Gemstone dream meanings


Treasure; essence; Valuable.


What is valuable? What I have in myself as valuable?

In general:

Gemstone has the general meaning of jewelry. The rarely occurring mineral is often translated the focal point of a beautiful piece of jewelry. The core of our ego, which would radiate outward, the gemstone has excellent special features (such as clarity), and a certain fire, which may indicate the high investments of the dreamer in waking life. However, if a gem loses, probably the one point breaks out of his crown. The bigger and more sparkly the stone, the vain man.
Depending on the circumstances in the dream you can still see the following meanings:
– if gems in a dream play a role, they are almost always for things that appreciate the dreaming.
These may be personal characteristics such as integrity, authenticity, or even one’s own essence.
Once a person knows what he is looking for the value of things, its environments and the possible experience is conscious.
– Trying to find gems in a dream on a mountain or in a cave, so he looks for those personality components, which could be useful to him in his future.
– He counts gems or attempts to appreciate their value, then this is an indication that he still needs time to think.
– See buying gemstones or show that you give in to temptation and thereby suffer damage or loss.
– Gems announces sale contrast to a financial success.
– Possession of precious stones indicates primarily on more prestige, the loss warns that you can damage your reputation.
– Plotting gems (for example in a ring), shows the often exaggerated pride, it is one of the harm itself.
– Play an important role in this condition and color of the gemstones.
– They glow strongly increased by the fact that positive meaning.
– If they are obviously damaged, dull or dull and black, this is more of a negative character.
In the Interpretation of Dreams every gemstone is interpreted as follows:
– Agate (black): symbolizes prosperity, courage, confidence and expression.
– A red agate represents peace, represents spiritual love of God, health, prosperity and a long life.
– Amethyst: it is the gem of healing and dream influence. In addition, he is associated with humility, peace of mind, confidence, self-restraint and resignation in connection.
– Aquamarine: it embodies hope, youth and health.
– Amber: represents light and magnetism.
– Beryl: they say Beryl imagine happiness, represents hope and eternal youth.
– Bloodstone: it reflects peace and understanding and answered all requests.
– Chrysolite: represents wisdom, discretion.
– Chrysoprase: symbolizes joy, unconditional cheerfulness, the symbol of joy.
– Diamond: symbolizes human greed, the harshness of nature and human values ​​in the cosmic.
– Sense. He is also a symbol of permanence and incorruptibility and the unwavering loyalty, sincerity and innocence.
– Jet: Although he is usually with dark emotions, such as grief and mourning, in context, he wakes up on a trip through security.
– Garnet: exemplifies dedication, loyalty and grace. A grenade can help on the energy level.
– Green garnet: influenced simplicity, humility and happiness in the context of humility.
– Hyacinth: partial faithfulness and the truth contained therein, but also the gift of second sight and modesty.
– Jade: if both extraordinary and superior, as well as the heavenly power of Jang and all accompanying joys.
– Jasper: it means joy and happiness.
– Carbuncles: is associated with determination, success and self-confidence in communication.
– Carnelian: symbolizes friendship, courage, self-confidence and health.
– Cat’s Eye: this stands for longevity, survivability and the pale moon.
– Corundum: influences and help create mental stability.
– Crystal: symbolizes purity, simplicity and various magical elements.
– Lapis Lazuli: it creates divine benevolence, success and the ability to perseverance.
– Magnetite: mirrors reflect sincerity and honesty; affect male fertility.
– Moonstone: represents the moon and its magical properties, as well as tenderness and romantic love.
– Olivine: indicates simplicity, modesty and good luck on a modest scale.
– Onyx: symbolizes acumen, sincerity, spiritual power and marital happiness.
– Opal: represents not only loyalty, but also religious passion, prayer and resistance to spiritual beliefs.
– Peridot: exemplifies the well-established friendship and also the flash.
– Bead: symbolizes the feminine principles of chastity and purity, also the moon and water.
– Ruby: this is set in relationship with everything that has to do with royal size: dignity, devotion, power, love, passion, beauty, longevity and invulnerability.
– Sapphire: secular faith, virtue, contemplation and the feminine side of chastity;
– Emerald: if immortality, hope, youth, loyalty and also represents the beauty of spring;
– Topaz: is related to the beauty of the divine in the form of goodness, faithfulness, friendship, love and wisdom and also symbolizes the sun.
– Turquoise: he represents courage, physical and spiritual fulfillment and success.
– Tourmaline: provides inspiration, imagination and friendship represent
– Zircon: symbolizes sophistication, but also honor and grace of the Grand.


All kinds of gems are in the dream symbols of inner qualities such as: self-confidence, pride, dependability, confidence, consistency and perseverance, but they can also express a desire for these properties. Stones with dark inclusions or cracks have a negative symbolic value, they point to deception out by others – or a relationship has “get a jump”.


From a spiritual point of view, gemstones and their interpretation promote personal development.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– see gemstones in a dream: a happy fate in love and business predict, also attracts a material to a temptation;
– have: one will win high honors and prestige;
– bear: you’re too arrogant and selfish;
– see: one will happen to a somewhat valuable;
– see many: one will fall into poverty;
– see blue: means a new idea, an inspiration, or a new area of ​​knowledge;
– see red: promises enjoyable encounters in love;
– yellow: there are opportunities arising through various contacts;
– purple: more religious deepening one would be good, because it could be valuable insights and “help from above” result;
– lose: means disgrace;
– see other: make it a temptation to reject you;
– gifted: indicates luck in everything, especially in relation to the increase in the assets;
– buy: you will achieve the hoped for in some effort; loss;
– sell: improving the material situation.

Hindu (Hinduism)
– your trust with people is severely shaken.

Arabian (Islamic)
– see: you will be tempted;
– many have: you get to office and honor;
– lose: beware of thieves, you fall victim to a theft;
– get: you judge one thing wrong.

* Please, see meaning of jewels, jewelry and under each gemstone names.

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