Mad Dog dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Real true if angry dog – In the dream you see a mad, angry or furious dog then this means that all falsehood will be unmasked and will be disproved unfair allegations;

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  1. Then, I ran as fast as I could into my house and locked the doors. But, the dogs broke through the windows and chased me around the house. I went into my bathroom and locked the door, but they broke through the door eventually. I ran into my parents bedroom and locked their door, then ran into their bathroom and locked that door too. I looked around for a place to hide and considered hiding in the top cabinet above the toilet with towels, but I didn’t have time to climb in there because the dogs broke through my parents’ bedroom door and were working on the bathroom door. I ran into my dad’s closet and found his shot gun. I loaded it and turned it off safety and waited for the dogs to come in. They would break though the door and look for me. And if they came in my dad’s closet, I would shoot them. But, as soon as they almost broke the door, I woke up. I was in a cold sweat and couldn’t move. I was too scared to look around for a moment, but then I realized I was awake. That had to be one of the scariest dreams I’ve ever had. The weird thing is though, I love dogs and own two, however I’ve never owned a cat. Cats like me for some reason, and I like them. Not as much as I do dogs, but I still like cats and wished I had one. I like dogs, but I’m afraid of dogs with mentle issues and rabid dogs. That’s why, however bad I feel about it, I never want a rescue dog that’s been abused. Their unpredictable and I’m afriad they’ll go insane and maul me.

  2. Just last night, I had a dream that I was in my front yard, around evening, and I was caring for a box of kittens while the mother cat went off to hunt. They fell asleep and the mother cat returned. I got up and left, walking by a strange fence with tall grass and saw a white and tan dog running around with another brown dog. They barked at me and ran back into their cabin. My house was still the same, but the rooms seemed larger and I was out in the country with a few neighbors that all had dogs. I walked back to my house to check on the cats, and I looked over at another house that had a brindle dog. I saw the brindle dog go into an old shed and I had a vision of the dog going into the shed and bitting the scruff of one kitten, making it bleed. The dog was foaming at the mouth, so after the dog bit the one kitten, the kitten must have been infected with some sort of evil disease. The kitten crawled over to one of its littermates, and started attacking it. It was a horrific scene. A little kitten, bleeding and foaming at the mouth, ripping apart and eating its sibling. The other kittens hid in the corner, meowing in fear. The dog grinned and walked out, and the mother cat came in. She saw what was happening and picked up the rabid kitten and killed it. She tried to save the kitten that got mauled, but it soon went rabid too, and she had to kill it. I flashed back into normal time and ran to the mother cat that had her kittens in a box by my house. I saw that a giant black dog had one of the kittens and was mauling it. I screamed and grabbed the box of the rest of the kittens and ran to a tall barn, looking for the mother cat so she could hide them on the roof or something. She finally came and took the remaining kittens to the roof and I went home, finding the mauled kitten still alive, foaming at the mouth , clawing itself and eating itself. The image was horrible. I took a shovel, and quickly killed it So it wouldn’t suffer any longer. I went into my house and then noticed more black dogs outside surrounding a cat. I went outside and yelled at them angrily. They all glared at me, their teeth long, sharp, bloodstained, and dripping with foamy drool. And their eyes were red with madness. The cat took the opportunity to run away, but the dogs then surrounded me. I was so scared, but I tried to hold my ground. I told them to get out of here, but one of them said, “No. We’re going to kill you.” I half punched half clawed the one that spoke on the nose.