Host dream meanings

In general:

Strong, often crude nature embodied in the host, especially in the landlady, who is often such a great earthy mother of all. They are both the donor of the natural food, and we sit at the table inside of a simple and powerful life. The host and the hostess stand as a metaphor for healthy and nourishing powers, and yet it is also to serve as figures of the unconscious is often something sinister, demonic. The Tales tell of forest inn, which is also in the forest of our unconscious and can have with the dark forces of a dangerous context. Because the unconscious has a kind as a wild character.


Healthy, nourishing forces that we can seduce even to debauchery and barbarous conduct. In some cases, it also warned to not to be too superficial and frivolous.


– In general host or hostess: symbol of a primitive unconsciousness;
– To see: promises a good information;
– To speak with one: you spend more money than your own account can cope with;
– To be host: you will get into debt by flatterers;
– Dreaming of landlady: warns of jealousy.

– To see or to talk to host or hostess: treat people according to their level of education, then you’ll get the best from them.

– To run business: you’re going to carry yourself very well.

* Please, see also meaning of guest house…

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