend). Consider, maybe there are some things you find hard to let go, therefore you dream of your ex kissing you. If you wish to understand what your father said (that your ex boyfriend must not talk nonsense), it should be understood and interpreted as something very tender and maybe even the longing for your father and close relationship to someone (in this case your ex boyfriend). The word of your boyfriend (don’t use me) means that you must not hold on the past (do not use your ex as something for the future, as he no longer exists in your life). The father in your dream could represent subliminal mind of yours and the kissing ex boyfriend could represent the longing for love and desire to be needed. If you already have another boyfriend, but have dreamed of your ex, it indicates that the relationship you are in at the moment, do not satisfy and fulfill you fully. Make sure you do not hold on your past and you are moving forward, only then you will be able to discover and enjoy your life.

      • I really need help with this one. I have never had a dream about a kiss before but a couple days ago I dreamt that this kinda cute guy kissed me on the cheeks and then kissed me on the lips. The kiss was really bad cause apparently it was my first one and so I said “that was awful” and we both laughed, it wasn’t like ew get away from me, but more like that was awful but i wanna do it again. I know this guy but only for about a month, we talk everyday but only because he sits next to me in class. Do I like him or something?

    • I had a dream that my best guy friend dropped his books and I was helping him pick them up and he kissed me lightly as we were standing up and the rest of my dream consisted of us doing normal every day stuff and he was always smiling.

      • I had a dream where i was at the mall with my boyfriend’s frienamy (friends/enemy) and he was teaching me how to roller skate in the mall, then he kissed me and the my boyfriend came with his mom and my bf and him fighted… and then my bf bought me a really expensive diamond necklace… my bf and i are done know though, and this was last night

    • I had dream this morning,I dreamt I was in a sports hall,I was older,a group of teenagers stood in the middle, I was behind a big rack of clothes,suddenly the wooden planks vibrated and black snakes with purple eyes came out the ground,all expect for one atta led the teens,the snake the stayed looked at me and I picked it up,it slither into my shirt,I rushed into the middle and everyone was panicking,a blonde girl at a booth was hiding,the man in princess and the frog came out the shadows and snapped her neck,I ran to her and I payed on my knees staring at her blue eyes,somehow she was still alive,suddenly the room stopped,everyone froze in spot screaming,I just looked at her,she was slowly fading so I leaned and kissed her.Next thing I knew I wake at my bed.Can you guys explain?

    • Hi everyone, I need help with this dream, someone to break down the meaning… I dreamt a dead celebrity spirit kissed me and after that i could see the future. In the dream she kept coming towards me, there was mud and junk everywhere around us, a group of people were trying to stop her from getting to me but she did, and when she did she held my face and kissed me. She still looked like a scary spirit but i did not feel threatened at all, instead i embraced her like someone I’ve been in a relationship with for a long time, after that gateways to the future started opening up, i started seeing familiar faces in my dream, people i hang with all the time, and with each individual i would have a separate dream within a dream where visuals of police trying to Apprehend us for smoking marijuana, all of a sudden we’re being attached and buildings are collapsing, but throughout the dream i was calm, like i knew what was about to happen before it happened.

      By the way the dead celebrity i kissed was Brenda Fassie from South Africa, she was global, her music was revolutionary in that it touched on topics affecting the black community, apartheid, so in that aspect we share the same beliefs. Can someone explain what it all mean, would really appreciate it.

    • i dreamed of kissing a guy at my church, he’s kind of cute, but I don’t have a crush on him. I remember feeling happy in the dream and I woke up feeling happy. so what does this mean?