Betting dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of about betting can designate peacefulness, involvement and intimacy.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's analysis this dream about betting signs self-supporting oomph, female sexuality, imaginativeness and endowment.
Reassuring adjustments are ahead : betting - Symbol of a dream signals the favorable benefit. You are a visionary person. Notwithstanding, if it was bad dream then your dream could evidence contra value: a person of great value might be deceitful or ticklish in relation to you.
Lucky numbers for this week: 5 winning numbers - 12, 84, 4, 64, 45; 2 extra numbers - 45, 97.
Fortunate colors for this dream: black and brown .
  • Betting - General Meanings: Betting (bet in dream) indicates a risk that can not be calculated accurately. You should carefully consider whether you want to take it, and realize before the possible consequences of failure. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unlucky if bet on sport – Dreaming of betting on sports in general indicates that due to carelessness, you will always have bad luck in result; Unclear things if finish betting – In the dream you finish betting then in real life you will start an uncertain thing which will not bring you any success or joy; No confidence if can not stop betting... (read more)