Buried alive dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about buried alive may mirror peacefulness, lust and affinity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation such dreaming of buried alive omens unconnected boldness, ladylike sexuality, resourcefulness and endowment.
Encouraging restylings are about to become true in waking life only: buried alive - Symbol of a dream frequently shows primacy and being one step ahead of other. If not, if this dream was with negative emotion then a dream may illustrate backwards hint: an important person can be specious and/or icy in regard to your person.
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  • Death - ...difficulties if see the unknown death – such a dream shows that you will be able to cope with harsh situations in your life; Suffer and agony if buried alive – to dream of your own death, where you were buried alive signifies to misery you will suffer; New message from relatives and friends if dream of those you knew that are already dead – to dream of your deceased relatives and friends, signifies something new you will find out; Sad news if touched or kissed a dead person – to dream of kissing or touching the person that is... (read more)
  • Bury - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Pain if see a dear person be buried – This dream signifies that you will severe pain from this person because of his irresponsibility and wildness; Inheritance if bury other persons – In the dream you bury other person, then this announces you inheritance; Worries if be buried alive – You are buried alive in your dream, then this dream has a negative meaning which announces you misfortune and lots of troubles in your life, also this may show an imprisonment because of your illegal actions. Arabian (Islamic) Long life if be buried – In... (read more)
  • Mine - ...and to use your inner “excavation”. Inner misunderstanding If an accident or someone is buried in the mine, the mental balance of the dreamer is seriously disturbed, personal preferences should be more alive. You have to focus on yourself and what is important to you. Psychological Meanings: The mine in the dream may stand as the dark unconscious, where are repressed unpopular parts of the personality which are hidden deeply in the underworld. To meet this underworld can be very frightening. Loner but successful If you were all alone in a mine in your dream, then this means that you... (read more)
  • Deceased - General Meanings: Need to forget In the dream appears deceased people, they usually refer strong emotions, both positive and negative, that the dreamer has with these people. Mostly these dreams cannot be understood as a senses of guilt or aggression. In this way it is the only one possibility to end the relationship or connection with them that we had while they were alive. The dream indicates that you have to let them out from your life. Psychological Meanings: Memories Memories about deceased person can ” be buried” for years in the unconscious, this may be caused because we visited... (read more)