Mandrake dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire to hurt and destructive force In ancient times the dream symbol of mandrake roots stood for a masculinity. This flower was used in magical ceremonies (it has a similar meanings as a doll in the voodoo culture). If the man dreams of a mandrake or a mannequin, this dream denotes his deeply hidden desire to hurt or to make damage to other people. On the other hand, the mandrake has a meaning of the “Great Mother” and therefore symbolizes the feminine aspect. This plant has a very negative ability, it gives the witch mystical and destructive power.

Psychological Meanings:

Responsibility for decisions In a dream the symbol of a mandrake root has two aspects –  with this plant you can cure or kill. Also this dream signifies that the dreamer should decide and take responsibility for your actions or decisions.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level this dream gives you power to live or to die as a creator or as a loser.

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8 responses

  1. I dream i was handed the mandrake by my girl friend. At first i though it Was a baby cause thats what she had told me but when i took it i saw it Was a root that looked just like a baby and was cryng a lot.

  2. I was walking near woods in a field when I discovered a largish vaguely baby shaped root laying on the ground, possibly dying. I set it upright and picked a leaf off the ground, folded it up and fed the root. When I stuck the leaf into the “mouth” it snapped and began chewing the leaf. I carried the root back to wherever I’d left to use it to commit mischief. I sensed the root was homicidal but also that it was easily rendered inert by dousing it in water. I put buckets of water around and then approached a door, behind which was an unsuspecting friend. Meanwhile the root had grown and was hungry for sustenance, evident by a flame either within it or I just knew a flame was necessary for it to remain sentient. No one was hurt but I remember being frightened by what I started and the once baby sized root had grown to a menacing 6 ft tall grotesque character of a chinese child, glowing intensely like a malevolent jack o lantern. Then I woke up feeling puzzled but not anxious like from a nightmare.

  3. I had a dream of holding a land take plant in my right hand and a white substances on my hand. The plant was whole with root and all attached But the flower was mimissing.what dose this mean?

  4. I dreamt that I dug up some Mandrake root (I knew what it was in my dream) from my garden. The root was very large & I struggled to pull it out. Eventually with some effort I carried it under my arm into my kitchen….I don’t recall any more of the dream.

  5. I was at a house and this person i dont remember if man or woman pulled out a mandrake from a herb box but the mandrake was white and screaming but it’ screams didn’t have an effect on me.

  6. I dreamt I was standing by a herb box. An older woman (don’t remember who it was) came up to me and said “you’re pregnant.” Suddenly a second old woman appeared next to her (seems like it could have been my mother-in-law). I didn’t reply, stunned as I was, when she and my maybe-mother-in-law reached over to the herb box and each pulled a different version of a mint plant. The first color was bright green and the second color was muted almost gray green (which is popular in our culture). When they pulled their respective herbs, the roots were filled with baby shapes. Each had at least four of five shapes attached to them. The same lady that spoke to me earlier said, “see?” as they both showed me the roots. That’s all I can really remember about the dream.
    *Note, I am not pregnant!

  7. I dreamed that i found myself in a hill with potatoes and Mandrake roots as I walked by the potatoes would just grow instantly ready to be picked and then someone said “let me show you this and they pulled out a mandrake root and it cried like a baby and they detached it from the ground” then I woke up.