Sea dream meanings

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn

The dream of the sea as the life of the sea represents the unlimited power of intuition. The meaning of the sea in the dream depends on the water conditions:

  • Quiet, calm sea demonstrates the tremendous inner strength, as well as the emotional and spiritual balance;
  • Turbulent, restless sea requires you to have a great courage on a journey to the calm waters through the emotional storm.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn

The sea symbolizes life, your subconscious mind and a great intuitive power within you. You should try to go deeper into the primitive wisdom that lies in you and you should also trust the intuition you have.

It can be said much more about your dream depending in what condition it was: was it calm and quiet, or was it stormy?

  • Consider, that quiet and calm sea demonstrates emotional and spiritual balance, ability to stay focused no matter what kind of circumstances you are surrounded by;
  • Turbulent, stormy sea represents your inability to control and manage the simplest situation.

Freud’s Dreambook:

Psychoanalytical interpretation of dream about sea by Sigmund Freud (Jewish atheists, father of psychoanalysis)
  • To dream of the sea, which you can see from a distance in a dream, indicates that you are currently thinking about sex as something unreal and out of reach or at least, not something you could have fun with;
  • To dream of calm sea, which you watched from the shore or from a ship, means that you do not have enough of rest, working too hard and too much, therefore you wish to relax and have some time for yourself. Consider, that everything will change soon enough, you will find the balance between work and rest;
  • If the dreamer sees someone washing up or bathing in the sea, then this dream promises a good omen. The particular person that was seen bathing or washing himself/herself up, will need your help. You should support this person, when your help will be needed, as it will bring you much joy and happiness;
  • To dream seeing yourself washing up or bathing in the sea, signifies your great mental and physical condition. However, you should not stop and do things that you are great at;
  • To dream of trying to go into stormy, raging and hectic sea, shows your forgetfulness about the sexual desires, which means that you forgot the fact that you are able to make love. Do not worry, as everything will sort out by itself;
  • If you dreamed that you were swimming in the sea, it means that there is something you are trying to find out, which you shouldn’t know. There are some things, which better stay as a secret, otherwise it will make you feel upset.

Maya Dreambook:

Dream meanings about sea in Mayan culture

Good omen

If you dream that you are swimming in the sea, it means that now is a good time to start business. If you wish to have a great success in business, first of all, drink one tablespoon of sea water every day and the fortune will be in your hands.

Bad omen

If you dream that you are drowning in the sea, it means that someone is trying to use you with bad intentions. To avoid this, make sure you take a bath, lighten up some candles and go to sleep. By the morning, this person will not distract you anymore in any way.

Nobleman’s Dreambook:

Sea dream interpretation by N. Grishin

  • Seaside – a symbol of infinity and greatness of the unconscious element in man;
  • To dream of the sea, means that there comes a time in life, when you are dependent not only on the strength of yourself, but on the influence of the others too;
  • To dream of clear, calm and quiet sea – joy, tranquility between world and life;
  • To see a stormy sea in your dream – unconscious mind of yours, forces you to go out of control;
  • To dream of surfing in the sea promises a quiet life. It is also perfect time for the spiritual growth of your soul;
  • If you dream of seeing a sea foam, which is created by the agitation of sea water, then this dream signifies the illusory of hopes;
  • To fall into the sea by mistake, symbolizes disaster and injury, which means that in reality you should be careful;
  • If you dream of the image of the moon that is surrounded by dark clouds and the sea which is very stormy, it means that something negative and extraordinary will happen, where you will not have any influence to avoid it;
  • The quiet sea with the moon and moonlight over the sea – a peaceful happiness within your fate.

New Family Dreambook:

According to the New Family dreambook, if the dreamer heard an easy sound of the sea, it means that he will suffer from depression and loneliness. In general, the dreams of the sea is quite sad, representing sadness, isolation and other negative conditions;
If the girl dreams that she is going into the water with her lover, it means that all good expectations she has with that man, will come true.

Gypsy’s Dreambook:

Dream about the sea signifies a long journey;
Quiet and calm sea – the trip will be successful and enjoyable;
Stormy sea foretells about many problems and anxieties during the journey.

Old French Dreambook:

According to Old French dreambook – to dream of the sea is always favorable sign, because it symbolizes health, peace of mind and prosperity;
If you dream of a choppy sea, it means that finally you will reach the victory you were trying to reach for a very long time. There are many things you fought in the past, and now is the regain time, when you will get what you deserved;
If the sea seems too quiet or too rough – interpret that as a warning, which foretells that the fate has some challenges for you;
If you fall into the sea, such dream promises a long life or recovery from the illness.

The Chinese Dreambook:

Sea dream interpretation by Zhou Gong

The dream of the sea that is endless, signifies great happiness and prosperity in all aspects of dreamer’s life.

East women’s Dreambook:

If the dreamer is standing on the shore of the sea, it means that this person will have riotous life, many love affairs and entertainment;
If you dream of being in the sea during the storm – you should expect arguments with your relatives or lover;
If the young woman dreams of floating in the calm sea with her lover, then this dream shows happy future for those two.

Old Persian Dreambook:

Dream interpretation of sea by Taflisi

If somebody dreams that he/she travels by sea, then in reality this person will take a very important dignitary;
If the dreamer sees himself/herself drowning down into the sea, then it means that this person will have to face confronting situation, where he/she will have to give the report for particular actions that were done;
If the dreamer saw the waves of the sea, it means that this person will suffer unpleasant concerns about something.

Miller’s Dreambook:

Sea dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller from dream dictionary “10,000 Dreams Interpreted” or ”What’s In A Dream” or “Dreams, Their Scientific and Practical Interpretations”

To dream of melancholic sound of the sea, signifies boring and meaningless life. There are some aspects in your life, that are not fulfilled. You do not feel the joy of the life and see no meaning in things you are doing;
Dreams of the see show the futility and vanity. Just like the sea is on it’s own, so you feel the same way – lonely, angry, calm. All of these emotions and feelings depends on how you feel in reality either.

To dream of hearing the lonely sighing of the sea, foretells that you will be fated to spend a weary and unfruitful life devoid of love and comradeship.  Dreams of the sea, prognosticate unfulfilled anticipations, while pleasures of a material form are enjoyed, there is an inward craving for pleasure that flesh cannot requite.  For a young woman to dream that she glides swiftly over the sea with her lover, there will come to her sweet fruition of maidenly hopes, and joy will stand guard at the door of the consummation of changeless vows. See Ocean.  – (G. H. Miller, 1901, What’s in a Dream?)

Good Omen’s Dreambook:

To dream of the sea, usually signifies a good omen, which foretells about fulfillment of wishes.

Yellow Emperor Dreambook:

Dreams about sea meanings by Ancient Chinese civilization

Just like the wind, the water of the sea has no form, but it is easily fills in any forms of any amount. When a person does not have enough Yang energy (gall, bladder and bowels are loosened), then the internal energy of Yin comes out (according to the rules of Yin – inside, the Yang – outside), and in this case dream about the sea is perceived as a dive into the water – immersion in himself. Physiologically such image shows up because the blood fills up certain parts of the body and that creates a state of severity, immobility (sink and not be able to move to row), depression, anxiety and fatigue with indifference to the future.

If in a dream the sea is with context like see / cross / float , then the energy of yin is in yang energy and the man dreams that he is swimming in the sea and he is scared.

To sink in the sea in a dream is a sign of complete exhaustion of yang energy and the subordination of negative emotions. Subordination and internal and external difficulties during sleep is seen as drowning. Need a doctor’s advice (kidney) and a change of scenery (and leisure).

To swim in the water of the sea and to struggle with difficulties to be unable to reach the shore or the beach in a dream, shows formidable superiority in the life of the dreamer (applies to any situation: health, work, family, etc.). The dreamer is in waking life in an active search for a new way in his life. The revision and the actual realization of the internal forces is coming up while he is dreaming. The desire and the action are favorable and the faith usually sends help.

To swim in the sea and to reach the shore or to escape from drowning, then such dream predicts a favorable outcome, and some unexpected help. However, the dreamer should still check his health, because the possibility of issues with kidney still exists.

Tsvetkov Dreambook:

If you dreamed that you were walking along the shore or the beach, then such a dream represents the road of your life;
If you looked at the sea in your dream, then it means that you prefer to look at the things from the distance;
If you dreamed that you were sailing with boat, such dream foretells about important changes you will have;
To swim in the sea – fulfillment of desires;
If you dream of sky blue water – you will have an important meeting;
The depth of the sea represents hidden anxiety and worries.

Shuvalov’s Dreambook:

Sea dream meanings by Shuvalov

The dream about the sea symbolizes opportunities ahead of you. Many characteristics of the state of the sea represent the situations in which you find yourself. For example, if the sea is clean, clear and you can swim in it easily, it means that you have endless opportunities ahead of you. But if the sea is muddy and dirty and you find it hard to swim – you will struggle with your tasks and wishes while trying to achieve them.

Shereminskaya Dreambook:

Sea meanings by L. G. Shereminskaya
  • To dream of the sea storm, means that we have to learn how not to be superficial, which means that we must take a risk and try to look deeper into our-self, as this would help us to improve spiritually;
  • If you dream of waves in the sea, then this dream shows strong emotions, feelings and experiences;
  • If the waves of the sea are dirty and muddy, then this dream signifies possible illness you will suffer;
  • The tide of the sea, signifies of new upcoming opportunities ahead of you;
  • To stand in front of the sea and watch others surfing, means that all of the problems will be sorted out very quickly;
  • To swim in the sea on a boat – you are expecting for major changes.

Modern Dreambook:

Meanings of sea in dreams from Contemporary Dreambook

Usually dreams about the sea symbolizes unfulfilled hopes and aspirations. Even if your life is fulfilled with material needs, the dream about the sea would show unfulfilled spiritual needs.

To dream of hearing the sound of the sea and crashing waves, shows your inner sadness and unhappiness. It seems that your life is useless, there is no spiritual growth, which would help you be a better and stronger person.

For a young woman to dream of herself and her lover in a floating sea, signifies the fulfillment of the wishes. It also symbolizes long life and the youth.

Zadek Dreambook:

According to Martin Zadek, the dream about the sea and the waves symbolizes sadness, because the sea for mostly of people is known as deep, dark and unfamiliar place.

Esoteric Dreambook:

Sea in dreams by Esoteric Dreambook has this explanation:

The state of the sea is the state of your being. Consider how deep, calm, stormy or wavy the sea was, only then you will be able to find the answer to the meaning of your dream.

Italian Dreambook:

Sea dream interpretation by Meneghetti

It is said that the dream about the sea symbolizes endless opportunities in front of the dreamer. There are many things that the person is able to achieve, the only thing that is needed is the effort. The dream also represents the wholeness of human, therefore the changes of the sea, shows the changes in the mind or the health.

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  1. Hello!
    I have recurring dreams revolving around water, particularly sea (mostly troubled sea). I am not going to describe all of them, only the common elements.
    In all my dreams involving the sea, the sky is always clear. The weather is not particularly hot, but I wouldn’t say it is cold neither. There is always something personal in the dream, sometimes family members, sometimes my house or my workplace or colleagues. I am always rather calm, even though there is this pending feeling of fear that comes because of the sea. The sea is mostly clear (no mud / debris etc). I always come to believe that the sea is coming to get me / the people around. Sometimes there are waves coming our way, other times it is just the sea level rising. Occasionally I make attempts to get away – like climbing tall nearby buildings or moving a bit further away in the seaside. I never consider drastic things like taking a car and leaving town, probably because the threat of the water is never that big. I feel heavy, powerless, hopeless and almost accepting of the fate, while making small attempts to change it.

    Out of all the dreams I see, those featuring a troubled sea are the most often and leave me a more lasting feeling.

  2. Hi, i have been dreaming about walking away from a fight walk in to bush (grass was dry ) and I got lost and as am walking trying to find my way back, i see my feet getting wet as i look up i see myself standing at by the sea looking at it like in a distance laying quiet and calm. What does my dream mean?

  3. Few years ago 2009 to be precise I had a dream that I was standing by the beach facing the ocean while the ocean was calm and then I poured the little drops of Fanta drink from a Fanta bottle I found there right beside me into the calm ocean then all of a sudden I found myself in the middle of the ocean BUT now stormy. After a period of time I then seem to find myself on the other side of the ocean (that is on the other shore of the ocean which I was standing before the storm) with a white man kneeling down by my side by the beach there with his face down in the beach sand with the Fanta bottle with drink in it beside the white man (a white man I do not know) after that moment I found myself in the middle of my parents kitchen at home with a glaring sign that water was just being drained out of the kitchen floor. In the kitchen there a black man in a traditional war attire of the African decent stretched out a broom towards me with the broom strands well separated for each strand to stand alone at the top of it while the bottom part of the broom was being held tightly together in the black man hand. One of the broom strands at the top has a small white piece of paper wrapped around it and the black man in the traditional war attire of west african decency asked me to pull the small white piece of paper out of the broom strand and I did and then I opened the piece of paper myself and saw the word “BREAKTHROUGH” written in the small letters in the white piece of paper then I woke up from my dream. It was my first time of coming across the word breakthrough in my life so I picked up my dictionary to later see the meaning of the word breakthrough which I saw in my dream. I was just age 16-17 at the time of my dream. (IT IS A LONG DREAM AND I CAN COUNT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IVE SHARED IT WITH BECAUSE I FIND THE DREAM LONG AND COMPLICATED AND I HAVE TRIED TO EXPLAIN IT TO THE BEST OF MY MEMORY NOW. WHAT DOES MY DREAM MEANS PLEASE??

  4. Hi,I’ve been dreaming of swimming crossing deep see and a stormy sea almost drowning so scary or I’m between deep blue sea so scary. Sea was coming closing from corner to corner than I’m in the middle of no wear so scary plz help.or when I’m next to the sea is so scary stormy calm less in my dream please help

  5. I had a dream of me walking with a guy I just got into relationship with at the sea shore . But before we meet he kept me waiting for a long period of time and i felt very sad .He swam with other girls which to me , it seems like they are too connected ,i cried but he calmed me down and told me there was nothing between them ,he kissed me and with happiness we started walking and talking with laughter along the sea shore and everything seems calm .Please i what to truely know the meaning of that.

  6. I had two dreams, one was bathing with soap and sponge without water to rinse myself,
    The second one was, I saw my girlfriend washing clothes at the seashore, and where I east standing was on rocks along the seashore gazing at very clear and clean sea water, that I could even see the bottom, pls help me with the meaning.

  7. hi
    i had a dream today around 2:45 pm that i was somewhat like traveling underwater with my best friend and my sister. the water was really muddy and current was extremely strong plus the sky was covered with dark clouds. we could not find our way out then suddenly i saw that i was left alone there in that muddy and rough sea since i could not sea either my sister or my friend. but i heard them say that we were hearding towards the pacific ocean but it seemed morelike the dead sea covered with dark muddiest water i could ever imagine with dark cloudy sky and i was left alone with no one. after this i woke up
    please advice me on the authenticity of my dream m really scared.

  8. hi,
    I saw a dream early morning today where i was with some people and saw a huge sea wave coming towards us. We had a big fat rope which we were ready with to make sure we stay safe when we face the wave but all were scared to face it. When the wave hit us, it was gentle to me and i didnt feel much injury and then i woke up.

    Pls help me to know what my dream means. Thanks.

  9. I dream that im in a sea where you can see tips of moutains i arrive stand there but then the sea wants to drag me in and it dosent taste salty it tastes awful but not salty what does it mean

  10. dream a calm sea but was afraid to go in and the only way to go to my house was through swimming in the sea and i cant swim it was an endless see on other part of the sea something lighting or red colourful long wave came up

  11. I am a young woman and had a dream where I stand on the beach and look towards the sea which was filled with huge and deadly large sharks that were growling with anger by coming up in the water. This let me get up around 7 am.
    Please let me know the meaning of this!!!

  12. tonight I had a dream that I was trying to fly over the ocean but I fell into the ocean and was drowning and I struggled hard to come to the surface and finally I was rescued by someone.

  13. I have been dreaming of the sea coming out since i was 13 yrs old. I am 52 and still having this dreams. The waves are huge and they do come out. Some dreams the water drags my home in darkness but finally calms down. Other dreams the water comes in my home and i hold my breath to then have my home lifted in the air with other homes. I look down and see NY completely under water. We arrive like airplanes in an island. Sometimes i can make the water return to sea. In all dreams 1 or 2 or all of my family members are there. It scares me for i see this huge waves coming at us. The sea water is really blue. I have also fallen in the sea but my father who passed pushes me back up into surface. I never drown but always in water some how. What does it mean? Please help me

  14. Hi I had a dream last night that I was on a ship and the sea was vry stormy and rough but i arrived safely near my friend that in thw dream was my boy friend

  15. hi, id like to ask the meaning of my dream last night,.I was in a wharf waiting for a ship, the sea is so calm and quiet and it is high tide. But suddenly I step on to the water and wash,.it is very clear water and when I step out I see my close friend waiting also on the ship to arrived and were talking..can I ask the meaning of this? Tnx..

  16. i was calmly floating in a vast endless ocean the water was neither dirty nor super clear, around me the water was clear in a small/medium diameter, i could tell the water was deep and no land anywhere and the sky was a beautiful resonating blue all was calm that i couldnt get over because im actually afraid of the ocean i could sense the sun was bright but felt no heat instead there was a comforting warmness going through me, i looked around and for a brief moment thought of sharks, or drowning, and being lost but like a blink of an eye that feeling of worrying vanished i didnt even experience the feelings that come with those thoughts, and i was floating with my feet submerged and I was only up to my belly button deep in the water.

  17. I’m always floating on calm green water, i swim and feel fear from being pulled down but nothing ever happens and i always make it to shore or the boat. I create and force objects for myself to appear to climb up from and away frm the green water.

  18. I have a constant reoccurring dream that I am desperate to get to the sea, and I can always see it from afar. Then I always make it to the shoreline and I always walk along the edge and gaze out longingly and desire to stay there,but something is always pulling me away. My heart always aches because I long to stay at the beach and I start to dig in the sand and pull out large shells to bring along with me when I leave so I will remember my time there, then after only a very , very short time…I have to leave the beach and I feel heartbroken that I cannot stay. I get angry at the people who make me leave and beg them to let me stay, but they always take me away, and I am devastated inside.
    I just found out in real life that I have breast cancer which has spread to my lymphnodes-could these dreams be related? I have had these “sea/beach” dreams for the last year, and I just found out about the cancer five days ago…..I am a Christian, and I believe that Jesus is my Savior and have given my heart to Him. I believe He is trying to tell me something-don’t know what yet…

  19. i had dream about the sea for three consecutive nights.
    1. on the first night, i was swimming when someone i like (like a lover) embraced me and lifted me until we arrived at the shore. the sea is not turbulent but also not calm (i think it’s just normal)..
    2. the second night, i dream that me and my brother are searching/going/looking for a sea/beach but we did not arrive there..
    3. on the third night, i dream that i was swimming in the sea with people who are close to me (as if they are my family because i can’t remember their faces). the sea is calm and the water is clear..
    if someone knows what these means please tell me.. i’m just curious. this is the first time that i dream about the sea for consecutive nights..

  20. I dreamt that I was swimming in a sea of the coast of Kangu beach. I was very fit and did not get tired. I really went out to sea. The waves started to rise and obscure my visibility of shoreline. At the same time I saw fish and stingrays in the waters. I started to fear for sharks and the stingrays. I eventually swim back shore. On the way there was this rest floater. At the floater I met relative we went to school together and he was very tired and he step on the floater and broke its bottom. I was still very fit and told him not to destroy the floater. Eventually we get to shore. At the shore I saw another relative who was my senior in High school congratulating some people who had participated in an exercise. The exercise was attended by people from other countries.

  21. I dreamed I was walking along a beach alone, which in my dream it was a familiar place that I wasn’t afraid of. The sea was calm and bright blue and I was relaxed. as I made my way down the beach i started to see more and more washed up dead sharks. i tripped and fell at one point and saw a skeleton on the ground lying there next to me. i wasn’t really afraid, i just picked my self up and kept walking. As i was nearing the end of the beach i saw a tomb, then at the very end of my walk there were tombs scattered across the beach. I just turned 18 and i don’t understand my dream and thought someone could help me out with the symbolism. Is this a bad omen? thanks

  22. hello… I have a dream about sea. We are in a journey and trying to cross into our destination. Then the place is full of water but clear and the view is beautiful. The seaside is wavy and the were worried to cross unto it so we decided to go for a different route. Theres water everywhere which is still clear but some bits of plastic wraps and paper floating but still clean water. Then we manage to get into a dry land at the end. What is the meaning of my dream?

  23. I had a dream I was with my family then i took my dog out to the beach nd we were running on the sand as the water crept up the sea was calm then all of a sudden the waves starting crashing harsh nd came closer my dog freaked nd i was pushed against the glass of this buliding along with other ppl then window by window broke nd ppl got swept in the mine broke once inside we climbed higher nd higher then as we got to the roof nd couldnt proceed i looked down and the sea was calm again nd then went back to my family to find my dog in there with them …what does this mean??

  24. Helo….i have been dreaming of the sea since 3 yrs to 5 yrs…in real life i don’t even know how to swim but in may dream im really good swimmer and i see mayself catching fish while im swimming and its easy for me to swim and catching big and small fishes…its clear and sky blue the water….what does it means may dreams…i always dream of this for a years…..

  25. I had a dream today about really huge high tide, pretty real. I felt panic in the air, I also registered the fire in the distance and have seen young white tigers around. I ve got a fear, cause they wanted to eat little babies…
    I remember one moment when I checked myself in a mirror and I had a red and swollen eyes like from crying. I dont think so I have been crying.
    I spent few days with 3 small kittens days ago, thats why I have seen those dangerous tigers probably…other things are pretty unlogic for me.
    I have sometimes /twice a year/ dream about huge thsunami wave, its always disconcert me a bit.
    I am a pisces too, so water sign. I dont know if there can be any connection with it.
    Thanks for your comments.

  26. I dreamed about swimming in the sea reaching for the end rope (usual rope that limits people to swim beyond those ropes). Then when i reached it i rested for a while seeing one of my crush swimming to where i am. When he arrived we both rested. When the dream is getting longer the place where were resting that was supposedly a bamboo like structure that we could sit on turned into a super mini island that only 4 people could fit in with covered cloth of a tent. And everytime i jump into the water i can see everything super clear down there but everytime i get my head up out of the water my sight will turn black and takes time to go back to normal vision.. And everytime that happens i get confused and afraid something not normal is happening with my sight and trying to figure out what was happening to me. After that both of us rested again and went back to the shore. Then the scenario again was like i went back our resting place at the sea, when i looked outside i saw my crush, he looked at me like he wanted to go near me but he looks shy. And when i felt that feelings of him, i called him and ask him if he wanted to rest at my resting place just like what we did the last time..When i looked out at the shore a man, i called him professor, was about to go see us.. Then i told my crush our prof is coming. And before he get into us my crush went back to the shore, leaving me there until the prof arrives at our resting place.. And as a student who doesnt want his prof watching us around, i immediately said i have to go back at the shore.. I swam back the shore floating until i felt my head banged at the sand of the shore as my cue that im at shore already..i stood up and go. Then the scenario turn night at the school where were supposed to discuss something and when its my turn i together with my crush and bestfriend put our visual aids at the board.. And ii discussed about my confusion everytime i jump at the sea water and why i see nothing when i get my head out the water.. I was like looking for an answer and questioning my prof… That was my dream.. Pls help me interpret it. Thanks!

  27. I had a dream this morning about trying to sail to sea with my two best friends but we were besieged with problems that were caused by bad sea conditions and actions I was making before we even left the harbour. So the decision was made to return to shore safe and sound.

    Any ideas?

  28. Hi,
    I dream many a Times that I am surrounded by huge sea/water. Many huge waves try to reach me but then everything gets normal and I get my way. I dream about these huge waves of water/sea either I m alone in water or someone is there with me.

    I wish to know the reason since I m dreaming this since 4 to 5 years

  29. I HAVE DREAMED THAT I WAS WASHING CLOTHES AT SEASIDE THEN SUDDENLY THE SEAWAVES CAUGHT THE CLOTHES THat im washing. Then I looked for it in the water and the waves brought back all the clothes which i washed.what does my dream means.??please help

  30. I saw this dream yesterday, prior to an exam I am taking today, and was wondering if it had something to do with the exam.
    It started with me taking a boat trip to the sea and the weather was stormy weather, me and my father weren’t scared, we kept on sailing. After a bit, I fell into the sea, but was not scared at all. I kept on swimming and got back to the boat.
    I don’t remember the rest, thanks in advance.
    Have a good day!

  31. Early this mrnng around 5am, I drean of a wavy sea. we were in the boat with my 2kids.. trying to reach the shore we were stuck in the middle of a wavy sea. then I saw a boat carrying 5 men. I was crying for help, then they doubt to help us. but in ending they let us transfer to their both to reach the shore. what was that mean? pls help.

  32. I am constantly dreaming of the sea ocean I’m looking over the ocean I am flying over the ocean I am in the ocean I am on a boat hitting waves very scary wave what does this mean please help

  33. I have had 2 dreams regarding monkeys, sharks and the wild involving 2 kids that are not my sisters but I know them.

    The first dream went that I was bitten by a monkey that fell from the tree and that there are sharks in the ocean biting off each other. In this dream I was also with the man in a fart made of dried fish and the 2 kids.

    The second dream went that I was being ran after the monkeys with these 2 kids and for us to avoid them we had to swim in the ocean. In the ocean we swam but I was so afraid to since the jellyfish might sting.

    Thank you in advance. I’m creeped up with my dreams already

  34. ek droom oor seewater wat my bang maak , kom al nader aan my, ek besluit toe om in te gaan en te sterf, maar ek verdrink nie, 3 drome gehad oor die see.

  35. i dream last night that i have a long walk on the road beside the sea in which the sea was calm and deep that almost level at the road i am with, until the tide hits me hardly that i shouted ouch that makes me wake up at around 4 am

  36. Hello
    tonight i sow a dream.
    The sea was full of little fishes, i waited a little bit because i was scared of the fishes and then i jumped into water, swim in the clear and beautifull water and in the and of the sea I found a marriage ring, i took it and put it on my finger.
    my little finger .
    Thank you in advanced