Demon possessed dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of about demon possessed can body forth restfulness, attachment and accord.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung explanation of this dream about demon possessed denotes absolute temperament, gender sexual urge, creativity and puissance.
Approving in the affirmative way transformations are going on in life only if: demon possessed - This dream sign ordinarily represents the recognized superiority within a profession. You are a pioneering person. Or else, if it was bad dream then your dream might adumbrate vice versa interpretation: someone is being ruthless or difficult toward you.
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  • Demon - Association: Image of self-doubt or denial. Question: What stands between me and my higher consciousness? General Meanings: Repressed emotions Demon as a dream symbol may show inner conflict of a man who feels threatened by his repressed needs and desires. Often the dream of demon has a connection with massive guilt, disgust and aggression and anxiety. Psychological Meanings: Demons come in a dream before they are either helpful or benign and usually have something sinister in itself. Often this is a picture of conscience or fear of blame. If this dream of demons appear very often and cause fear... (read more)
  • Demonstration - General Meanings: Demonstration is often an exaggerated self-presentation, which can make personally a lot of damage. This dream gives an advice that you have to practice a little more restraint and modesty. Psychological Meanings: The demonstration in the dream expresses your inner attitude of protest or unconscious rejection of persons or activities. The dreamer has to be more wiser and do not show overly aggressive reactions and exaggerated self-presentation. The dreamer has to determine his position, to make clear what he wants to achieve and do not demonstrate this all the time. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Unpleasant situation if... (read more)
  • Demon - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Be ready if see demon – The dream of demon has a very serious omen, you are unable to avoid misfortune and damage but you can be ready for this.... (read more)
  • Ocean - Spiritually: When you keep dreaming about tides in the ocean (recurring dream of the cyclic rise and fall of the water in the ocean), this indicates the passage of the time as well as the change of feelings and mixed emotions. Denise Lynn (short): Short interpretation of the ocean in dreams by Denise Lynn The dream of the ocean represents the unlimited power of intuition. The meaning depends on the water conditions: Quiet, calm ocean demonstrates the tremendous inner strength, as well as the emotional and spiritual balance; Turbulent, restless ocean requires you to have a great courage on... (read more)
  • Sea - Denise Lynn (short): Short interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn The dream of the sea as the life of the sea represents the unlimited power of intuition. The meaning of the sea in the dream depends on the water conditions: Quiet, calm sea demonstrates the tremendous inner strength, as well as the emotional and spiritual balance; Turbulent, restless sea requires you to have a great courage on a journey to the calm waters through the emotional storm. Denise Lynn (detailed): Detailed interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn The sea symbolizes life, your subconscious... (read more)
  • Brutality - ...very frightening, the dreamer recognizes that such a dream shows his darker, wild and bestial sides of personality. Maybe he has to cope with the anxiety which was caused by the brutality in order to further development and growth. The dreamer will have an ability to learn to manage his brutality and anger. Psychological Meanings: Unbridled sexual passion or other type of passion in a dream may be an expression of brutality and cruelty. Spiritual Meanings: Brutality in a dream may refer to demonic actions of an evil. Through this behavior the demon wants to poison your spiritual world.... (read more)
  • Forest -’s life in order to find a new direction. The green forest is to announce happiness and success, the bald misfortune and sorrow.The edge of the forest indicates that you find out from an awkward situation again, sometimes he also points to an upcoming separation. Psychologically: The forest is a dream symbol of the unconscious. Finds the dream action take place in a forest, this is mostly a picture of archetypal patterns of the collective unconscious.Frequently, these are to behavioral patterns that are known from fairy tales, myths and legends.The forest is synonymous with mysterious, adventurous and demonic, that our... (read more)
  • Book - ...are reading books in the dream, then this dream symbol stands for harmony and well-behaved children; Evil if see old books – The old books as a dream symbol may stand for past demons that wants to make damage of all kinds. Arabian (Islamic) Distraction if read a book – To dream of reading a books and all the time take a glance to others then this dream marks about your distraction, you do not focus on very important and serious things; Welfare if book is useful to read or learn from it – The book that you are reading... (read more)
  • Snake - ...foretells self-renewal, spiritual independence or rebirth, along with any other kind of positive transformations. Psychological Meanings: Importance – Snake is most important archetypical character of dreams. According psychiatrist C.G. Jung a snake demonstrates something significant in the subconscious. It can be dangerous or can bring salvation. Since the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the snake is most commonly met with fear. Good or bad – Because of snake mysterious nature, it is seen as the carrier of deepest energetic forces of the soul, but snake also is seen often in a conflict, so snake dream has both meanings – positive... (read more)
  • Meeting - ...meeting, this dream indicates that the decisions, propositions or projects you may took at work without discussion with your partners, then this may bring you unpleasant conflicts with a business partner or colleagues; Insufficient assessment if observe a meeting – You observe the meeting as a spectator in your dream, then this means that all your efforts that you did at work or for your family may be insufficiently evaluated by your fellows or relatives, and such an attitude will cause you a desire to demonstrate more of your skills and abilities. * Please, see meaning of speech, club.... (read more)
  • Ornament (art) - ...already have. Like a diamond which needs to be polished in order to show its beauty. You want to estimate the things you have, you want to increase values for further. Psychological Meanings: Improving situation When the dreamer dreams of ornaments, then this dream points that his personal space may be used even better, and thus may become more successful. The dreamer does not pay attention only to the basic situation, but he actively improves its internal and external situation. Spiritual Meanings: At this level, ornaments stand for tangible and demonstrable spirituality. * Please, see meaning of necklace, jewelry.... (read more)
  • Convertible - Association: Demonstration of power; parade. Question: What power am I ready to show? Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy life if get in a convertible car – In the dream you get in the convertible car, then this dream marks that you may expect joy and happiness in your life. * Please, see meaning of vehicles.... (read more)
  • Host - In general: Strong, often crude nature embodied in the host, especially in the landlady, who is often such a great earthy mother of all. They are both the donor of the natural food, and we sit at the table inside of a simple and powerful life. The host and the hostess stand as a metaphor for healthy and nourishing powers, and yet it is also to serve as figures of the unconscious is often something sinister, demonic. The Tales tell of forest inn, which is also in the forest of our unconscious and can have with the dark forces... (read more)
  • Face - ...if see your own in the water -The dream brings you long life and honor; Fulfillment of desires if see a happy face in the mirror – All your wishes will come true; Derision and success if see with make-up -The face in your dream is with make-up, for men announce scorn and derision, admiration and success of women; Troubles if ugly face – The dream will bring you worries; Enmities if a very ugly face – The demonic, death and enmities are in your life; Better life if swollen face – The swollen face in the dream indicates that... (read more)
  • Adam (the first man) - ...ever to have dreams (about Eve) and understood what dreams mean. A sign of the pilgrimage to Mecca (Arabic: مكة المكرمة‎ Makkah al-Mukarramah ). An indication to come together with the beloved ones. Adam in dream suggest that the dreamer will have many children and more boys than girls. Adam also can be interpreted as indication of forgetfulness and absentmindedness or of trickery and ruses. Adam can occur in dream when the dreamer is mixing with the demon spokesmen: snake charmers, poison makers, spiritualists and mediums. Adam can be a reference to rough garments, weeping, or a malaise due to unhealthy... (read more)
  • Objectives - In general: When in dream you are close to reach your goals, this suggests that must place new objectives in your life. When a target is missed, this may be an indication that the dreamer has not considered all the conditions of a situation. Psychologically: If in the dream the dreamer is dreaming life goals, then this can be interpreted as an indication that he is with his inner sense of purpose here. The exterior reflects the interior often, and goals may indicate that the dreamer knows instinctively what he must to do next. Spiritually: This dream demonstrates the... (read more)
  • Circus - Association: Childlike joy, imagination, abundance, fullness. Question: What would I want to enjoy? General Meanings: Different interpretation according to circumstances Your reaction about circus in the dream is very important for interpretation. Perhaps you were loved and were full of admiration for the achievements of artists. You refused and upset that noble animals were used to trained demonstrations. Wish for joy The circus symbol stands for desire for more exciting life, joy. You need to go outside, to free yourself from routine in your life. You have to enjoy the life. Psychological Meanings: Solving problems In a circus dream you... (read more)
  • Affection - Quick and Clear Meanings: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about affection in dreams Happiness or Warning – When you dream of demonstrating your affections for someone it represents how happy and dedicated you are in a relationship you are at the moment. This dream could also be a warning of your behavior with those who you love. Make sure you do show how much you appreciate your relationship, how much you love them, how much dedicated to them you are. Traditionally: European – Interference if Feeling Affection – In a dream to... (read more)
  • Dwarf - ...finances in your future. Your mind and body will be healthy. You are on the right way and moving toward perfect life. Dreaming ugly, short and hideous dwarf – Means that you feel confused and distressed at the moment. Also you have to be very attentive with people around you, they want to make damage for you and involve into risky things. In the dream the dwarf attacks you, signifies that your enemies is near you and they are trying to confuse you. They try to make damage to you. * Please, see meaning of demons, witch, people, giant and reduction.... (read more)
  • Yarn (thread) - the dreamer on his spiritual journey. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Patience if see yarn – In the dream you see a yarn, signifies that you need to have and demonstrate a lot of patience if you want to reach something; Foolishness if wrap a yarn – This dream means that you will meet lots of fools in your life; Avoid contradiction if a yarn is endless – Dreaming endless yarn, means that you will need to provide yourself from not to be involved in contradictions, because this may bring damage; Love if having a yarn -In the dream you have... (read more)
  • Compensation - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Intelligent person if compensation – The dream where you get a compensation this demonstrates your understanding for difficult transactions and ability to solve hard troubles.... (read more)
  • Fire - a monster or a demon, feeling like nightmare, means something very horrible has been experienced physically or mentally. It shows that some troubled situations gives for you very terrible feeling and seems like to be intentionally out here to destroy you. Fire dreams also can be a reflection of our agitation that something is going to burn. It shows our anxieties about fire safety. Dreaming about fire is very common to people who have been touched by fire, have some burnings or have experienced trauma from a fire just seeing something burning. Mostly after seeing serious fire in waking... (read more)