Magnifying glass dream meanings

General Meanings:

Focus on what you decided If a subject, a situation or a person is increased in the dream, then the meaning of a dream should be pointed out exactly to it. If you use a magnifying glass, then this refers to the fact that you should do what you have previously deliberately decided. You shouldn’t try to find the defects under the magnifying glass.

Psychological Meanings:

Analyzing yourself In the dream you try to analyze something through magnifying glass, then such a dream marks that you try to find your own abilities and skill and mistakes.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the magnifying glass in the dream means that the dreamer must take a closer look at his behavior, if he wants to move forward on the path of spiritual development.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Free attitude if someone uses magnifying glass – In your dream you see that a person uses magnifying glass in order to analyze something, then this denotes your attitude to others. You think that people are too concerned about their actions and can not enjoy their life;
  • Clean soul if broke magnifying glass – When you broke a magnifying glass in your dream, then this dream announces that all your guilt feelings and dissatisfaction will disappear;
  • Fear if desperately analyze with magnifying glass – In the dream you are analyzing something very carefully, then this shows you own fears. You are afraid that people will notice your defects;
  • Worries and painful experiences if use magnifying glass – If a woman dreams of a magnifying glass, soon she will be confronted with insidiousness and wrong statements. Such occurrences possibly end in tragic scenes and separation.

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