Being bit by a lizard dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of being bit by a lizard can argue exhilaration, very strong liking and fellowship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation the dream about being bit by a lizard omens sovereign air, effeminate passion, artistry and property.
Enthusiastic reworkings are about to become true if: being bit by a lizard - This dream stands for the circumstance that puts the dreamer in a favorable position. You are one step ahead. In spite of that, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream should personify upside down substance: somebody can be deceiving and perilous in regard to you.
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  • Snake in my shoe - You useless, sick, bad excuse for fungus. May many manic wolverines merrily dance in your father’s bed. Alternatively, it means this: May a freeze-dried and sweaty group of plague-ridden weasels spill sixty-eight times thirty-three rusty tacks upon your heinie. May ninty-nine fleas and a funky hoard of fleas seek a battleground in your house. May many biting gnats find your feet suddenly delectable. You stenchy crock of sweaty moose puckies. You egotistical, leprous, half-baked offspring of a motherless lizard. Moreover, dreaming of a snake bing in your shoes means also this: You par-broiled, hirsute camel scabs for brains. You insignificant... (read more)
  • Animals - big impact with everyday life. When we have an emotional crisis it reflex in our dreams. For example, someone that just broke up, having the dream of the animal attacking him, then such dream might show the anger towards that person. Another example, the dreamer has a dream of seeing the animal feeding his babies, then such dream might indicate your parental instincts or the environment which includes children you are surrounded by. The third example explains man’s relationships to his divorced wife. He was dreaming of being a tiger and trying to eat his ex wife. The dream shows... (read more)