Madness dream meanings


Total loss of control. Freedom from responsibility.


What keeps me up? What happens if I lose it?

General Meanings:

Uncontrolled parts of personality If the dreamer is confronted in his dream with madness, this means that he frequently meets the parts of himself which do not normally act in current situation. The part of himself which is out of control may be caused of fear or exciting experiences.

Psychological Meanings:

Different attitude If the dreamer is crazy or mad of something in the dream, this represents the uncontrollable aspects of extreme emotion. His own attitude does not match with other people and therefore he is held as a mad man, then this means that he does not totally fit in the company or in the group, to which he belongs.

Spiritual Meanings:

On a spiritual level, the madness in the dream can symbolize a feeling of ecstasy.

Artemidorus Meanings:

This dream promises you enterprising success because the mind is all what you can use. It is really awesome for those who desire to influence the people and want to control the large amount of people, also for people who are trying to win the favor of the crowd, this dream denotes that they will have big inflow.
For poor people madness announces a golden age – the one who has a sense of madness, gets something from all sides. For the sick person it predicts health, because madness drives the people to move forward.

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  1. I actually dreamed of a mad man want to beat me in my wrk place.other ppl we’re talking about I can’t represent them then he was sitting not far frm me he stood up want to beat me .now lm curious bcs I entered a biggest competition that need followers but ppl don’t even like just my pics and I can’t win bcs of their likes I don’t know what will be the outcome be .

    Thanks a lot