Magic & Spells dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Desire to rule A dream in which someone uses spells or magic to help or to harm may denote that someone seeks to make influence to people or events in the environment in the real life. This dream also describes how you have to react in some situation of life. It is important to understand does the spell work or fail. When the spells works then the witch or the magician can offer a valuable advice, and you should consider it.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Loss if be chanted or bewitched – The dream where you were chanted or bewitched may be the sign of loss in business or personal life;
  • Some troubles if cast magic spells or practice witchcraft – The dream indicates hasty action which may bring lots of worries and unexpected events.

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12 responses

  1. I had a dream that I was with this women and she was putting crystals in this cup and then saying something and then she would give me the cup to drink what was in it. I don know what kind of spell she was doing but i could tell that it was something dark and evil.

  2. last night I had a dream that i was living in a high rise apartment right at the top of the building about 20 stories up,, and there was a heli-pad attachted to my apartment..,,but the heli-pad had a garden growing on it, i was in the garden looking out into the city, also in the garden there was a weird guy in black playing a guiter and singing music….while this was happenning i walked to the edge of the garden-helipad i started chanting weird spells at the clouds and it started snowing and a blizzard came and froze across the city then woke up………..the next day after i woke up , a friend called me and said she had a dream about me freezing to death… so we both had dreams about ice and freezing?? what does this mean??

  3. I dreamed I was in this lock down dorm at a school that looked like a hotel hallway (tge shining) run by powerful evil witches (believe it or not it was marilyn manson and his “family” looked like the Adams family. I had a child that i nevee looked after but every now and then i would worry about where she is (her name
    I havent choosen yet) all girls in the dorm had powers but we couldnt
    Use tgem because we were weak and my room looked like norman bates mums room in psychi. I really know what that means

  4. At the moment am having spell on byfriend as he treated me bad and find it hard to make him undrestand me,I love him and want to setle down with him. He is very selfish, everything is about himself and he never pay attention on me, I did tried to brake away from him in serveral occasion but he keep on saying that we are good for each other. I found that is not good for as he overpower me in everything. He is playing with heart and made me feels nothing
    Nothing will be 50/50, everything is 99% his way, not willing to compromise, never listen to my complains. when not working never take me out to dinner which I found it strange. I do really want him to change if not another man should come in my life. I knoen him for year but never spend been out for dinner. He never listen to me, will never spent night with me or take me out somewher for a walk. He called me all the sweet name you will expect someone who adore you to call
    I made a spell on him as I dont know where to turn for help as he keep on playing with my heart, he taking advantage of my kind heart. Since I cast my spells on him, I have change my kind heart on him. He tried to call, email, tex and I never respond back to him and I feels the I have been used like a toilet tesue. Now I gain my power back and become very strong and I dont woried about him anymore and I got the feeling that I have to let him go to give another man chance. Last night I had a dreams that someone walk in my bedroom and I could feels the energy of the person and it woke me up, I told the person to get out of my room, then the person try to leave but the munites I want to go back to sleep the person was tring to come back then went back to sleep.
    I used to cry in my bed when I feels lonely but now not anymore.

  5. I doubt that anybody will answer this as to why, or that anybody will know. I had a dream I that I helped an older lady( I think). This lady was either neutral to me or liked me. She started to say something to noone in particular, I asked and she said it was a spell, she said something about the blood of a thousand ghosts, maybe a thousand ghosts will feast on my blood or I will drink theres, I’ve tried to look it up with no luck, kinda bothera me tho

  6. I will say that I have a big frustration with a friend of mine. For lack of a better word and constantly running into eachother in waking life. Anyways the dream is sort of like the camp I went to except for classrooms like at school. I will skip to the sorcery part though. A whole bunch of people were seated at a wooden stadium-like area. There was a guy, who was going to compete soon and I was able to partly control his actions, while I was sitting in my seat. So I made him sit next to a friend of mine. He snapped out of the trance and I saw him give me a look(the same as my friend, who I mentioned above.) Somehow that ‘friend was behing me and friends with the guy. He gave me a serious look(don’t know if he was glaring) and then he and his friend secretly started talking about something. I have really good hearing and I couldn’t hear them, same as waking life. He did a spell and I remember seeing green streaks like lightning from a wand. I can’t recall where he directed it. I know I was really frightened and tried to whisper about what he did. Then the seats had something similar like the bar that keeps you from falling on a roller coaster and our abdomens were being pushed under it. I had a hard time breathing and freaking out. So what is this dream supposed to mean? All I know is it seems my friend is afraid I’ll find out about a secret he has and Is keeping an eye on me for that reason. In the dream his aura was black like it usually is.

  7. I chanted to a dream spell to find out what my ex thought of me. Instead of him though, my boyfriend before him was in it and in my dream he had told me that he was deeply in love with me but he couldnt be with me. ? Ummm, did it work? And what does it mean?

  8. I had a dream that there was this weird looking slug! Like three feet weird looking. People outside wanted it bur I said it was mine. I thought it might be rare or somethin special soi brought it in the house. It turned into some kind of dragon creature. Light blueish color. I wasn’t scared of it but I thought it might harm or eat my dog. So I picked it up from his teeth like I had to open up his mouth! And I thought to myself,”that must be where I got the lines on my fingers from. So I put him in a cage. All of a sudden I was outside. I looked behind me and there was this big giant! Look like it was already dead. It was chaseing me around my fathers truck! I trew something at it’s foot, a knife or something. It got mad and caught me so I said a magic spell it turned to stone then changed back. So I said it again. Samething so ihad to say this other spell over and over again. Everytime I said it it’s head began to look like it was being cut off. Without seeing what was cutting it. So I started going back into the house and a purpleish blue little hippopotumus came out of it running out after me so I said another spell and it’s teeth flew out and died! Then I woke up! What does that mean

  9. I think two years ago, when it was raining heavily, I dreamed that that my girl friend spent that night with other boy. One month latter, I heard that she really had sex with that boy. no sooner we took apart. Since that time I am afraid of dreaming such terrible dreams.

  10. I wake up in my dream and notice that I am dreaming. As soon as I notice I turn into a vampire and this is recurring. It almost felt like someone in my dream casted a spell on me if that is possible? I went to this safe house with a which, and she said it was a powerful spell. She put like 10 things in a pot it turned like black and red as it compined. She put the liquid in my mouth . She gave me a name She said that Ron was trying to cast a spell on you, but I don’t know anyone named ron? I have lucid dreams about every night now, but this one seemed a little awkward to me

  11. I cant remember my dream fully… the only thing that stood out to me was this girl in front of me who was a friend of my older sisters that I started chanting a spell to cause her harm and to fail. My eyes even started glowing and went all black. I don’t think it worked… I didn’t chant it long enough. What does that mean??