Cooking stove oven dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of cooking stove oven may signify peacefulness, flame and comity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud understanding the dream about cooking stove oven promises self-contained willpower, fertile sexual drive or interest, inventiveness and ability.
Reassuring alterations are going on only when: cooking stove oven - This dream occasionally denotes influence over others. You are an innovator. In different circumstances, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream should intimate contra explanation: an unspecified person can be slick or unsafe in regard to your personage.
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  • Oven - General Meanings: Oven as a dream symbol stands for a change for the better, especially when one recognizes the fact of fire in the oven. The fire on a stove, indicates luck and fortune. Psychological Meanings: Symbol for “fire held in control” – denotes suppressed or at least controlled instincts. According to Freud, this is female sex symbol it is equivalent to the uterus. Mature personality According to modern interpretation when something is baked in the oven may indicate maturity. If something is pushed into an oven, this denotes that something is taken out as baked then this indicates... (read more)
  • Fire - ...of fire with little smoke means love which brings you anger; Constraint If Extinguishing a fire – you’ll be forced by circumstances to abandon your project; Disagreement If Blowing into fire -you blow the fire this means disagreement with your partners, colleagues; Accident If Fall into it (you or someone else) – you will have a terrible unfortunate mishap; Displeasure If Suffering from damage by fire – you will fell annoyance and disapproval; Blessedness If Looking in your stove or oven – you will have the blessing of children; Poorness If Expiring – it stands before poverty and deprivation; Trouble If... (read more)
  • Bean - ...feeding and clothing as well as a subject suitable for the bartering. The other meanings are important: In the dream to plant beans – germinates profit. To dream beans’ germinating  – the smiles of happiness. Dreaming beans on a bush – you can not realize your intentions. Picking beans in a dream – soon you can probably expect success. Cooking beans in a dream – you will indeed have a problem and must give something because of this, but ultimately you will take advantage of this. In a dream to eat beans – announce domestic disputes. Psychological Meanings: In this context,... (read more)
  • Baker - ...Creativity The baker presents the creative side of the dreamer, that provides emotional and spiritual nourishment for the dreamer. Properties of the female In a dream an oven and a baker indicate procreation and birth. In the dream woman is occupied with the preparation of food in the oven, this is always an indication to the maternal giving and nourishing properties. The “fire” in the oven also has an importance because ancient people say that the fire is one of the four magical forces of nature. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Fulfillment of wishes if see in front of the house a baker – This dream... (read more)
  • Watering - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happiness if water flowers, plants – In a dream you are watering plants and flowers, then this dream is a good omen, which announces a blessing family and satisfaction in your life; Stupid actions if watering meat during cooking – In the dream you are cooking and watering the meat, then this indicates that you will make yourself ridiculous and stupid because of your stubbornness while reaching your goals.... (read more)
  • Baking - ...this denotes that you will earn much money through fraudulent acts. Good life if eat bread – In the dream you bake and eat bread, then such a dream is very good omen which announces good food and prosperity, also you will overcome your difficulties; Better life if bake a cake – This dream will bring you honor and dignity and also you will have recovery after hard times; Feast if see baking – In the dream you see that someone is baking something then this announces  a celebration at home. * Please, see meaning of baker, oven, stove.... (read more)
  • Vapor - ...your dream, then this is a good sign that you will make big plans; Quarrels if see steaming water on a stove or oven – This dream announces that you will have some  differences and agreements in the family; No worries if steam from a chimney – When you see steam from the chimney in your dream, then this dream marks that you will overcome all difficulties. Arabian (Islamic) Difficult period if see steam – The steam indicates troubles, sorrows and sufferings, the plans still require clarification, and it is not sure if they ever bring a benefit for you. * Please, see meaning... (read more)
  • Fire (Islam) - ...areas; Anger If fire with little smoke – dreaming of fire with little smoke means love which brings you anger; Constraint If Extinguishing a fire – you’ll be forced by circumstances to abandon your project; Disagreement If Blowing into fire -you blow the fire this means disagreement with your partners, colleagues; Accident If Fall into it (you or someone else) – you will have a terrible unfortunate mishap; Displeasure If Suffering from damage by fire – you will fell annoyance and disapproval; Blessedness If Looking in your stove or oven – you will have the blessing of children; Poorness If Expiring... (read more)
  • Fire (Christianity) - ...passions slightly; Worries If large fire with smoke – announces trouble and mischief; News If small fire – small fire which cause no damage can expect unimportant news; Sorrow If fire going out – brings grief to you; Devastate If fire itself extinguish – your hopes are destroyed; Journey If dancing around – Dreaming of dance or watch others dance near fire, this announces a cheerful trip; Damage If Getting into fire – this means that you will have big harm; Problems If burning – To suffer burns from fire in a dream, this points to worsening circumstances; Joy If looking in the oven... (read more)
  • Fire (Hinduism) - ate coal. Incomes If Burning coals – To find a burning coals without flame and smoke, you will receive according to the amount of coals, a lot of money or incomes. Retribution If someone is taken by flames, but not destroyed – you will be punished by destiny, because of your bad behavior or decisions, according to the measure of the leaping flames of a rogue; Unfairness If Taking up an ash or ash lye – you or someone else will give false testimony or slander others. Punishment If Starting a fire in a furnace or oven – you... (read more)
  • Weave - Association: Manufacturing; intimacy. Question: What do I weave into a whole? General Meanings: Creation of life Weaving is a symbol which shows the main basis for human, that they need to create their own lives, to take the responsibility. In the dream the woven craft marks that the dreamer has the situation in his own hand. Weaving (Weaver) promises happiness and profits, if you are very industrious and thrifty in your real life. Psychological Meanings: The weaving goes as a symbol of life. Weaving symbolizes positive characteristics such as diligence, perseverance and thrift. Spiritual Meanings: Weaving is one... (read more)
  • Baked goods - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good life if see beautiful and fresh baked goods – In the dream you see fresh baked goods, then this announces pleasing life and health; Worries if unpalatable baked goods – The dream will bring you illness and difficulties in near future, you have to be strong and ready to accept worries; Coming good times if take out of the oven baked goods – In the dream you take out of the oven baked goods indicates that the bad times will soon over and you will have time to relax; Happy event if eat baked... (read more)
  • Clean out - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Good results if clean out an oven, from being black – In the dream you clean out your oven because it was black, then this is a good dream which announces good results in view; Shame if clean out something – In the dream you stubbornly clean out something, then this is a sign that in near future you will suddenly be in great embarrassment.... (read more)
  • Fire - ...head of the dreamer. Because like the sky (above-ground) towers above the universe, so the head – the body. Looking at the fire, which is used in everyday life, with small and pure flame, it is like blessing, but if it blazes enormously and unrestrained, it shows the evil. Prosperity The best to see is hearth fire – glow and pure. It means great prosperity, because where meals aren’t prepared the fire is pure; Poverty You cannot see the fire on the stove if it expires then it threatens grinding poverty; Success To dream that you carry a burning torch... (read more)
  • Fire (many authors) - Fire The element of fire in a dream represents might. Fire in a dream also means love. A product that is touched by fire in the process of its manufacturing or cooking in a dream means arguments and disputes. In a dream, fire also signifies glad tidings, a warning, war, chastisement,… Fire To dream that something of your property is on fire, and the fire is stunning, it suggests that you’re at risk of losing something, and it’s worse if there are victims in such fire. In case there are no victims, and you can see yourself as a... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...Swimming – For women to swim in the water with relish: sign of a healthy attitude toward sex and a positive sign for overall condition; – Swimming – For man to swim in dream: means good future in professional activity, success in business; Hindu (Hinduism) – Clear water – Dreaming of clear water means love between husband and wife; – Hot water – Dreaming about hot water or cooking in boiling water: you trust your friends too much; – Dark water – Dreaming of dim, dark, black or dirty water means adultery, unfaithfulness, infidelity, cheating; – Cold water– Dreaming of cold, freezing or frozen... (read more)
  • Roast - General Meanings: Roast in the dream symbolizes that something is cooking (mature) and can come to a favorable conclusion. If you smell something while roasting, then this dream stands for an opportunity or a risk. Want to support You want to roast something, this marks that you want to contribute to the success of something, perhaps your friends or family members. Psychological Meanings: The roast is the symbol for the Sunday and especially for Sunday lunch with the family. Rejection When the roast is rejected in a dream, this the sign of the rejection of family rituals. You have... (read more)
  • Water - ...of clear water: means love between husband and wife; – Hot water – Dreaming about hot water or cooking in boiling water: you trust your friends too much; – Dark water – Dreaming of dim, dark, black or dirty water: means adultery, unfaithfulness, infidelity, cheating; – Cold water– Dreaming of cold, freezing or frozen water: means that your feelings are a bit too cold. Arabian (Islamic) – Drinking warm water – To drink a warm water in the dream, it is an indication that the dreamer will get in trouble and annoyance, these will be big as the heat of the water, because... (read more)
  • Frying pan - Association: Cooking equipment or weapon; basic equipment. Question: In what way will I return the simple things in life? General Meanings: Frying pan can be understood as: The empty pan in the dream often announces an impending disappointment or loss. To fry something in it, this dream shows that you will “simmer” another in order to achieve more with him. Freud explanation – the pan has female-sexual meaning. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Wedding if see frying pan – In a dream you see a frying pan, then this dream announces that you will get married; Frustration if see an... (read more)
  • Blanket - Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Decoration, protection, warmth, practicality, gift. Description Blankets, woven to decorate the house. As the clothing it is heating source, were also often used in ceremonies. There were each special blankets. Blankets were also often as a medicine gift, for shaman as a request for healing. General Meaning Blanket, which protects you (cover and warm), which guards and keeps up from direct contact with the world. Association Cover for the purposes of insemination. Transcendent Meaning A gift for you as a teacher to find the profound insights.... (read more)
  • Braid - General Meanings: A braid symbolized earlier, which was woven from three strands of the unity of body, mind and soul. He also stood for the influences that started an adolescent girl and the specific self-image as a woman. In dreams a braid also represents femininity and sensitivity. Braid also can be exhort to concentrate power and energy to a target. He often warns against habits, attitudes, expectations and beliefs that are outdated and should be finally cut off because they inhibit for further development. Psychological Meanings: Braided hair was once the symbol of order and cleanliness. Braiding hair... (read more)
  • Rabbit - Association: – Fertility, happiness, uncertainty. Question: – Where in my life I am prepared to be productive? Medicine Wheel: Keywords Fertile, cunning, small, innocent, conservative, fun, growth. Description The rabbit, which is associated with the Medicine of the external position of the southern soul path and with the growth, is a rodent with long ears, soft fur and a short stubby tail, the underground, digging burrows. It is known for his keen sense of hearing, his speed and fertility. There are over seventy different rabbit species around the world. Some people claim that rabbits reproduce so quickly because... (read more)
  • Bread - ...and old – In the dream you see moldy and old bread, warns that you have enemies; Luck sways if destroy – In the dream you see destroyed bread, your happiness fluctuates. Fortune if eat warm – Eat an oven-hot bread, you will acquire a considerable fortune, but with trouble and torment because of the violence that comes out of the fire; Prosperity if eat cold bread with butter – In the dream you are eating bread with butter, you will have wealth and happy times, as measured by the amount he consumed; * Please, see meaning of bake, bakery, food.... (read more)
  • Afraid - Most popular explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about afraid in dreams Being Afraid means Temporary Misfortune  – When the dreamer is being afraid, filled with fear for something in his dream, it foretells about worries and dilemmas he is suffering from. There is a possibility of misfortune in professional and/or personal life. However, the bad luck will go away after a while, because all of the troubles will be a temporarily thing. Others Being Afraid means Aid for Relatives – If the dreamer sees others being afraid, frightened, scared or filled with fear or apprehension, then... (read more)
  • Dog - The dream about a dog is fully interpreted and completely explained. The interpretation of the dream is multiple, because of the research on various levels (general, psychological, spiritual, medicine wheel {by Indians} and traditional: for Christians, Muslims, Hindu), and based on many conditions (biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single context, use ctr+f command or live search on page box. Association: – Dog in the dream is usually associated with a male aspect or unconditional love; Also with obedience, loyalty and reliability. Question: – Am I reliable? What or who do I love... (read more)