Betting dream meanings

General Meanings:

Betting (bet in dream) indicates a risk that can not be calculated accurately. You should carefully consider whether you want to take it, and realize before the possible consequences of failure.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unlucky if bet on sport – Dreaming of betting on sports in general indicates that due to carelessness, you will always have bad luck in result;
  • Unclear things if finish betting – In the dream you finish betting then in real life you will start an uncertain thing which will not bring you any success or joy;
  • No confidence if can not stop betting – If you can’t finish or stop betting, then in your real life you will lose your confidence because you will meet with difficult circumstances;
  • Success if bet and win – In the dream you bet and win then this dream signifies that you will have again luck and success;
  • Bad people if bet and lose – Dreaming that you bet and lose then this may be that you will experience injustice because of wicked people in your environment;
  • Bad period if bet for money on races – You bet for money on races in the dream then you should not participate in new businesses or new project;
  • Enemies if bet on race – Also in the dream you are betting for money on horse, dog racing or any other kind of racing sport then this shows that your enemies are trying to divert your attention from legitimate business;
  • Be attentive if sit at the gaming or gambling table – This dream means that someone wants to steal all your money, so you have to be careful.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Be attentive if win in betting – The dream indicates that you have to beware of losses.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Be aware if enter into betting (begin betting in dream) – The dream marks that you have not to let yourself to run into risky speculation because this will make damage to you;
  • Success if win betting – In the dream you win the betting then you’ll achieve unexpected success;
  • Love affair if win betting sport – the dream is a sign that you will have luck in love affair, but the duration of this affair will be short;
  • Failure if lose bet – In the dream you lose your bet so you may expect that you will do a big mistake which will bring you some loss. Also there is a threat of considerable financial losses.

* Please, see meaning of gamble or play in dream.

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