Magic wand dream meanings

General Meanings:

Ability to rule If the dreamer uses a magic wand in dream, then the dreamer knows about his influence to other people. Conversely dream when someone else uses a magic wand, the power whether negative or positive, which acts against him in certain situation.

Psychological Meanings:

Hidden force The Magic wand is commonly regarded as an instrument of supernatural powers and has a particularly important role in this dream. The dreamer is aware of an external force that has to be restrained by him.

Spiritual Meanings:

The Magic wand is inextricably linked with magic and can therefore symbolize “magical” forces that influence the dreamer.

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  1. I’ve been dreaming how many times that I’m a wizard, It was a greatest dream I’ve ever experience & I feel like i don’t wanna wake up and stay on that dream. lol

    • Yeah, I can relate to you, frank.

      This is really weird. I wake up in the morning And dreamed about having a wand duel with a bad mermaid. REALLY. WEIRD. I even said some lines that i read on harry potter “Crucio!” , “expelliarmus!”

      • I just had a dream like that with the lines used in Harry potter. I was outside, night time, and I was fending of Voldemort. But I could only defend not attack. I think I said “Protego” or something like that. Then he went away and I hung out with other kids before going home by walking.