Behead dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about behead might presage peacefulness, affection and amity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung analysis of the dream about behead shows uncontrolled enterprise, gynic passion, ingenuity and faculty.
Affirmative reworkings are ahead in life only when: behead - It signifies dominance and being a pioneering person. Still, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream can prefigure backwards understanding: somebody should be oblique and insecure in relation to you.
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  • Amputation - ...the dreamer in his life – the lost possibilities to develop or  he has lost his mental or spiritual pillar. Lost ability to perceive The amputation of arms or hands frequently appears in the dream after the death or separation of a partner or lover. Those who lose fingers and then a part of the sense of touch is lost this means that you have lack of feeling to acquire knowledge through senses. Restriction The absence of a hand probably says that the dreamer does not have enough freedom of action. Who is beheaded in the dream is in danger of... (read more)
  • Snake with many heads - ...your life must go. Dead snake with multiple heads cut off can mean that problems are over. It also can mean that your instinctive nature is taking over your logic mind, when you need to choose to do something or not. It can be related with erotic desires that might be controlling you even more than it should. Also, headless snake shows that you might be losing your creativeness recently. Alternatively, if you beheading many heads of a snake then it that means you would like to free your superseded desires. Also, it can mean that you are going to overcome... (read more)