Rabbit dream meanings


– Fertility, happiness, uncertainty.


– Where in my life I am prepared to be productive?

Medicine Wheel:

Fertile, cunning, small, innocent, conservative, fun, growth.

The rabbit, which is associated with the Medicine of the external position of the southern soul path and with the growth, is a rodent with long ears, soft fur and a short stubby tail, the underground, digging burrows. It is known for his keen sense of hearing, his speed and fertility. There are over seventy different rabbit species around the world. Some people claim that rabbits reproduce so quickly because they can be victim to almost any other creature. Because of that rabbit is compared to the fear in dream. In this case, dream show rabbits and means, that dreamer can overcome his fear by growth.

General meaning
Means period of rapid growth, the innocent part of your natural subject for review; allow exploration of any willingness to make yourself a victim.

Multiply like rabbits – derogatory remark for children wealth.

Transcendent importance
An ally that your dream trip speed and you can bring rapid growth on your spiritual path.

In general:

Rabbits may indicate sexual needs, gentleness, sense of wealth and idealism, partly explain these properties, however, out of fear, insecurity and inferiority feelings, you will not be attacked by others. White rabbits are generally considered good luck symbol, black announce failures and sadness. If you kill a rabbit, this indicates that suppressing emotions and related mental contents will lead you to unhappiness.


– To see white rabbit: warns of false friends;
– To see more white than black rabbits: signal that junior may come soon;
– To dream baked, roasted or grilled rabbit: you will reach earnings or profit.

– To see: false friends will do to you harm; Also: things will be difficult, but a homely or professional change will help to you to make things right;
– To breed rabbits: you will reach old age;
– If rabbits are hopping around: there is a change for the better live; Also: you will recognize advantage more clearly;
– To see playing rabbits or play with them: you will have much joy with children;
– To catch: bring an acquaintance with a much younger person;
– To eat rabbit (meat as food): well-being;
– To kill: loss by fraud;
– If you see killed rabbit in dream: you will sacrifice the environment for the sake of your own ideals and positive characteristics, but you will be unhappy in the long run;
– White rabbit in dream: joy, true love, whether married or single; Also: you will experience pleasant events very soon;
– If rabbit is black: mourning.

– To see rabbit: poor health;
– To kill rabbit or rabbits in dream: good health and old age.

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of rabbit in dreams by Denise Lynn

  • Rabbit symbolizes prosperity;
  • Could also mean anxiety or fear;
  • Sometimes the rabbit represents the fertility of particular person or could even symbolize babies and/or young children;
  • The rabbit is known as soft and gentle animal and in the dream could show sensitive and gentle side of the person.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation of rabbit in dreams by Denise Lynn

Rabbits are known as very prolific and productive animals, therefore they symbolize prosperity. They are most common and favorite image of Easter celebrations, where the rabbit and eggs stands for fertility and profusion.
Rabbits could also indicate the fear and timidity. The dreamer should ask himself if there is someone in his life that causes all these feelings? Maybe he is afraid of someone and trying to hide that fear away. Probably someone who had this dream is scared and afraid quite often which causes the distraction and inability living normal life. It is proven by scientists that the best way to overcome the fears, is to face them. The problems will be solved only when the dreamer will start dealing with them.
This dream could also represent sweetness, endearment and kindness.The dream shows that there is too much of the personality given away. Sometimes people should keep the best qualities of their personality instead of giving it all away.
Very often rabbits foretells about disorientation and inability to organize and concentrate on one object. Maybe the dreamer just like the rabbit jumps from one thing to another, without finishing the task or the project until the end. If there is something difficult to focus on, the dreamer should stop himself and think of the priorities he has. There are things that will bring the results only when they will be done completely.

Maya civilization:

Mayan dream interpretation about rabbit

Good omen
When rabbit eats in the dream, there is a possibility that the dreamer is going to have a bigger family, which means there are going to be a new family member and someone is going to get pregnant. To make this happen, the dreamer and his/her partner have to take the carrot, cut it in a half, one half of the carrot stick into the ground and the other half eat, dividing in two parts.

Bad omen
If the rabbit was sleeping in your dream, this is a sign that there is a possibility of you and your partner about to broke up. If you wish to save the relationship you are in, try the technique which is known for years: every Sunday morning take the blossom of the flower, pour some hot water and drink half of this mixture. The other half of this mixture use as part of watering your flowers at home.

Nobleman dreambook:

Rabbit interpretation from Noblemen’s dreambook by N. Grishin

Rabbit can be interpreted as:

  • Rabbit – the fulfillment of desires;
  • If the rabbit is running it symbolizes happiness and wealthy life;
  • When the rabbit is walking slowly it represents hidden, unexpected upcoming happiness;
  • For the rabbit being caught up it foretells about the agreement if you are going to propose or someone is going propose to you;
  • To feed the rabbit – marriage or success in business;
  • When someone gives you a rabbit as a present it means love;
  • Eating the rabbit shows unsuccessful period in life, sickness, mystery;
  • Rabbit eating anything – poverty;
  • When the rabbit is being caught up and the dreamer is holding it in his hands it symbolizes short illness, which will be defeated;
  • Breeding the rabbits – fortune;
  • When the dreamer sees many rabbits it shows his fear, there is something that he is afraid of;
  • Bunny or rabbit that is seen in the dreams might also symbolize attraction for someone or fidelity;
  • If the skin is being removed from the rabbit it shows how desperate you are at particular situation.

The New Family dreambook:

  • The rabbit represents a happy turning point especially in everyday circumstances. The dream shows that anything you will deal with, will bring the great results;
  • To see pure white rabbit foretells about faithfully love to someone;
  • When rabbits frolicking and playing around – your joy and good energy that’s been given to others will help to those around you, especially to children.

Gypsy dreambook:

Rabbit meaning in dreams by Romani people

If the rabbits are sitting quietly there is a change for you to get wealthier and richer;
When the dreamer sees the rabbit sitting in the cage, it shows the significant wealth and treasures;
To see black rabbit shows very risky situation with your finances;
If the rabbit is white – will receive the inheritance.

Shereminskaya dreambook:

Rabbit interpretation in dream by L.G. Shereminskaya

The rabbit are known as very prolific animals. Therefore, their image in the dream may express repressed desire to be a parent. If a man sees a woman, taking care of the rabbit, it expresses his desire to possess the woman and create future with her.

Antique French dreambook:

Dreams about rabbit and interpretations from old French dreambook

  • If the rabbit is white it symbolizes success;
  • If black – disappointment, because of someone’s fault. There is a possibility that you will be upset;
  • When the dreamer kills the rabbit – loss;
  • If the dreamer eats the meat of rabbit – good and healthy future.

Miller dreambook:

Rabbit dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller

  • If the dreamer sees a rabbit it represents happy future in everyday conditions. You are going to be successful with your business and the income of it will be lucrative as never before;
  • To dream of white rabbit – faithfulness and honesty in marriage or serious relationship;
  • To see quirky rabbit, which is jumping around – happy childhood.

Tsvetkov dreambook:

Rabbit dream interpretation by Tsvetkov

To dream of a rabbit – false and lying friends.

Modern dreambook:

Meanings of rabbit in dreams by Contemporary Dream Book

  • To dream of rabbits – beneficial sign;
  • To dream of white rabbits – promising faithfulness in love;
  • See rabbits frolicking around means that your children will bring you joy and fulfillment.

Meneghetti dreambook:

Meanings of rabbit in dreams from Italian dreambook by Meneghetti

Symbolizes psychologically healthier state in which, began a period of stagnation, and the depreciation of the individual. The dreamer used to feel very bad mentally, but now started recovering.

Hasse dreambook:

Rabbit dream interpretation by Hasse

  • Dream of rabbit – false friends want to harm you;
  • To eat it – well-being;
  • The white rabbit -satisfaction;
  • The black rabbit – sadness, unhappiness.

Health dreambook:

Rabbit in dreams as wellness advice from Health dreambook

  • To see the rabbit that is running or hiding – there is a need to strengthen the nervous system and psyche;
  • If the rabbit is chewing – a vitamin deficiency within your immune system.

* Please, also read dreams about hare & animals.

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  1. I had a dream where a HUGE white rabbit appeared. It could talk, was bigger than me and had beautiful green patches of fur a bit. The green was very pronounced like right in front of my face to make sure I saw it in my dream. It was a very fluffy bunny and I was in awe of it. I feel this was very positive dream ☺️ At first the rabbit was hiding and then when it came out to be seen I was like Wow!!!! The rabbit was friendly but reserved. What does this mean?

  2. I dreamed about a lot of rabbits running around in my upstairs and me cleaning up poop everywhere the rabbits were having fun and I just was flushing poop down the toilet and stuff kind gross

  3. I dream of entering a room in which I was surprised to see that the owner of the house was raising rabbits. I remember 4 of them, and I walk into the room to check if they needed food, as I did the biggest rabbit, color brown, jump in the top of my head and pee in my head. I remember surprised of the behavior of the rabbit as all rabbits disappear, and I was wondering to myself, … is this a normal behavior of a rabbit? Maybe I should research this behavior and find out what it means. So, now, in my awaken life, I am researching what is the meaning if, it has any. Any ideas?
    Many Blessings, Ligia

  4. I had a dream of rabbits defecating and eating their own feces in a bakery store that I supposedly own. I was trying to clean up the poop and was concerned about the rabbits eating their own poop. At a certain point of the dream, I saw rabbits trying to squeeze themselves into the store from outside.

  5. You should make a correction to your article where you said rabbits are a rodent. This is a false statement & a misconception. Rabbits are of the lagomorph family not the rodent family.
    Please edit.
    Also, rabbits reproduce fast because they need to as they are a prey spicies, not because they are trying to compromise the environment for other animals. This is merely their survival instinct.

  6. Hei! Am actually in a relationship. In my dream we broke up but we stayed friends and i was in a relationship with one of his good friends. So the 3 of us and our mutual friends we decided to have a little vacation in a beach house. But when i saw my ex boyfriend i felt uncomfortable and sad. My boyfriend saw that i was sad and tried to cheer me up but i didnt want any of his affection so he took me to a stuff toy shop and told me that he wants to give a stuff toy rabbit and that i can choose which one i want. When i saw the raw of stuff toys rabbits in a light cream color i remembered that my ex gave me the same one but his was special. Then i realized that i dont want a new rabbit and i still want my old one. I wanted to go back with my ex , to go back in the past when i was with him but i knew it was impossible…And surprisingly on the same shelf of stuff toys rabbits, i saw my old stuff toy and when i took it in my arms it changed into a real gentle rabbit. I made a choice and i choose him. So the ex in my dream is my actual boyfriend in real life and i know that this rabbit is an important symbol in my dream! Why my boyfriend is my ex in my dream and what is the meaning of this rabbit?

  7. I just had this dream where I’m side-sleeping and there’s a white rabbit kissing me or well approaching its mouth to mine, it did so like three times before I woke up.

  8. I dreamt I received 8 baby rabbits, 1 white, 2 black, 3 grey, white and red mixed, 1 chestnut brown. They were so happy, jumping & sleeping. For some reason I was at someone’s wedding and we went to a different venue, I searched for my car because the bunnies were inside. By the time I found my car, only 3 bunnies survived. The red&awhite one survived (I remember this most prominently as I recall 3 grey ones passed away). I own a grey bunny in real life so that broke my heart in the dream. They were so still. 🙁

    • I forgot to mention, I tried to save the last three rabbits by immediately feeding them water and one managed to nibble on a tiny piece of carrot right before I woke up from my alarm clock. :/

  9. I had a dream that I was laying on a hardwood floor and a white bunny with a strawberry syrup splatter-like mark on its back was licking my face. Particularly my lips. I think I was petting it too and if I stopped,it would nip my bottom lip. Not hard but enough to say “hey keep petting me”. it was so cute. Then I stood up and saw there was another rabbit that was behind my head but he was white with a black splatter spot.

  10. I was outside of my backyard. I saw the white rabbit hopped on me and bite my arm and leg too. I didn’t hit it or push it. I ran around and it still follow me. I fall on the floor then it wants mate with me, but he kept bump on my shoulder. I little pushed him away. I saw the brown rabbit then it kept bite my leg, then the white rabbit protect me and bite on the brown rabbit. The white rabbit kept stared at me. That’s it..

  11. All i can remember was I saw rabbits in my room hopping around first. There were about 4 or 5 of them. All black. I want to say that someone was next to the oven but I can’t remember. I was holding one and.. it’s weird but there was an oven next to me in my room. i threw the rabbit in there and put force on the oven door so it wouldn’t open. I felt the rabbit moving around rapidly try to escape. I opened the oven and the rabbit was baked but it still hopped around alive like nothing happened to it.

  12. I dreamt that two rabbits latched on to and were haning (playfully) from my upper thigh/butt region. WTF does that mean? I had been chasing the rabbits around and into a shop full of purple crystals/geodes before they “latched” on. It felt strange but peaceful… Any explanation?

  13. My dream about abundance of rabbits in this room and hallway. When i walked down the room they was a small group of baby rabbits. I pick two of them up. Then, one didn’t like me to pet it. The other let me pick it up and pet it for a short minute. I put back it with the rest of the baby rabbits. Next to the baby rabbits were more rabbits except on this rabbit it had alot of fleas on it. Then, the fleas got on me. Being next to it. Alot of them. When, i had them on me, i started knocking all of the fleas off from my chestdown. They were falling all off of me. Then, keep doing this until they were all off of me. a few was still on me but, then i woke up. This was my dream of rabbits.

  14. I dreamt i was on my grandfather’s farm and i wanted a teddy bear rabbit , but i first had to bring back to health a goat and two baby goats after i did that i went out on the field and started to look for beige-white/light pinkish rabbits and started to shoot them. I caught one but it was kinda rough/dirty/worn down rabbit and it was a male. I tried to shoot a nice fluffy girl rabbit but i got stuck with the male and then i put it in a teddy bear skin and made sure it was still alive.

  15. I just had a dream that me and this strange woman I’ve never met before were holding and petting this big, chubby, white rabbit with black and gray markings. The dream was real nice because it reminded me of my pet rabbit I used to have before he died. 🙁 I really miss him!

  16. My dream involves one little brown bunny rabbit and some sort of other very small brown animal. I accidently left the bunny out of a large fenced in area. The bunny hopped into another open cage, which I thought was empty. Then the other small animal appeared, which was about the same size as the bunny. The bunny was not frightened and did not try to run away. Then all of a sudden the other animal attacked the bunny and killed it. I could see the poor little bunny’s legs moving and then they just stopped. The other animal then walked away from the bunny. I was very upset in my dream and blamed myself for the bunny’s death since I left it out of the fenced in area. I woke up very upset, sad and disturbed. Any insight anyone can provide regarding this dream is very appreciated.

  17. I had a dream that something bad was happening and people were here to attack me, when I had resolved it the people helped me to clear things out of my back garden. I then found a bunny in a cage that (in my dream) belonged to an ex boyfriend. I felt bad for the bunny so I took it into my house and let it run around, I fed it (though it wouldn’t eat) and gave it some water, the dream ended when my boyfriends best friends mother came and thanked me, the bunny ran into the garden and disappeared. This bunny was really small and fluffy, it was white with brown and black patches, I wonder what it meant

  18. this sounds crazy but I dream about a grey rabbit that’s hiding inside a whole, and I want to catch it, but it was fighting back to me,looks like it doesn’t want to be touch, so I decide to look for my camera and took a picture instead. But when I start taking a picture this rabbit was gone. And a man appear instead. And this man was so fair and handsome, but I can’t remember his face what it looks like. its weird that rabbit turn into a man…. ^_^ What does it mean?

  19. I dreamed of a white rabbit with pink eyes sitting on my bed staring at me. And a black and white rabbit playing on the side of me. I thought they were going to bite me but they didn’t. The white one was staring at me intensely.

  20. I had a dream of a large rabbit on top of a work bench in a wet and drippy basement. The rabbits front leg was torn off. I picked up the severed leg and shook out the bloody shards of bone along with fat. Then i pet the rabbits head and woke up. Can anybody help me figure out what this may mean?

  21. I had a dream that a white rabbit jump up on face and covered my right eye. Then I pulled it off eye and there was another little baby rabbit, I pulled that one off and there was another, pulled that one off and again there was another baby rabbit and then I woke up.

  22. The only part of this dream I had that I remember is that I had a small piece of paper with a few instructions on it. the last part of it said something telling me to get on this bus and sit next to the white rabbit. so I searched and found a tiny white rabbit stuffed animal laying in the seat. I picked it up, sat down and stared at it in my hand. then I woke up.

    haven’t the slightest idea what or if that means anything at all.

  23. I had a dream that my boyfriend gave me a black and white rabbit and I was holding it and caressing it and it would lick my hand I saw that it was hungry so I went and gave it some milk

  24. We are two in number me and my second my second is diggingrabbit hole, he saw the first one he killed it, the second one now ran came outside the hole we pushed it, he ran away that is my dream about rabbit.

  25. 7:47am
    someone dream that I came and luk for them at there home and said they should follow me back home because I ave a rabbit to give them and every time they are on my there way to my house sumting happen and they dont get to reach there and the individual love rabbits its a weird dream thou.

    do you know what this dream might mean? please to explain for me. thanks

  26. Ok… so I was shopping with a few girlfriends. Going from store to store to store, she was looking for something in particular for me. And when she finally found it, it was a white bra. But the cups were a bunny face. A bunny on each side, with the straps in between their ears. So weird. Anyone know what that means?

  27. I had a dream that me and my sister were trying to get the rabbits out of the house when I tried to pick one up and it scratch me on the arm and one bit my sister on the leg

  28. In my dream I was in my bedroom and I walked out into the living room just to check on things like I usually do, and it was a little tan rabbit on the floor. So I ran back into my room and put something up against the door because it was trying to get under the door, then my cousin came in and had the rabbit in her hand . It was also a baby in my closet, I didn’t feel like I was dreaming

  29. I keep dreaming a white rabbit in a cage, my daughter comes to get me in my dream.. each time i’m sleeping and she tells me the rabbit is dead, but when I get next to the cage, the rabbit is awake and sitting up with her ears straight up and then i rub her back and belly. What does this mean? Please let me know, and thank you.

  30. I dosed off & had a brife dream that I was inside my hotel room when suddenly a beautiful brown bunny comes hopping into the room I turn around to tell my daughtrr look at the bunny he kept hopping into the room then I woke up I realized it was a dream what does this rabbit hopping into the room thru the front door mean if anyone has an idea let me know please thank you

  31. I was leading my sister into a large field that I alone owned, only to find that it was chock full of huge, white, fluffy rabbits. They were the size of large dogs, but very docile and non-threatening, and far too many to count. It was such a joy!

    Anyone have a clue as to what this may mean?

  32. This morning I dreamt of a woman,who shot a white rabbit in the left side and in the head but the rabbit didn’t die..I took the rabbit in my arms and I was trying to protect it from getting hurt any further..I was expecting it to die in my arms,.but by the time I woke up,it still wasn’t dead.

  33. I dreamed of a great loaf of beautiful white bread that emerged from the oven in the shape of a large rabbit. The bread smelled heavenly and had a wonderful texture. I could tell the taste and texture even though I had not broken the bread and tasted it. Also, the bread was stuffed with fresh green sage, which contributed to the enticing smell. I woke up thinking I would make homemade bread and stuff it with sage. So much for dreams; I am now making spaghetti sauce. What does this mean?

  34. I just woke up from a vivid dream of being at Union Station with my two friends holding white rabbits in plastic bags that we all purchased from somebody. My white rabbit began to escape and I called one friend over to help me get the bag back on the rabbit and carry it. Then as the rabbit is struggling trying to escape I woke up. Any idea what this means?

  35. I saw in my dream a man was cutting a rabbit in pieces. He cut his head too. I saw rabbit in pieces. He was realy a cold hearted person who was cutting rabbit with a sharp knife. Idont know ,what the meaning of that dream bt i am realy in a pain for the rabbit. He killed the rabbit and i cudnt do anything in my dream..
    Anyone know the meaning of this dream??

  36. i dreamt that i was catching a sparkling/glittering white rabbit. does it mean i get a relationship with anoter person younger than me whether i am in poor health? you can email me

  37. All I remember is that I was in a field, I think it was early fall because the grass was turning brown but it was still warm, and a brown rabbit pops it’s head out of the ground, sits on it’s hind legs, and just stares at me. It was so weird, can’t get it out of my head. Any ideas on what it means. PLZ reply

  38. I had a dream where I could see myself sleeping in my bed and my sister walks in my room holding my rabbit. Then she puts him on top of me and says “Tuma-Tuma wants a hug”. So in my dream I give him a hug and he feels soo nice and warm. For a second I almost thought it was real, but it wasn’t. What happened in that dream was the actual start of my day the only differences being that my sister actually shook me awake crying and that my rabbit died…I love that dream though I honestly think he was saying goodbye

  39. My dream was nite sky watching ufos fly around in star clusters formations and then a large brown rabbit appeared and asked me to hop on his back for a ride flying up into the sky. We had a fast ride and I returned very happy.

  40. I had a dream that my friend turned into a bunny / rabbit it was the cutest thing every two big ears and a small head and body every time I wanted to touch it , it kept on running away it hopped really fast and we where at me school then suddenly I had books in my hand so I went to a person that looked like a teacher and gave the books then I started looking for the bunny / rabbit again and I lost him then I saw a light brown ish and kinda ginger rabbit and I thought it was the one I was looking for I walked slowly to the brown rabbit i don’t know why but I slapped its side the a person randomly pops up and said this is not the rabbit your looking for I stud up holding the rabbit that’s when I woke up + the other night I was dreAming of waves And the sun set and the waves was so big and you can see through it it was so pretty .

  41. I dreamed that I had two grey rabbits that lacked food, however they were still alive and healthy. I was with someone else – very unclear who. I immediately gave the rabbits some food and water; I cuddled one of the rabbits.

  42. I had a dream where I was laying on the floor of my living room, watching a white bunny make a little bed out of straw and this white stuff ( fur? I don’t remember). Then I noticed a little baby rabbit head poking out of its genitalia, the rabbit proceeded to finish its bed. Next she laid on the little bed and began having babies. I remember watching in fascination, because the babies kept popping out one after the other. All white I believe. When she was finished, I noticed the babies had straw and that white stuff on them, so I tried to blow the straw and unknown substance off. That caused the babies to freeze and a layer of ice enclosed on them, trapping them. I tried to break the ice layer, but I could not. They died. I started to feel a profound sense of anguish. Then I woke up. Any suggestions?

  43. saya bermimpi tentang menangkap banyak kelinci dan ada seorang pemuda mengubah saya menjadi kelinci dan diajarkan saya menbunuh serigala ,ketika saya menbunuh serigala saya merasa takut dan akhirnya saya menbunuhnya tapi tiba2 datang seorang dewa kematian dan menangkap adik saya siap iut saya gak tau lagi apa yg terjadi karena saya telah terbangun

  44. I keep having this dream that I keep forgetting to feed my rabbit , I see it out the window in my dreams and I say I must go and feed him , but I never get it done ,its always someone else that feeds him but I never see who its just done ?? It’s always the same dream …….

  45. I had a dream that i was young again and for some reason at the neighbors house (who also happened to be where my sister’s best-friend lived, but no one was there, it was just me) and i had two huge white rabbits. They were very large and i was potty training them like a puppy so i didnt have to pick up poop or clean up urine stains.

    Any thoughts as to what this might mean?

  46. I had a dream that I found a rabbit being cooked alive in a toaster oven. It was screaming so I let it out, watched it fall to the floor and then I poured water over it. It was breathing like it was relieved then it started to die. I was to late because I was afraid to open the door to save it at first.

  47. Weird dream, involving black rabbits multiplying. Basically, these rabbits were in a cage, and as they multiplied they would escape the cage. I would then have to pick the rabbits back up and put them in their cage to keep them from running off. Any ideas?

  48. Last night I had a dream that I discovered 3 rabbits under my shirt. I was kind of astonished to see them there, but calm about it (kind of motherly and protective of them). The three rabbits were white with brown spots. Can anyone tell me what does my dream mean? Thank you!

  49. i dreamt that rabbits where following me and laughing at me … bad rabbits and that i would takes their heads , put them into a cup made ut of glass and throw it harshly on the floor in order to kill them … weird

  50. I had a dream about a brown rabbit in my back he was seeking protective so I keep as a pet.I feed him built him a small house and he didn’t want to leave.What dies this mean?

  51. I dreamt that my house was invaded by rabbits! Everytime I picked one up and put him outside, there were more in his place. They were mainly on the stairs and on the second floor of my house. There were several baby rabbits and one brownish one in particular was jump-kicking me in the leg because he was trying to protect the little ones. It was not scary or disturbing and I woke up feeling amused. I kinda liked the dream; it was fun. In the dream, I was kinda happy that the rabbits were there. Our 5-year old was there too. She was eating cookies and cream ice cream.

  52. A white rabbit ran across my neighbors roof and into my open window. Landed on my bedroom floor, looked at me and jumped back out of the window onto neighbors roof in into the backyard..It was snowing and i think the rabbits eyes were red. It ran so fast..Any ideas?

  53. I dreamt that my oldest friend was dressed as a pink bunny. He appeared randomly through the dream smiling for a few seconds then hopping away but when i tried to find him he was nowhere to be found! I can’t find a meaning for this because its so weird! haha

  54. I saw that i was sleeping & then in the morning i feel a weight on me, when i open my eyes i see a brown rabbit on me. then i start playing with it for sometime & then ivlet it go outside my window. any answers?

  55. i dreamt about holding a plastic-pink-rabbit-in-a-skewer (like it was molded together). what does it mean? please help me analyse it. thanks in advance!..mwuah!..^♥^V

  56. On my way to work I saw a dead rabbit in the road. Not unusual…but seeing it made me remember the dream I had that early morning. The dream was of a baby rabbit on my deck next to the cat..I was nervous that the cat would kill it and i was afraid for its little life. the rabbit stayed very still. Thats all I remember of the dream,,,so while on my way to work, I saw not only one dead rabbit…but 2 more within a few yards from one another…could mean nothing…but I thought it was weird.

  57. I dreamt that I killed a rabbit but I broke both its front paws then I strangled it then once it died blood splatter from it. Now I am not a violent person and I am quite disturbed by this dream.

    • hey, i just stumbled upon your dream while trying to intepret my own. It seems to me that you are suprressing a whole lot of emotions within you. It may be related to your love life? killing may also indicate guilt.

      Now here is the solution: Doing some yoga will help you release all yur fears , guilt and emotions and rise you to level above:) lemme know if this made sense to you:) and take care.

  58. I was hiding in the mountains between some grey/white rocks on green grass. (Not sure why…. forgot that part of the dream..) Then a rabbit came into my hiding spot. It was a nice fluffy grey/white/brown speckled rabbit. It approached me, i picked it up then it showed some very sharp teeth and bit me on my hand between index finger and thumb.. It was just a little scratch… (Those teeth could have easily taken my finger off). I gave it a slap, then it became tame again… i gave it a nice cuddle and then let it go and it hopped away and then i woke up…
    Any ideas on this one?

  59. I dreamt that I found a baby rabbit in my garden and caught it. I was trying to protect it, but while it tried to squirm away I caught too abruptly and broke it’s spine –killing it.
    What does this mean?

  60. I had a dream that I barely remember about a white rabbit I can’t remember how I got the rabbit I believe I pursued it but it was in a blanket and I was holding it and it was holding me really tight and I felt so close to it like I loved it or something and then I woke up and I been having all of the possible pregnacy signs but very curious as to what this means?

  61. I’m in a folding chair? There are at least 2 large, deep moving boxes in front of me-they are full of cute chubby rabbits, they r standing up peeking out@me, all different colors but no black… A light colored one jumps out n comes to snuggle on me&my neck then goes back in the box and another brown sugar color one does the same…like they r all waiting their turn with me 🙂 when they can clearly get out and run away-they go back to the box and there are 2+boxes….lol

  62. I have this recurring dream where all of these baby white rabbits are just pouring in from everywhere and society for some reason has outlawed them and I am forced to murder them in my kitchen. Mainly with meat tenderizers. It breaks my heart.

  63. All i remeber is running having fun in an open field where i saw someone standing and i stoped and went to that person and that person had a stack of mabie a magazine or newspaper but in between that there was a dead black rabbit(well i think it was dead or mabie sleeping)but i just looked at it and then i woke up.Its really bothering me.

  64. i had a dream that i was standing in front of this huge wall and there were a lot of rabbits all jumping over eachother and just running wild like ants. they were white and brown.

  65. i dream of rabbit climbing in a bamboo tree but theres a man cutting the bamboo tree and he hit the one rabbit he hit by his jungle bolo and the rabbit died. then i saw the 6 rabbit with different color one is black, white, and brown.. ill climb the bamboo tree and save them..i picked them one by one and put them into the lower ground. when i saw them its not moving i thought there already dead to.. but suddenly there open there eyes and they move. =)

  66. I dreamt that a man gave me 2 rabbits. They were nice and chubby and very friendly, and although they were white in colour, they also had markings of pink and purple on them, very pretty. Then I was very busy working, and the next time I looked up, there were lots and lots of similar bunnies hopping towards me. The feeling is that they were happy to see me and they were hurrying to come “home” … with me.

  67. I dreamt that there was a rabbit coming out from under the bed and he ran downstairs and started chewing on a phone wire. Any thoughts on this one? He was sort of grey colored?