Magician dream meanings

General Meanings:

Good impression and selfishness The dream symbol of magician stands for tricks, in order to deceive somebody or to fascinate. There are two different explanation, the good one and the bad one. The good one – shows that you have incredible talents talents and you can enchant others with your talents and works. The bad one – You deceive people for your own purposes, for your own benefits, to make a deceptive impression to others.

Psychological Meanings:

Power The magician may have a meaning of archetypal male power. It shows pureness and great power. It reflects the strength against the shaman.

Great talents The magician is a figure with superhuman and magical powers. This may be a warning to the dreamer, to keep himself not so powerful and not so important against others. A magician may reflect an amazing display of talent or skill.

Black magic The magician  also stands for dark side of the person. You want to reach your goals and wishes by deceiving people and underhanded tricks. This signifies deception, evil and treachery. You try to fool others in order to make better position for yourself.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning and changes if seeing or communicating with a magician – In the dream you are talking with a magician, warns you to beware of swindlers. Also this symbol predicts an unexpected event that will change your life fundamentally;
  • Accept changes if being a magician – In your dream you are a magician, marks that you should voluntarily adopt a new way of life, because otherwise you never obtain a satisfaction.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Negative experiences if meeting a magician – When you meet a magician in your dream, this shows that you will experience unpleasantness when you will  search for prosperity and happiness. You are too overconfidence of yourself.
  • Good omen if seeing a magician – Very good omen, that you will find a simple solution of a very difficult question or situation. You will use your talents to solve all the worries.
  • Divorce if young people seeing magician – This dream announces loss of loved one by divorce. He/she was only deceiving you in order to make better life for themselves;
  • Bad decision if being a magician in dream – You are a magician in your dream, it will be possible to reach something in not so honest way, but this will be only temporary and will not bring you happiness;
  • Happy life if seeing magic tricks – The dream about magician signifies that a mystery will be solved in your life. The prosperity and happiness in your family;
  • Escaping from bad situation if showing magic tricks and others can see this – In the dream you show magic tricks as a magician, means that you will soon come to an unpleasant situation from which you can free yourself only with your own strength.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • No worries if seeing a magician – This dream shows that you will avoid unpleasant situation by tricks;
  • Show your talents if being a magician – You are a magician in the dream, this shows that you have great talents and you can make your life even better. Don’t be afraid to use them.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Being a magician in the dream – This dream has two meanings. Positive side of this dream, shows that you have great uncovered talents. You have to show them. You are the person who can inspire others to reach their goals. The negative side is that you are deceiving people. You want to trick them to use them and to make your life better. But this will be only temporary thing. This will make damage for you.

Seeing or meeting a magician in the dream – This means that you will find the solution of bad situations. This will help you to make decisions which will help you to reach your goals and make better life. You will have prosperity and happy life.

Dreaming dark, mystical and bad magician ( black magic, sorcery) – This symbol is a bad omen. The warning against enemies, who wants to make harm for you. You will be betrayed by someone who is really close to you. Also this shows that you will have lots of impediments in reaching your goals, desires. There is a possibility of aggression or assault, you have to be attentive.

Dreaming white and bright magician – You are dreaming that magician is bright or white, means that you are ready to transform yourself or to move to something better – better life, better position and etc. You have to trust your own abilities and power. You will always get help from other people.

* Please, see also age, archetypes, clown, bewitched, circus.

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  1. i saw my self in a dream using my parm hand to lift many instrument like i cant touch them but with my power i move them and people gather to wach me paform it, so what did it mean?

  2. حلمت أني راكبة في باص وجنبي بنت مرينا جنب سيارة وقلت للبنت هاذا ساحر وكن يلبس أسود ونده لحية بعدينا سرنا ومرينا من جنب سيارة وقلت للبنت هاذي ساحرة وشكلها لها علاقة بالساحر هاذاك وبعدين نزلت من الباص الى مكان ودخلت وجات سيارة الساحر ونزل من السيارة ودخل نفس المكان وكان في خيوط على الجدار رمى الساحر خنجر على الخيوط صارت أشكال وقالي شو رايج قلتله ماراح تقدر تسحرني غضب الساحر وسار وأخذ الخنجر ورماه بأتجاهي وبعدين مسكت الخنجر بمهارة علشان مايصيبني انغاض الساحر أكثر وحاول يأخذ مني الخنجر لمن ماقدر وبعدين رماني على الارض وخنقني وأنا أحاول أطعنه بس انا مامتت في الحلم وانتهى

  3. I dreamed that becouse I have power with weard anthic wind chimes and its was open from my spell its look like miracle I have filing power in my dream and a lots of wespering aroud me .please tell me what thats mean ? thank you.

  4. I dreamed that this magician I knew (well he is more like a fortune-teller in my dreams) told me that my wish will come true if it’s full moon. Then I started texting my friends and asked “when will the next full moon appears?” Then there is this friend of mine that replied and answered “2 years and a month”.

    Now when I woke up, I am very conscious WHAT THE HECK THAT DREAM WAS ABOUT???

    thanks in advance to the one who can answer

  5. I dreamed that I was someone who can speak his mind or said word out loud and things can become reality right after I said them. What do these dreams mean because I had have dreams like these many times. What exactly are these dreams mean I really want to know the meaning of them. Please tell me?