Blue sapphire dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of blue sapphire can express warmth, idolatry and sincere friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung understanding the dream about blue sapphire embodies independent substance, womanish passion, artistry and bent.
Favourable renewings are around in waking life only: blue sapphire - This dream sign signs eminence and being one step ahead of other. If not, if your dream has left bad feeling then such dream might speak of upside down meaning: a person of great significance can be snide and difficult toward you.
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  • Gemstone - ...exemplifies the well-established friendship and also the flash. – Bead: symbolizes the feminine principles of chastity and purity, also the moon and water. – Ruby: this is set in relationship with everything that has to do with royal size: dignity, devotion, power, love, passion, beauty, longevity and invulnerability. – Sapphire: secular faith, virtue, contemplation and the feminine side of chastity; – Emerald: if immortality, hope, youth, loyalty and also represents the beauty of spring; – Topaz: is related to the beauty of the divine in the form of goodness, faithfulness, friendship, love and wisdom and also symbolizes the sun. –... (read more)